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Sophie ousri deze video is voor jou!!
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My first real video!!!😁
I think the video speaks for itselfs.
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Stope the hate!!
There is alot of hate on youtube, insta and fb. The main reason is that people are fully anonymus and feel free to say what they want. We have to make togheter a counter reaction. And stope the hate. One of my idea is that everyone has to make a profile with there full name, adress and picture, so that they are not anonymus anymore. I think that people will more think of what there saying on the internet.
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2 month progress
My 2 month beard growth. Im not happy with the sides. When side grows more in and the other side grows more out. I hope its get better.
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I imitate Rapper Sjors😁🤣
I make a funny video of imitating Rapper Sjors. Its not a hate video, i was just bored and make this. Enjoy 😂
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20 mei 2017
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Introducé my channel (failing!!)
Hey guys! Im yoeri and welcome on my channel!😁 YouTube is much harder dan people think! Im letting you guys see my failing attempt. Laugh, or cringe. Have a good time Cheers!
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Still growing !!
Starting the 3 month now. Its so hard to let it just grow.
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Beard 3 weeks progress.
Trying to grow my beard fore the entire yard. This is my 3 weeks progress. My rolmodel is Daniel bryan and drew from drews obsessions they inspire me to grow my beard out.
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