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Wind turbine Amps
Quick vid of some amperage from my lil turbine. 10 A in a 12mph wind. Not bad IMO. Still got the tree's in the way but it ain't stoppin the Wind Max.
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Wind Max Hy-400
First Vid with the new turbine. Wind Max Hy-400 on 30' tower. Still getting things togather.-When I have time. Maybe next time we'll have some good wind if the leafs are gone.
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Goof ball kids
Kids getting funky!
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Short update on the Wind/Solar set-up
Update on the progress of my lil solar/wind power station.
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Goobers at Soar in Webb City
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Solar rack 101
Lil video of what I threw togather last night. Seems to work like a charm.
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More panels. Been a while.
New Ramsond 100 watt panels. Great buy at only 100 bones each. Let's see how they do. Quality looks great.
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Progress on the solar/wind set up.
Update on some progress and warning of the electric wall.
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Joplin Missouri after the tornado
Me and my wife spent the day in the neighboring town of Joplin doing what we could to help those in need. Sifting, sorting, and trying to help people gather what they could. This is just a portion of what the damage is as when were leaving town. Last Sun. an F5 ripped through Joplin carving a mile wide path six miles long. Nearly 150 killed, 8000 structures damaged, and thousands of hearts broken. The damage is unimaginable. Joplin is where I am employed and several of my co-workers lost everything. The outpouring of help is amazing. People from all over the 4 states and some even farther. Food, water, $, shelter, and on and on. Great support from law enforcement, fire, medical, and so much more. These people still need help though and will for some time. Please donate, pray, or drive in to help. Contact me if you are interested and maybe I can point you in the right direction..
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My unfinished Solar/Wind update.
Lil update of my Solar/Wind set-up. Not done yet but bored on this crappy snowy day. Blizzard they say. In Kansas!!??
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Doug heady forecast 2013
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Goofy kids
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September 21, 2018
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Fortnite Andoid
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webcam test
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Playing Fortnite With My Dad
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Monkey kids
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fortnite crazieness
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August 9, 2018
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