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Python Bubble-Sort Visualization
Python Bubble-Sort Visualization By Lucid Potato You can grab the code from here: http://pastebin.com/yNFCdrbp The higher the number the higher the frequency, if no sort has occurred a low frequency beep is played. Keep in mind this is not the fastest way to use bubble sort, the sort of 100 numbers could be achieved within milliseconds when the algorithm is constructed in a for loop.
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Python/Pygame Space Invaders
(WIP) This is my take on the classic arcade game Space Invaders. Made in Python using Pygame. This is the first game that I've made using only code. I'll be working on this in my spare time for quite a while, turning it into a bullet hell roguelite with RPG elements. Also more enemies and boss battles will be added.
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Python Bubble-Sort Example
Here is a Python 2.7 bubble-sort example by Lucid Potato. Grab the code form: http://pastebin.com/W8ru4q0j
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PoE Warbands Ice Crash Marauder Fractured Labyrinth Clear
2H *Axe flat melee physical damage, Ice Crash Marauder. -Ice Crash / Faster Attacks / Melee Phys / Added Fire / Blood Magic (I would use fortify on a six link) 47k tool tip DPS with hatred, 3 frenzy charges and blood rage using 450.45 pDPS 2H Axe. Passive Tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAwEAxth7jFhjPfyMz_ZIXz8UIO8OUEfkUZd5CZY5DusJhVLZYa2Nz35XDZZskc677fjrZFJOMhfhJvgTTMGj4mEwd1n-Gj58uCku6hj3MnzZcqnE9sauC2GvbGjy8B-iAASzwGY8Be98_TCIjxrkaqXBBHloqW534wHchNlHfr02ZU2-p6mUh2qQbKknhO-i6hLhktBeEyFVLPuKIicg3D0HdcCm2sF07QUtwBpvO3gNtfJybGxGMgk1kti9_gryRTrh_o9N4zwtg19hIa5Q_msTyWWn891oZaZXMZ6sqlnznz4t0g==
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How Not To Kill Tormented Abaxoth PoE 2.0
How Not To Kill Tormented Abaxoth PoE 2.0
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