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1-844-kid-healthy- Sleep Disordered Breathing , www.HealthyStartChild.com
Eli in 2009. His mother helps demonstrate his restricted airway and Sleep Disordered Breathing. Snoring- then not breathing until he is gasping for air. Watch for the shift of his jaw (at about 3:25) that illustrates the impact proper oral development and jaw position has. Healthy Start Appliances address this condition and/or more with a comfortable, safe, drug free, pain free approach to naturally correct oral habits for breathing function while guiding the growth of the jaw and teeth with good alignment that, when started early and used consistently, will be permanent. Straight teeth- with no braces as a bonus! Learn to identify the symptoms! https://youtu.be/Bk4gYOUVS8w Healthy Start appliances guide growth and development for long term correction while it simultaneously straightens teeth without braces. For more information or to find a Healthy Start Provider near you please call 1-844-Kid-Healthy TheHealthyStart.com
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HealthyStart™️ for a correct swallow
To swallow, a habit as constant as breathing, happens normally twice a minute. While it seems a universal trait would be uniformly performed, it can go wrong. How? It seems that breast-feeding develops the tongue muscle to rest at the top of the mouth and allow for nasal breathing and to swallow from that same positioning. Today's lifestyle has taken more to bottles and pacifiers than breastfeeding and the position of the tongue then rests at the bottom of the month and creates issues that cause the symptoms tied to Sleep Disordered Breathing. HealthyStart™️ can retrain the tongue if we can get started early in your child's life. That is an important decision with long term consequences as the clock is ticking towards the adolescence that brings the opportunity to a halt. P.S. Don't Wait 1-844-Kid-Healthy
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Hats and High Tea
The Houston Lady Lions Club "Roaring" Twenties Masquerade Hats & High Tea Saturday September 29th. from 1-4pm at The Bougainvilleas Rooms, 12126 Westheimer Rd., Houston 77077. Supporting CAMP HOPE for our military, The Rose for women's breast cancer imaging and the International Federation for the Blind. REGISTER NOW https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hats-high-tea-houston-lady-lions-club-roaring-twenties-masquerade-3rd-annual-tickets-45665088509?aff=ebdssbdestsearch
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Healthy Start Children, Parents and Doctors Introduction
Please help me share this story. Children may be challenged with more than crowded teeth... Don't wait- the clock is ticking. If your child or grand-children are between 2 and 'teen' I urge you to hear from the doctors, the parents and the kids themselves in this video. There is help. With over 3 million cases world-wide in the last 40 years, 'The Healthy Start' can impact their lives in critical ways. Please call 855- 897-9588 or go to TheHealthyStart.com.
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A video introduction for parents to help their children with health issues related to Sleep Disordered Breathing - most visibly straightening teeth without braces at a lower cost and with great health benefits. The best age to start treatment is from about 2 to 12 when there is still growth and movement happening in the pre-teen years. Call for HealthyStart™️ to locate a provider 1-844-Kid-Healthy.
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The Dallas Farmers Market For Work and Play!
The Dallas Farmers Market is 'Best in Class.' This historical mingle, mix and trade center has recently reinvented itself as an all day affair and neighborhood dinner and event draw. We were there when the mighty Dallas Skyline dropped an evening sunset shadow for a most engaging backdrop to the Dallas HealthyStart™️ Physicians Cocktail Party! Kicking off our Lecture Series with a Farm-to Market menu was all natural- just like us- the all natural inventor of Straight Teeth No Braces! HealthyStartChild.com is a true Best in Class children's Sleep Disordered Breathing treatment, so it is nice to recognize other professionals in their field. Cheers to a beautifully executed concept and the professionals who bring it home!
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Patented and exclusive LED technology
This LED LIGHTING video is about a Patented and Exclusive Technology featuring a 480 Watt STREET AND STADIUM LIGHT WITH A 10 year warranty. The bulb itself is the highest rated longevity based on the heat distribution of the fixture design.
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ADD / ADHD Misdiagnosis and Bed-wetting
A mother seeks help for her child and looking back years later, realizes the guidance she was given was all wrong, detrimental, costly and prevented her from finding and providing the real solution. Today she works for Revive Dental in Austin Texas helping other parents find a better way with the HealthyStart™ 1-844-Kid-Healthy
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Image Enhancement Center
Newsletter update for Dr. James Kerns at Image Enhancement Consulting in Houston Texas
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cirrus air
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What happens for patients that are NOT compliant? NOTHING. The good news is that the effective, pain free, drug free, safe and FDA Approved treatment is easy to do. The other truth is that it is easy not to. The decision is always with the patient and their parents to stay compliment and get results or allow the condition to continue and maybe even become a permanent health issue for life. Get it right! 1-844-Kid-Healthy
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Jim Douville in Salt Lake at 2017 GOLD Retreat
Diamond Jim shares his guidance to the 'New Golds!'
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Jon Penkert Gold Retreat Zermatt Utah 2017
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A Child Must Have REM Sleep
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REM Sleep with SDB
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Straight Teeth No Braces
For the more complete story- https://youtu.be/IpaC-dQoCwo. This abbreviated Message is the introduction to a Facebook - Live invitation for moms to learn more about how HealthyStart addresses the symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing that impact 9 out of 10 children.
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Mike Ammerman
Mike Ammerman, Rain International Diamond
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A Parent's Overview of HealthyStart™️ Children's Dental Treatment and Sleep Disordered Breathing
CEO, Leslie Stevens provides a brief but comprehensive overview of the HealthyStart™️ program for parents to educate them on the signs of Sleep Disordered Breathing, the cause and the solution for their children. 1-844-Kid-Healthy
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Dr.  Bergesen at the HealthyStart™ Lecture in Denver, Bed Wetting in older patients
Is it normal or common to have a Bed Wetting case stretch into the late teens? It does happen and in more families than you might guess. It quite often goes on into the grade school years and children silently suffer in social seclusion. The number is 18.01%. That is almost 1 in 5 children, grade school age girs and boys, who turn down sleep overs and summer camps. This is a challenge of something beyond their control- it is not their fault. HealthyStart™ has THE ANSWER! Once our FDA Approved- removable oral appliance stays in all night, which happens in days or in some cases a few weeks- the bed wetting stops! Success and joy for the whole family that lovingly suffers with the child. We do have the ANSWER in a preventative, drug free, painless and comprehensive treatment. For the full story, 1-844-Kid-Healthy TheHealthyStart.com Let us help you find a provider and answers today!
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Conversation with Dr. Jaci Spencer, DDS
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Dr.  James Forester, DDS
1-844-Kid-Healthy A real conversation to learn about the experience and philosophy of doctors who meet the challenge of our special needs patients.. Dr. James Forester, DDS, of Coastal Pediatric Dentistry in San Luis Obispo, sees 50 children a day and treats 50 children a month with HealthyStart™️ His practice has a very special calling for special needs children and has much hope to offer their parents.
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Doctors Are Also Parents With Testimonials
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KT Swoosh October 2018
Rough-cut of the Bout on Oct. 20. 2018- Dallas TX. KT Swoosh and the girls bring in a win and wow the crowd for another fun Saturday Night at the Derby!
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HealthyStart™️ with Dr Frank Wood for GMS Dental in Houston Texas
Children from the age of just 3 or 4 can get the dental care early to avoid the related issues that come with crowded teeth and jaw alignment problems that may lead to poor sleeping and results in a dozen challenges that affect their performance socially and at school.
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KT HS  FB Parent Presentation  2
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Dr.  Diana Batoon, DMD HealthyStart™️ Educator
Meet Dr. Diana Batoon, DMD She is one of our HelathyStart™️ Lecture Specialists and Educators. Her person Bonita Dental practice is in Scottsdale Arizona, where she and her staff care for patients of all age.
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* Dr  Sun, GMS Dental, Houston, Tx Conversations
Dr. Sun is treating many HealthyStart™️ patients and loves that some of them find her when they research HealthyStart™️ One of her patients is her son, Hirshe. It is always nice to see a doctor suggest something they have professional experience with and that they would choose for their own family. Dr. Sun works at the GMS Dental Centers of Excellence, in the Lexington office off I-10 just outside the beltway. 11767 Katy Fwy #505
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POST #1 Introducing The HealthyStart™️Story and Inventor Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS,, MSD, ABO
HealthyStart™️ Chapter one. This is a presentation of HealthyStart™️ told for Face-book friends and parents looking for information to help their children reach their potential with the best health and development during the most important and formative years.
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HealthyStart™ Lecture Series Overview from Northern Virginia - Washington D C
An overview of a 3-day HealthyStart™Lecture and Family Clinical- Continuing Education Event in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. Dr. Jill Ombrello conducts this series for Ashburn Children's Dentistry, considered the best authority of advanced Pediatric Dentistry in the area. The classroom education starts with understanding Sleep Disordered Breathing and how to identify it in their patients, track the effects it is having on them and then with the 50 years of Ortho-Tains HealthyStart™ experience and 3 million cases around the world, provide the appropriate appliance to correct the breathing habits, open the restricted airway and improve their health for life.
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Eli brief clip
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HealthyStart™ Lecture Professional Review
HealthyStart™ Lecture in review. Doctors and other medical professionals that attend Ortho-Tains' HealthyStart™ lectures access the value of the life-changing treatment, material content, the presenters, the practical application and the relevance to their practice and young patients. To attend a lecture: TheHealthyStart.com 1-844-Kid-Healthy
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POST#2 Welcome From Dr  Bergersen & Leslie Stevens
Dr. Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO and HealthyStart™️ CEO, Leslie Stevens, welcome you to learn more about your child when you learn more about HealthyStart™️ based on 50 years of research and the experience of treating over 3 million children around the world. Let HealthyStart™️ partner with you to make your child the best version of themselves.
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Sherry Olson, her son's depression, medications and introduced to HealthyStart™️
Depression and emotional cries for help leave many parents broken hearted and scared. Where to turn, no good answers and the fear their child is truly lost. Thank goodness that Sherry was asked about her son's sleeping habits- enter- HealthyStart™️
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HealthyStart goes toEcuador
These are students, medical and dental, public and private. The #HealthyStart™ Treatment for children is so fantastic that when students and doctors alike are learning about it in the same class room, it brings to mind just how new this well tested concept is to many seasoned professionals world-wide. Educating several hundreds of doctors to the symptoms to Sleep Disordered Breathing and to the comprehensive #HealthyStart™ treatment, spreads awareness and creates access for families of Ecuador with young children. Ecuador makes the 37th. Country to invite HealthyStart™ into their Dental Schools, Hospitals and Ministry of Health. With over 3 million cases around the world - it is great to now add ECUADOR to the family. 1- 844-kid-healthy HealthyStartChild.com
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Helping parents that have children with Sleep Disordered Breathing
Your stories may be painful, but they are not that unique and the answers can be as simple and pain free as the HealhyStart™️
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CranialFacial growth LESLIE Parent Day
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Dr. Diana Batoon, DMD is on ABC News in San Diego
844-Kid-Healthy Dr. Diana Batoon is a HealthyStart™️ educator speaking in Irvine CA. July 21st-23rd and invites parents to bring their children for a free evaluation on Saturday July 23
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But, will they wear it?  Introducing the appliance to children.
First impressions are important. Every parent it seems, even when they are dentists, will ask the same question. Will they wear it? The answer is that everyone involved plays a role and with a good attitude and approach, vigilant oversight and signs of progress, IT HAPPENS. Listen to the pros, they will coach you up! 1-844-Kid-Healthy
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Dr. Frank Burrell, DDS for HealthyStart™️
Introducing Dr. Frank Burrell, DDS, as a Premier HealthyStart™️ Provider.
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Leslie Stevens Introduces HS Appliances
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facebook live invite take 2
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But the Orthodontists says to wait and could it self-correct?
Parents are confronted with conflicting opinions and information, but Dr. Bergersen and Dr. Ombrello offer a little guidance to navigate a very important conversation. Weigh the facts and be the judge of how you handle this serious and time sensitive decision for your family.
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