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Discipline Priest Versus Two Hunters, Disc Wins
2v1, Me Disc Vs two Survival Hunters, both relent gear. Could have done a lotttt better made hella mistakes, but still pulled it off thanks to LOS.
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Shadow Priest PVP 80
2nd PVP video. To all you fools who pounded my clicking on my first vid, youll be happy to know i dont even click my fucking hearth anymore. Everything Keybound :D. But this is another hastily made video nothing super special again, didnt build up a ton of amazing footage. I seemed to forget about fraps on a lot of the fights i wish i had.
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Level 80 Shadow Priest PVE
Just some PVE, kinda slow, skip around if you want but WATCH the frostweave farm, its pretty crazy. 22 kills in less than 2.5min. check out my PVP vid, pretty cool too.
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