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Golden guns for Tracer / Ana / Sombra / Soldier 76 and skin preference
Hello guys, thats my first video ever, im not a pro youtuber and i just downloaded OBS to record my screen so i pretty much dont know how to use this programm. Made this video to help some people decide if they wanna buy some of those golden guns and for people that have golden gun of any of those characters to help them out with what skin to pick. Please leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are about those skin picks.
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My 5th Golden Weapon for Mercy
Got my new golden weapon in the end of Season 3, after thinking too long about what to choose i decided to pick for mercy since she is looking so godlike and since i have 3 gold guns for DPS and had only 1 gold for support now i got my second.
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My first 2 POTG of doomfist
this is the reason i decided to go for doomfist gold gauntlet, he is really fun and effective :)
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Guild Wars 2- Fashion Guide, Tips to make your Human and Sylvari look better
Since many people giving me compliments about my appearence and asking me what im wearing, i decided to make a video to show you, so now if someone asks me i can just give the link and let him copy it xD
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My new 6th golden gun for Widowmaker!
finally got it :)
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Golden Genji skin combinations
The gold gun of genji i got about 2 weeks ago, enjoy
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My new Gold "Gun"
im sorry i took so long to do a new video again, i just have some real life problems (not only my car that i mentioned) but for those 4-5 people who asked me about a new video i really respect your support, THANK YOU!
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10 gold guns!
showing you the 9th and 10th gold gun that i got and 10 will stay 10 till a dreamhero comes out :P
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Opening 50 anniversary lootboxes
not used to spend too much money in games but the best event of Overwarch was totally worth it
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11 gold guns and skin preferation
updated version
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15 gold gold and skin preference
just made this video caouse a commentator asked for it, you are welcome ;)
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Reasons to play Sombra
Keep calm And Play SOMBRA
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