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74-year old earns black-belt
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most physical forms of martial arts. And it's a sport that James Terlecki has spent many years perfecting, no matter how late in life.
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8-year-old E. Palestine boy drives little sister to McDonald’s
"Me and my sister really wanted a cheeseburger," the boy told police.
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Former Hubbard mayor admits to raping 4-year-old
Richard Keenan changed his plea to guilty on 20 counts of sex crimes, including eight counts of rape.
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911 call: 'I found baby Rainn and she's alive'
The search for 2-year-old Rainn Peterson was over.
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Mansion for sale at bargain price…so why is no one buying?
The 15-room home, which has been on the market for about a year, is for sale at just $76,900.
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How is a Chevy Cruze built at GM Lordstown?
Follow the manufacturing process of a Cruze from start to finish.
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Atty. refuses to remove Black Lives Matter pin, taken into custody
A Youngstown Municipal Court judge sentenced Atty. Andrea Burton to 5 days in jail, but the decision is being appealed.
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Rainn Peterson's great-grandmother talks to WKBN
Dora Peterson, great-grandmother of Rainn Peterson, spoke to WKBN about the day that her 2-year-old great-granddaughter went missing
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Mom challenges grandma for custody of Rainn Peterson
A custody battle over who will take Rainn Peterson home from the hospital when she is released Wednesday is brewing.
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Hermitage man in trouble with city over use of spotlights
Neighbors say Arthur Brown, 78, is afraid of aliens.
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Great-grandparents to have temporary custody of Rainn Peterson
The two-year-old is being treated at St. Joseph’s Health Center in Warren and is expected to be released Thursday.
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James Daniels' NFL Draft reaction
James Daniels' NFL Draft reaction
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Stolen No. 44 NASCAR race car found in suburban Atlanta
The No. 44 race car returned to its NASCAR shop in North Carolina on Saturday.
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Dr. Shayesteh: What is pre-diabetes?
The doctor talks about pre-diabetes and how to prevent it from becoming full-blown diabetes.
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End of steel in Youngstown: Blast furnaces came down 35 years ago
End of steel in Youngstown: Blast furnaces came down 35 years ago
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50 years at GM Lordstown: A look at the plant’s history
A look at the history of the GM Lordstown Complex, 50 years after the first car rolled off the assembly line.
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JobsNOW: Carpentry is skilled trade that’s more than hammering nails
As carpenters go through a four-year apprentice program, they also spend four weeks a year learning things away from the job site.
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Video shows how traffic stop escalated into confrontation
The video posted by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows the trooper stopping Sandra Bland for failure to signal a lane change.
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Families remember victims of Youngstown’s ‘Labor Day Massacre’
Twenty-five years ago, Willie “Flip” Williams murdered four men on the east side of Youngstown.
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Federal approval, background checks causing delays for gun buyers
Before a gun is purchased, the FBI has to determine whether the sale will proceed, be delayed or be denied.
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Players, coach ejected from New Castle football game
A big fight on a high school football field got seven New Castle players and their head coach thrown off the field.
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7-year-old clipped in hit-and-run exiting Youngstown school bus
The girl was hit by the car at the intersection of High Street and Rockview Avenue, near a busy on-ramp to I-680.
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New Polish food truck already a hit with Valley locals
Babcia's Lunchbox is owned by 30-year-old Elisha Veon, of East Palestine.
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Tornado 85:  Tom Holden Intro
Tornado 85: Tom Holden Intro
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Austintown Fitch HS gym floor warped by water from broken pipe
The entire gym floor, which was covered in two inches of water, will be replaced over the summer.
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Propane buses ready to roll in frigid weather
Julie Bercik asked how they are doing.
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Trucking companies begging for drivers during shortage
If nothing changes soon, the American Trucking Association believes there will be more than 900,000 unfilled driving jobs within ten years.
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40 years later, effects of Black Monday still apparent in Youngstown
40 years later, effects of Black Monday still apparent in Youngstown
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Security video shows shoplifting spree at Victoria's Secret
Video at Victoria's Secret in the Eastwood Mall captured three women stuffing sweatshirts and other Pink brand gear into shopping bags.
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Stolen vehicles found buried at Youngstown house
Gerry Ricciutti tells us how they were found.
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Teachers and Drill Instructor
Learning about what makes a good recruit
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New Castle's Malik Hooker eyes NFL dream
Malik Hooker is projected to be a top-10 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft
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30 suspects arraigned in area drug sweep
Gerry Ricciutti has the day in court.
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Trailer underride bar crash tests
This video shows what happens when a car and a trailer's underride bar collide.
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Youngstown’s bargain mansion finally sells, renovation in the works
The new owners, Rob Osborn and Lisa Murphy, want to preserve the mansion’s history.
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Harding's Daniels drafted 39th overall by Chicago Bears
Former Iowa center James Daniels was taken in the second round Friday.
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Cleveland Cavaliers fans still celebrating this morning
Abbie Schrader is in Cleveland with a report.
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Taylor wins controversial fight in return to ring
Victor Toney also shines in 'March Madness' Pro Bout Saturday in Youngstown.
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Harding's Culver commits to West Virginia
Culver racked up a total of 22 college offers, but said it came down to Florida, Connecticut, Kansas, and West Virginia.
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Rivalry football teams band together for student with cancer
Joey Shushok, a senior at Austintown Fitch High School, was diagnosed with testicular cancer last month.
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Tornado 85: Beaver Township Damage
The damage caused by the Tornado in 1985 in the Beaver Township area
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YSU Penguins shine at NFL Pro Day
Scouts from seventeen NFL teams were in Youngstown Tuesday for the YSU NFL Pro Day.
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Tornado 85: Hubbard Damage
The damage caused by the Tornado in 1985 in the Hubbard area
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Donation bins: Where do your clothing donations go?
Some bins sell your items for profit, and some ship the items overseas. Others use donations to help local facilities.
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Bowden runs wild as Warren Harding beats Chardon
Lynn Bowden amassed 476 yards of total offense -- including 370 rushing yards -- and scored six rush TDs.
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High school football player makes amazing catch
One of the most acrobatic catches we have seen in a long time on Friday night (October 21, 2013) during the MyYTV Game of the Week. Third down and seven with 7:15 left in the game. Hubbard Eagles (Ohio) leading the Poland Bulldogs (Ohio) 24-14. Ball on the Hubbard 15 yard line. Hubbard's Brennan Wassil #7 barely gets the pass off against the Poland rush. Darnell Tate #1 initially bobbles the catch and as he starts to roll, the ball trickles down his legs. But Tate secures the ball between his legs as he rolls, then brings it in to his chest to complete the grab for a 30 yard pass play. Call made by MyYTV's Chad Krispinsky and Ralph Sandy.
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Valley’s welfare recipients worry about possible food stamp cuts
President Trump's budget plan, to be unveiled Tuesday, is expected to cut millions from the food stamp program.
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East Liverpool jockey wins 5,000th race at Mountaineer
At 5’10” tall and weighing just 113 pounds, Deshawn Parker has been racing since he was a 16-year-old in high school.
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Hornets make themselves at home in Alliance man's El Camino
Richard Sabina said two weeks ago, there was nothing inside. Then, he started seeing hornets as big as his thumb.
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Bowden headlines local Division One signings
Eight local football standouts have earned a Division One college scholarships this year.
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