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A New and Better Way to Make Coffee
This is a time lapse repeat of a previous video only now, I actually made coffee. For more info on how this brewer works, refer to my previous video and read the description. BTW all parts needed can be found on Amazon.com. It's perfectly legal to purchase laboratory equipment form online suppliers without a license. Enjoy! Created with iTimeLapse , available on the iTunes app store.
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Environment  Controller Prototype (Grow Controller)
Environment Controller with a professional menu layout and tons of features.
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Differential Pressure Sensor SM5852 & SM5812 (Breath Analizer)
This is an example of the SM5852, SM5812, and any other SMI pressure sensor with the same communication protocol. I connected a 2.8in TFT display with an EKG type graphing style script. My code works with the entire 58XX series of pressure sensors via i2c. Mine is a differential pressure sensor with +-1.5in W.C. (Water column). (This uses the SERIAL MONITOR to display the sensor info) This took me a while to figure out due to SMI's wonky i2c implementation for this series of sensors. You can do great things with this extremely sensitive and accurate sensor series.
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HD FPV Rollercoaster ride (Take a virtual ride!) Point of view video project
WARNING ... LOUD, TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN! Goliath, in the first person at Six Flags Magic Mountain. What started as a joke turned out to be pretty cool. Check it out. There are a few people on here that are better at holding the camera steady throughout the ride...they get my respect. Fail fails viral miley cyrus beyonce pitbull vevo sex boobs skrillex dubstep electro house porn cat cats dog dogs dentist forza bo2 black ops ghosts siphon brewing apparatus film project
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2017 Solar Elipse Footage
Depoe Bay, Oregon...
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Hawk 5 RIPPING On-board DVR! (Week 5 in FPV)
Just another rip around the yard. The DVR FPV stack is Runcam Micro Eagle, Nidici DVR (on the drone) and a 35v 1000uf Panasonic Low ESR Capacitor (a must for clear video and voltage smoothing) This is week 5 of my fpv hobby, and it's a blast to take to the skies, crash, repair, repeat....
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Hawk 5 FPV Nidici DVR
This is the new micro DVR (ONLY 3 GRAMS!)
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Jetty Sunset Timelapse
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