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Artie Lange at Woodstock 94
Artie Lange
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RADIOACTIVE Uranium Glass FOR SALE See Geiger Counter
This is a Vaseline/Uranium Glass Fish Sugar Bowl, Milk Dish, Candy Dish, whatever you want to call it. This thing is RADIOACTIVE and it's for sale. eBay link coming soon. Big fish eating a smaller fish on the lid. This design is called the "Greentown Dolphin", even though it's obviously not a dolphin. The Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. was located in Greentown, Indiana. The company was in business from 1894 till 1903 when it burned down. During this time they produced pressed/formed glass items in several patterns and colors. The Indiana T & G Co. was the original producer of chocolate glass. There have been reproductions of their pieces over the years and four companys that reproduced the Dolphin.
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Radioactive Lens on a Mamiya Sekor Camera Lens
Geiger counter shows some radioactivity in the lens of this Mamiya Sekor. The lens glass probably contains Thorium. I would think twice about holding the lens up to my eye. Thorium emmits alpha beta and gamma radiation. Thorium raises the refractive index and lowers the dispersion of the lens. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium
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Gary Dell'Abate They Call Me Baba Booey David Letterman Election Day 2010
http://www.HowardSternInternetRadio.com Late Show with David Letterman, Baba Booey spoof on election day November 2, 2010. VOTE! and buy Gary's book. http://sirius.com http://www.howardstern.com
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Total Eclipse Bull Canyon Ranch, Grant County, Oregon
Total Eclipse August 21, 2017 at Bull Canyon Ranch Campground, Grant County, Oregon. Google maps location: https://goo.gl/GcXznh
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Honda Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle CNG Refueling
Who needs gasoline? It's a '99
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Maltese/Chihuahua (Malchi) playing rough
Dottie playing.
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Parrot Says Baba Booey
My African Grey parrot "Freak" saying Bababooey
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Parrot Rides a Tortoise
Freak Rides Artie
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Parrot Fight part 2
Freak rides Arties to Mariams cage and they fight. Freak says "fucker" Part 2.
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The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble in Times Square
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble performing in Times Square August 14 2006. 7 of 9 members. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble is an 9-piece Queens, New York-based jazz group featuring 7(8?) sons of Phil Cohran on horns. Originally from Chicago, the brothers started as a street ensemble before recording in 2004. They have performed with Mos Def, Aquilla Sadalla and Phil Cohran. In 2007 they played at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
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Kitesurfers catching major air in Sunset Beach, CA
Kitesurfers in Sunset Beach, California. 20 to 30 MPH wind. 11/15/2015.
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Seven Dirty Words by Google Home Mini
George Carlin's " Dirty Words" according to Googke Home Mini. Anyone know how to disable the censor beep?
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2007 Long Beach Grand Prix [01]
2007 Long Beach Grand Prix. straightaway
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2007 Long Beach Grand Prix [02]
2007 Long Beach Grand Prix [02]
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Parrot Fight part 1
Freak rides Arties to Mariams cage and they fight. Freak says "fucker"
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Maltese/Chihuahua (Malchi) on a treadmill
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Dottie Dancing - Maltese/Chihuahua Malchi
Dottie dancing to Misy Elliot
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Today's Sunset Huntington Beach California
Time lapse of today's sunset. Music by Yawgo: https://soundcloud.com/yawgo Gear: Polaroid Cube+ http://amzn.to/2hrGD1m
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Total Eclipse at Bull Canyon Ranch - Wide Angle
Total Eclipse August 21, 2017 at Bull Canyon Ranch Campground, Grant County, Oregon. Wide angle view. Google maps location: https://goo.gl/GcXznh
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Sidewalk Sam The Street Rhyming Comedian
Sidewalk Sam The Street Rhyming Comedian. Greenwich Village, New York, March 2006
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Strange Creatures Found On The Beach
Maybe you can help identify these creatures. Please comment below if you know what these are.
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Sleigh Winch Hunting Beach, CA
Josh Sleigh's "Sleigh Winch" in Huntington Beach, CA 11/19/2012
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Hawk Hovering in the Wind
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Smooth car jump
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Artie the Tortoise Eating an Apple
This is Artie, he's a tortoise, he likes apples. Jake Epstein Lead: Artie
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Weird insect. What is it?
Identify this insect
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Drone Over Sunset Beach Bolsa Chica & Huntington Harbor
This is my first drone flight. Huntington Beach / Sunset Beach / Bolsa ChIca State Beach and Huntington Harbor. Music: Title: Klichi Artist: P C III Source: www.pipechoir.com License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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Parrot Scares Girl
Mariam Scares Jennifer. Mariam screams
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