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Living with Trichotillomania with all the negative responses
https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ Living with Trichotillomania aka Trich can be very difficult. And there are so many emotional struggles that we go through on a daily basis. Then to add we have to hear the comments about our Trich. Stop doing that! You do it for attention. So on so forth. I made this video to try to educate some people about what not to do to someone who has Trichotillomania. It is hard enough living with the condition but we need a positive support system to help keep us from pulling out our hair not a negative one.
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Strange Lights/ Possible UFO in Moncton,NB December 2014
So originally I went out for a smoke and noticed the lights flashing. It really caught me off guard. So I got my camera and decided to take a video of it. While doing the vid I decided to get tripod and take some photos as well. They went from flashing Diagnol how you see in the vid to eventually being in a triangle shape. I still do not know what it is. I just know it isn't a plane and since I do star photos almost every night I know I hadn't saw anything like this before. The vid isn't the greatest but you can see them flashing. No zoom on my camera so that is This was taken from Moncton, Nb on December 29th 2014. The lights lasted about 20 mins. I noticed them around 7pm or so.
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Living with Trichotillomania- The Changes
https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ Living with Trichotillomania has been very difficult for me as it is with anyone who has it. We can be masters of hiding our illness. We can have good periods and then bad periods. It effects us emotionally as well as how we are socially. Always worrying about how others will look at us. Over the years I have had good periods where I was able to at least hide it then one day I just did not have the urge to pull my hair. It lasted a little over a year. I was able to go for the first time in many many years to a hair salon and get my hair done. Dye my hair all kinds of colors that I always wanted to try. I was happy. Then one day it just started again and was so much worse and has become out of control. I have shaved my hair short to try to keep from pulling but even then it is not enough. Now I am considering fully shaving my head to prevent further damage. This video shows the changes that I have went through. Ways of me hiding what I had. The good period where I was pull free. To me this is very personal because I have hid all this from my friends because of fear of what they would say. I am thankful since I have been talking about Trichotillomania as well as my Borderline personality Disorder that I have gotten so much support from such wonderful friends. There is no music and this is just a simple video. I did it to show my friends and others me for me. Me how I feel. And me how I feel about the Trich.
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Trichotillomania- Update and New Wig.
Ok so I ramble a lot in the video. I have had so much going on. I am so excited to be able to show everyone my new wig. Anyone that has Trichotillomania or any other hair loss should really look into wigs. Also be sure to check with your insurance company and see if they will help cover one for you. I myself was not aware my insurance company would help with it and am thrilled that I was able to finally get one. I have looked online at some different sites with wigs. Found some very nice ones and some that were just awesome at a very cheap price. I will be adding some links. http://ca.halowigs.com/long-textured-layered-lace-front-human-hair-wig-pskuwwa198.html http://www.canadawigoutlet.com/ http://www.voguewigs.com/bedhead-forever-young-wig.html There are a few sites to get you started. Voguewigs seemed to have some of the other wigs I found at cheaper prices so just look around. Find something that would be suiting for you and make you happy. Some wigs you can use curling irons on so on so forth. More or less do as you please. They are a lil more expensive but may be worth it if you like to style your hair and such.
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Living with Trichotillomania - My day without hiding it..
https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ I finally worked up the courage to take of my bandana and be out in public today. It was very hard at first because I was aware so much of my hair, but I did not get the looks or any questions about my hair at all. I was so scared of how I would be looked at by others and it seems there wasn't much to be scared about. I had let the trichotillomania scare me so much that I am still shocked by how well everything went. I wound up getting some new clothes, my new hair dye, and my nose pierced. That was a random what the hell so I did it. I had it pierced before anyways and wanted it redone. So to those of you who are scared and hiding. Take a risk and take a chance. You may surprise yourself.
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Complications with Aspire Triton
So my issue with this tank seems to be pretty resolved. It is a hit and miss though. I started to purchase coils that I know are authentic from a different vape shop in town and it is working much better. Soon I am going to test the theory on the nickel coils with this tank and see if the hype is true about it being excellent with temp control. I have had some questions about my drip tips. I get pretty much all of my things at Metro Vape Shop here in Moncton, Nb. I trust him because he checks everything he gets in to be sure it is not clones. He will not sell clone anything. So here is the link to his shop if you are interested. He has some excellent juices as well. His Cinnamon Roll is so good and he just did one called Vampire Blood and Puff the Vaping Dragon as well and they are just great. http://www.e-juice-e-cigs-moncton.ca/
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Mixed Topic- Trichotillomania, Depression, Bullying, and Suicide Attempts.
So yes this is a very mixed topic video. Between the new wigs by Jon Renau to my cat deciding he wants to be a snuggle bug to depression and suicide attempts and my views on it all. I dealt with depression for a very long time and still do deal with it on a daily basis. I know others do as well so I wanted to take some time to talk about it as well as the other topics discussed. https://twitter.com/Juni2424
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Medication with Mental Illnesses
https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ Drugs that treat mental illness- Reference from http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/medications-treat-disorders There are several different types of drugs available to treat mental illnesses. Some of the most commonly used are antidepressants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, mood stabilizing, and stimulant medications. What Drugs Are Used To Treat Depression? When treating depression, several drug options are available. Some of the most commonly used include: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, Lexapro, Luvox, and Viibryd. Selective serotonin & norepinephrine inhibitors (SNRIs), such as Effexor, Cymbalta, and Pristiq. Older tricyclic antidepressants, such as Elavil, Pamelor, Sinequan, and Imipramine. Dopaminergic drugs such as Wellbutrin. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), such as Nardil, Parnate, and Emsam. Tetracyclic antidepressants that are noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressants (NaSSAs), such as Remeron. Your health care provider can determine which medication is right for you. Remember that medications usually take 4 to 6 weeks to become fully effective. And if one drug does not work, there are many others to try. In some cases, a combination of antidepressants may be necessary. Sometimes an antidepressant combined with a different type of drug, such as a mood stabilizer (like Lithium), a second antidepressant, or atypical anti-psychotic drug, is the most effective treatment. Side effects vary, depending on what type of drug you are taking, and may improve once your body adjusts to the medication. If you decide to stop taking your antidepressants, it is important that you gradually reduce the dose over a period of several weeks. Quitting antidepressants abruptly can cause withdrawal symptoms. It is important to discuss quitting (or changing) medications with your health care provider first. What Drugs Treat Anxiety Disorders? Antidepressants, particularly the SSRIs, may also be effective in treating many types of anxiety disorders. Other anti-anxiety medications include the benzodiazepines, such as Valium, Ativan, and Xanax. These drugs carry a risk of addiction, so they are not as desirable for long-term use. Other possible side effects include drowsiness, poor concentration, and irritability. What Drugs Treat Psychotic Disorders? Anti-psychotics are a class of drugs used commonly to treat psychotic disorders and sometimes to treat mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or major depression. Different anti-psychotics vary in their side effects, and some people have more trouble with certain side effects than with others. The doctor can change medications or dosages to help minimize unpleasant side effects. A drawback to some anti-psychotic medications is that the person's ability to tolerate the medication may change, limiting long-term use. Most side effects of anti-psychotic drugs are mild and many go away after the first few weeks of treatment. Side effects may include: http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/medications-treat-disorders http://zenpizza.blogspot.ca/2009/05/celexa-withdrawal-symptoms-and-getting.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSRI_discontinuation_syndrome Drowsiness Rapid or irregular heartbeat Dizziness when changing positions Decrease in sexual interest or ability Problems with menstrual periods Skin rashes or skin sensitivity to the sun Weight gain Muscle spasms Restlessness and pacing Slowing down of movement and speech Shuffling walk Menstrual irregularities in women
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Living through Depression, Trichotillomania and BPD
So I wanted everyone to see me for me today. Not the person who is always smiling and giggling. I have recently had some life events that have brought me way down. To where I have been keeping myself drugged up on my medicine just so I don't have to feel the pain. This is real and couldn't be anymore real. My channel is called No more Hiding in the Shadows. And I want that to be true. I don't want to sit and put on a smiley face just for the camera. I want people to see reality and how depression and some of these disorders can affect the person who has them. And how extreme these emotions can be and the impact they have. Here are some links of some of the medicines I am currently on and why. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clonazepam http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quetiapine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venlafaxine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline_personality_disorder http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trichotillomania http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generalized_anxiety_disorder https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depression_(mood) Hopefully some of this information will help others to get a better understanding to these conditions.
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My opinion regarding Anki Vector
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Me talking more about Trichotillomania
https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ Trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder, is a mental disorder that involves an irresistible urge to pull out hair. This behavior occurs to the point of noticeable hair loss. The most common areas for hair pulling are the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows but may involve hair anywhere on the body. Trichotillomania is a type of impulse control disorder. Impulse control disorders are mental illnesses that involve the repeated failure to resist impulses, or urges, to act in ways that are dangerous or harmful. People with these disorders know that they can hurt themselves or others by acting on the impulses, but they cannot stop themselves. In children, trichotillomania occurs equally in males and females. In adults, it is more common in women than in men. I do a lot of talking about Trichotillomania mainly because well I am a sufferer and I understand what it feels like to look in the mirror every day and see bald spots on the top of my head. The depression and how your self image changes due to this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trichotillomania http://www.trich.org/ http://www.webmd.com/anxiety-panic/guide/trichotillomania
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Issues with Anki Vector
Some different issues I have noticed with the Anki Vector
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Anki Vector not hearing me
Just a small video showing the Anki Vector not hearing me or responding to commands.
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Trichotillomania and Many other Updates
An update about my trichotillomania and lack of teeth and other things as well. Plus I get to show of my ink too.
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Bengal Kitten Meow Spree
So Orion was mad and does get mad anytime he is sleeping if we go anywhere near him. That includes sitting on our couch if he is sleeping on it. He will just meow and meow but then purr and purr if you pet him. Even when he first wakes up he is always on a meow spree like this.
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Living with Trichotillomania - Not letting it control you
https://www.facebook.com/Understandin... https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ Trichotillomania is hair loss from repeated urges to pull or twist the hair until it breaks off. Patients are unable to stop this behavior, even as their hair becomes thinner. For those of us who suffer from trichotillomania it seems like the illness has taken complete control of us. It runs our lives. It is time we take some control back. Me going out in public not hiding the fact that I have random bald spots on top of my head was my first test. I had to be strong and overcome my fears of being judged by people. I try to find the most positive things that make me happy and that I am hoping will help me overcome this illness. And hopefully it will help others as well. Understanding, talking about it, learning how to cope and deal with it, educating family and friends on things that are fine to do and say and what isn't. All this and finding what makes us happy will help with coping. I hope this video can give some inspiration to others who have trichotillomania.
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Me finally handling Moldavite
At first glance, Moldavite is nothing special - or so it seems! When held up to the light, as you can see, it most certainly is special! And not just because of it's color, but because of it's origin. Moldavite is estimated at 15 million years old. It is actually extra terrestrial in nature. Scientists aren't even sure what exactly it is made up of. It fell from the sky over what is now the Czech Republic, the only known source for this "stone". Moldavite's rare occurrence and marvelous and intense green color make it highly valuable and collectable! It really was neat to hold http://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/moldavite
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Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ Alcoholism and alcohol abuse Alcohol dependence; Alcohol abuse; Problem drinking; Drinking problem Last reviewed: March 20, 2011. Alcoholism (alcohol dependence) and alcohol abuse are two different forms of problem drinking. • Alcoholism is when you have signs of physical addiction to alcohol and continues to drink, despite problems with physical health, mental health, and social, family, or job responsibilities. Alcohol may control your life and relationships. • Alcohol abuse is when your drinking leads to problems, but not physical addiction. Causes, incidence, and risk factors There is no known cause of alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Research suggests that certain genes may increase the risk of alcoholism, but which genes and how they work are not known. How much you drink can influence your chances of becoming dependent. Those at risk for developing alcoholism include: • Men who have 15 or more drinks a week • Women who have 12 or more drinks a week • Anyone who has five or more drinks per occasion at least once a week One drink is defined as a 12-ounce bottle of beer, a 5-ounce glass of wine, or a 1 1/2-ounce shot of liquor. You have an increased risk for alcohol abuse and dependence if you have a parent with alcoholism. You may also be more likely to abuse alcohol or become dependent if you: • Are a young adult under peer pressure • Have depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, or schizophrenia • Have easy access to alcohol • Have low self-esteem • Have problems with relationships • Live a stressful lifestyle • Live in a culture alcohol use is more common and accepted Alcohol abuse is rising. Around 1 out of 6 people in the United States have a drinking problem
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My 6 Year Old Singing The Devil in I
I was sitting on the couch and I just heard him on a spree in the kitchen singing. After listening for a few I realized just what it was lol..What can I say my kid likes Slipknot...
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Update with New Hair color and photos and such with Trich Progression
So I decided to go ahead and do video showing off my new hair color and I rambled some about my Trichotillomania, teeth, makeup and nail polishes that I love , the kitties and such. I also added in photos to show how my Trichotillomania progressed. I had a good period of over a year pull free before so I have photos from that time frame until I went south again and started to pull again.
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My Son Mocking Dance Central Poker Face
My son is quite the character. He watches me play Dance Central and has managed to remember the dance for Poker Face. He is completely obsessed with it. It is just too funny and cute. If the song is now playing on the radio or on my computer he will come up and start dancing.
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My Kangertech Subbox Mini Review
So I got myself a Subbox Mini and figured I would do a small review on it after using it for about 3 weeks.
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Update about my hair, wig and kittens.
My Trichotilomania is doing very well. My hair as you can see is growing in beautiful. I also gave an update about Martinique Hair Designs and Wigs here in Moncton, Nb and there whole bs response to my issues I have been having with my wig since the first week of having it. Oh well they can keep there money but they lost a customer due to there terrible service. Also an update on the kittens who will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. They are little cuties.
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Ok a Little Mixed Video. Was out last night drinking.
Ok so I am currently suffering a hang over. Was out drinking with the girls last night and randomly decided to take some new videos of the kittens and how awful I look this morning. Booze and me do not mix most of the time is a migraine trigger. I should know better. But hey the pets are cute. Included some photos as well. Next time I think I will bring my camera for fun. As for my Trichotillomania my hair is growing in very well. I can put it up now some what. Can't even tell I have it. I have been keeping busy with photography and am building a portfolio at the moment. https://www.facebook.com/CreativeImagesbyMel
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The effects of trying to lose weight incorrectly
https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ Weight loss is such a touchy subject with women. We always want to be beautiful and feel attractive and weight can be a big thing with us. Maintaining a healthy weight is just fine but when you start to go under weight is when issues start. I lost weight not by a choice of mine. I was 110lbs for some time and I wound up losing my teeth because of it. I was always tired. Always pale and always sick. Being underweight can be potentially dangerous especially in case of sickness where the body does not have adequate resources to deal with the infection. Apart from this, some of the common problems of overweight people include poor resistance to illness (they catch infections very easily), persistent weakness/fatigue, hair loss, hormonal imbalances and anemia. Underweight women especially are prone to menstrual irregularities, pregnancy complications, and even infertility. Osteoporosis Osteoporosis (a condition in which bones become fragile and easily prone to fractures) is a serious complication of being underweight. Intolerance to cold is also one of the common complaints of people who weigh less than normal. Apart from the above, heart irregularities, memory problems, digestion troubles and depression are frequently associated with being underweight. That seems like an awful lot to go through just to try to be skinny.
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What is Vector doing?
I have been trying to figure out what this is about. Anyone else have an idea? Is funny regardless. Lol
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Trying to Understand Borderline Personality Disorder and how it affects my thinking.
I have not been straight for a while and this video is extremely personal to me. Only my closest friends have known my situation and it is very complex. Right now I have been trying to dig all the emotions out of me over this. They hurt me more then anything. I don't know if it has to do with Borderline or what not. But it is causing a grave depression. I need to get this out of me somehow or get to a better understanding as to why I feel like this when I know it isn't right. When I know I am being treated like crap and I keep going back for more. For that matter there are many house wives in the world. I know it is hard and most times it does take two incomes. Right now my mental status would not be good for any employer I were to get with. I have been a housewife since I was 18 and was more or less told I am a lesser being for being like that. The whole why should I have to take care of you like a child for the rest of my life. But yet I clean, cleaned up after him, did all laundry, the place was spotless, ontop of taking care of the children. Dinner on table after work. I did so much and it was like a slap in my face. I believe there are men who want a working class woman who has tons of goals and aspirations but why try to change someone who has been a certain way almost there whole life? Including when you know this when you meet them. I think I really need to get a better grasp on Borderline and understanding it before I pursue or get involved with anyone else. Right now I just don't know where to start or how to begin to understand. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline_personality_disorder#Interpersonal_relationships
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Juni Live Stream
Slacking off on World of Warcraft
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Living with Trichotillomania-NEW HAIR COLOR
So I said I would post a vid once I did my hair. This is the new color. It is Truffle by Loreal Paris. I bought it at Sally's. That is the only place I go and get hair dye. But I love it. My hair has come in quite a bit since before. Bald spots are fading and I am still doing rather well with not plucking my hair. My Twitter- https://twitter.com/Juni2424
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Juni Live Stream
Slacking off on World of Warcraft
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Orion playing with computer.
My bengal kitten playing mouse game on the computer.
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My bengal being silly
So Orion got fixed and this is how he spent his evening.
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Kittens Playing
My bengal playing with my roomates kitten. The video is sort of long and can be a tad boring but you have to make sure to look at around 3 minutes in since it is pretty funny.
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Juni Live Stream
Slacking off on World of Warcraft
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Making it through difficult depressing days...
https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders https://twitter.com/Juni2424 http://juni2424.blogspot.ca/ I woke up this morning to some very hateful mail from my mother. It was very hurtful and put me into a very negative state of mind. I don't even know what to feel from it all. I said I would post what was said to me so here it is. I did not post this to bash on my mother but more to vent about the experience and my feelings with all of this. It always seems to be a cycle with her. In the end I wind up getting hurt because I have so much hope that one day I will have my mother back. That she will not say such mean and hurtful things to me. And this is also about coping with them moments in your life when you are struck between the eyes and you just want to cry or in my case I get depressed, down on myself, suicidal thoughts, i feel worthless, or my trichotillomania acts up as well as my anxiety. I am learning so many coping mechanisms to help me through these hard periods. Feel free to check out my twitter page... https://twitter.com/Juni2424 https://www.facebook.com/UnderstandingMentalDisorders?ref=hl Mystic Raven im so glad u undertand bi p[oloar.or ewhat ever i have u need to stop and think u arent any better then me oh i forgot ur so perfecvt opps bye oh wait was it ur fault i have bi poloar?ypu did put me through a biunch of shit.maybe it was cuz of my kids crap ya i think so if your gonna post about mental disorders u better include mine.and how u treat me cuz of it your no better then anyone else mel oh whats wrong did i hit a nerve oh no when im going off im acuseded of drinking i cant jsut be going off nice! later mel its all about u and not anyone else u better read up on mental illness.its not only about u but u keep blameing me for the shit before u post u better read all about it! opps im sorrty i fucked ur life up well shit what did u do to mine? you and your fuckling ga,mes u played opps im sorry for being honest i didnt need a daughter who tryied to hit herself in the head for no reason that wew had t soend in hospital day in dat for her yes that was my job i was her mom but u dont know the shit she done to me its all about mel lol ya ok mell grow the fuck up no one did that shit that bad to u get on with ur life ur nothoing but a complainer.i havent heard one time u didnt.alls any one tryied to di to u is raise u and give u a good life but when ur frinds werent going ur way u came to me and matt.who was by ur side in hospital?wasnt ur dad it was me and matt b y ur sise u had it all and u didnt like th erules too fuckin bad u was out getting pregnant when u had rules.but u seemed to do it.i guess u didnt have it that bad we try to help u and this is what we get.good bye ur a spoiled fucking brat good bye ill nnever talk to u again' lord knows i dont need u in my drsama and u know what i dont want in urs. good bye ur my daughter u make me sick .good bye 3:34am Mystic Raven your my family? i dont think so.your nothing to me!good bye.and dont worry i told karen if something ghappens tp me not to tell u or james.u both xcan kiss my ass.ur both nothing tme.and karen isnt suppse to tell.but see as far as u know there was some shit i wanted to tell u.now ur never gonna know.time is running short and i hope ur happy.later james and mel.i dont even want u here no more.good bye.u shoukld feel ashamed of urself.i would be.but ur and idiot goodbye 3:35am Mystic Raven good bye melissa! u make me sick maybe u better look at all mental problems even the ones i have oh no ur ok good bye
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