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Cute 1 month old stray puppy up for adoption in Mysore, India
I found this cute 1 month old stray white furred puppy on the streets without it's mom around to look after it, next to my sister's house. It kept following to the gate and I think my sister and my brother-in-law are gonna adopt it. I'm excited! I wanna cuddle this adorable and affectionate puppy. If anyone is interested to adopt this cute puppy, please email me at: arnab.roy87@gmail.com Update: My sister and brother in law had adopted the puppy on the same day. It's a happy and healthy big dog now.
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Mysore-Kerala-Ooty road trip Part 3
Music by Julian Avila https://soundcloud.com/julian_avila
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Queen Mary 2 at Fremantle Port in Perth
The QM2 departing Fremantle on the 12 Feb 2014. It's a beautiful ship.
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Driving in heavy rain in Perth
Captured this from my iPhone while I was driving and I was looking at the road through the camera when I was driving. It's a short clip but I'll definitely post lengthier clips next time.
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Big accident in Mahboula, Kuwait
A 4wd and a hatchback collided. Drivers here have a very bad habit to talk on the phone while driving. Pretty sure they lost concentration on the road.
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India vs Pakistan WC 2015 at Crown Casino Perth and Virat Kohli century celebrations
This scene was at the Carbon Bar Burswood Casino in Perth on Feb 15 2015. I recorded this video when Virat Kohli scored his 100. Most Indians there got drunk and celebrated wildly. Few Pakistanis drank but they did not get drunk. Lots of securities had to be called in to control the crowd. Had heaps of fun. I lost my voice the next day. This video will show you how much fun it was at the casino. I don't think there is any sport in the world that can match the atmosphere of an India vs Pakistan match. That's why they call us cricket crazy. All the best India for the rest of the matches. Pakistani fans became pussycats that night. We outnumbered them in every way. Kab ayega mauka?
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Another accident in Kuwait
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Mysore-Kerala-Ooty  road trip, Part 1
Traveled thousands of kilometres on road with my family. It took us five days to cover Alleppey in Kerala, Ooty and back in Mysore. We started our journey on March 6 morning at 7am. We had to go past the tiger and elephant reserves of Bandipur. We tried to spot tigers, leopards, bears and elephants although we saw monkeys, langurs, wild sqiurrels, deer, wild bores and wild cows and buffaloes. Throughout the reserve, there were boards on the roads warning people not to stop or get out of the car. It was a wonderful experience. We reached Alleppey/Alappuzha exactly 12 hours later although it was 400 km away. Even though our chauffeur was driving fast and was very good, due to India being such a densely populated country and Kerala being the highest densley populated state in India, we did an average of about 35 kmph. We were surprised and shocked to see how clean Kerala was compared to other places in India. We were there for 2 nights. After that, we started our journey to the hill station Ooty, in Tamil Nadu. Our place was right next to the beautiful Sacred Heart's church. It took us about 10 hours to get there through traffic and ascended up the beautiful Nilgiri mountains through Coonoor and Wellington. Videos of my trip to Kerala and Ooty will be up soon. Keep watching! Thank you. 5:52 Hotel Nagamale - They served us breakfast of giant plate idlis accompanied with sambhar and coconut chutney, dal vadas, medu vadas and tea. The food in Karnataka tastes a lot different from other south indian states. I prefer this taste actually. Please subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCsn2AKynLOINMxS4yAqMdg Music: https://www.toneden.io/louisthechild Follow me; on https://www.instagram.com/arnieroy/ on https://www.facebook.com/MegaArnabRoy on https://twitter.com/MegaArnab
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Mysore-Kerala-Ooty trip Part 2
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Rickshaw ride in Mysore
Short rickshaw ride through the cleanest city in India from a passenger eye view
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Shinrin, Mizu and Zen playing
The dogs get excited during their play time in the evening
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Mini hovercraft taking off
Spotted a mini hovercraft at the Swan River while I was jetskying.
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Thunderstorm, lightning and rain in Kuwait
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Scariest 3 minutes of my life!
We took the wrong road and ended up on a very narrow road between really deep backwaters of Kerala. This road isn't meant for cars, it didn't have lights. Our expert driver somehow managed to stay on the road. So the car didn't flip.
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Drive through the tiger reserve
On our way to Kerala from Mysore through the Bandipur tiger reserve. Tried our best to spot a tiger but impossible to spot through the thick forests or look down from the cliffs, although road signs kept saying not to stop or get out of the car, frequent signs warning us of tigers, leopards and wild elephants. Had spotted a lot of monkeys, langur monkeys, lots of deer, male, female and babies and a giant wild squirrel that also could have been some exotic monkey.
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Play time for doggies
Shinrin, Mizu and Zen get excited when it's time to play
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Street fight in Kuwait
Passenger started arguing with the taxi driver after he got down. They nearly had a physical fight. After the fight was over, I ran to tell the taxi driver that 'I recorded everything on my phone. What happened?' He got suspicious and left without reply.
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Basti disco party on the streets of Kolkata - Part 1
The basti (slum) people decided it was best to annoy everyone by dancing to loud ass music. Pain in the ass!
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Another big accident in Kuwait city
Too many accidents in Kuwait
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Kuwait completely covered in dust
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Indian highways
Traveling from Bangalore to Mysore on road
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Landing in Mumbai
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Greedy dog Shinrin
Shinrin wants to eat all the time
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Road trip to my sister's farm and tiger reserve safari
Had gone to visit my sister and brither-in-law's farm outside Mysore in Bandipur. Their farm is surrounded by forest land that is inhabited by elephants, leopards, wild boars, bears and many other animals and birds. From there, we went for a safari to the Bandipur tiger reserve. We didn't get to any tiger, elephants or leopards but did spot a lot of elephant dung, wild chickens, lots of deer and wild pheasants. Enjoy the video Music by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Follow me; on https://www.instagram.com/arnieroy/ on https://www.facebook.com/MegaArnabRoy on https://twitter.com/MegaArnab
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Basti disco party on the streets of Kolkata - Part 2
Again, no respect for people in the neighborhood.
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This is a delicious curry you should definitely try. This is the first time I made a video in cooking. So it's not good as you can see as I don't have experience. I've tried to be as clear as possible. At 3:00 minutes you can hear my housemate coughing in his room. I apologise for that noise. Thanks for watching. More videos on the way. Click on this link to subscribe http://www.yuotube.com/MegaArnabRoy You can find me on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MegaArnabRoy Instagram: @arnieroy Twitter: MegaArnab
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Seal resting at Sorrento beach
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Landing in Kuwait
Landing in Kuwait from my journey from Dubai to Kuwait in an A380 on 19 November 2017. Late upload. Enjoy the bird's eye view of Kuwait.
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Suburb of Mandurah
via YouTube Capture
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An ascetic old man singing in Santiniketan
This sadhu sits behind Debendra Nath's house (Thakur Bari), in the small garden and sings beautfiul baul songd along with music, all by himself.
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