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Struck Magnatrac RS1000 bulldozing trash pile
I've been cleaning up after a fire that happened a few years ago. Long story, but until I got the Magnatrac, I could do only a little bit every day during the cooler part of the year and was generally too busy to do anything (I'm working on finishing my degree). Here I'm removing a pile of trash and dirt left over after clearing out the old shop building after the fire. The pile you see is full of concrete blocks, rusted metal, partially burned plastic, burned radio carcasses, and other remains. The fire cost me a bunch of nice two way (amateur) radios, fine test equipment, parts, manuals- many thousands of dollars worth that I'd bought as broken or junk and fixed up over the years. The Struck Magnatrac RS1000 had no problem moving the pile, except that there was a piece of rebar driven deep in the ground that I tried to pull out with the crane (unsuccessfully, I think it's embedded in some concrete and pretty deep). The failed attempt was during the break you'll notice in the video.
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Struck Magnatrac RS1000 moving trailer
This is a short video of me moving a trailer loaded down with scrap metal. In the video, you will see that I have the "Material Bucket" for digging mounted on the Front Hitch, and the Rear Hitch with the Hitch adapter, plus the RS1000 had the mount for the hydraulic rear Hitch instead of the usual one (providing a large and strong steel plate). I came up with and mounted a crane attachment on the Rear Hitch plate for lifting and moving stuff (It will lift and pull very heavy objects, a few hundred pounds no problem). I'm still learning to operate the Magnatrac, and I'm a little jerky in this video, but you can see how easy it is to hook up to and move a trailer loaded down with almost a thousand pounds of scrap steel. (I've been cleaning up after a fire.) The RS1000 pulls like a son-of-a-gun (rated at 1000 or 1500 pounds pull) with the steel Grouser tracks, and can push (with the bulldozer blade) like you'd have to see to believe.
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Struck Magnatrac RS1000 - my wife tries it out
We just purchased a used Struck Magnatrac RS1000 to help with cleaning up after the fire and also to deal with a number of other things around the yard - got a really good deal. My wife had just got on it and was trying it out after about a minute's instruction. (It's not running at full power - I had to do some repairs and changes to get it running at more than a high idle. It's an impressive machine and will do things that a garden tractor couldn't do - plus it's so nimble and has such a small footprint that it can get into areas a big tractor can't reach! I'm quite happy I was able to get it. Now I can do a lot of things that I couldn't handle before!
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Struck Magnatrac RS1000 - more dozer work
While cleaning up after the fire, I had to pull up and get rid of a bunch of old vines, pieces of partially-burned wood, and so on. After dragging them out of the way, I pushed them into a pile and burned them. In this video, you see my new home-made rake attachment, and get an idea of things that a mini-dozer can do that would be impossible with a garden tractor.
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Model aircraft - A10 warthog taking off, along with Beechcraft Twin model
Taken at a model airplane fly-in in Lakeland Florida. A-10 Warthog model and a model of a beautiful Beechcraft twin.
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Tree Harvesting machine in action
I took this video while working on an archaeological survey in central Mississippi. We heard this machine going for some time, and then suddenly it appeared near us and was cutting down trees (pines farmed for pulpwood) at an incredible rate - taking about a second to cut through the tree and then pulling it into a bundle. I didn't catch it that time, but the next time it came around. It was really wild to watch, although also a bit saddening to think of how the trees could be cut down that fast today. The position is not accurate.
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Using Struck Magnatrac RS1000 with homemade rake attachment
This short video shows the homemade rake attachment I built for it, and a short clip of me using it. Two little notes: first, I didn't get as many spikes in the package as I thought, so that's why there are some gaps in the rake. Second, in the last couple of seconds, I hit a buried stump, and had to do some minor repairs (it bent a part of the hitch). The rake works great! I have to come up with a way to adjust the rear hitch control - so that it's not all the way down or all the way up (a later project).
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Black Diamond upside down pass down 90-270 runway.MP4
Taken from the model aircraft runway about 1/4 mile south of the Lakeland Linder airport runway 90-270. We were watching the Top Gun model jets (real jet engines) and they stopped the airshow so that the Black Diamond aerobatics team could practice for the Sun-N-Fun air show.
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Hazards of field archaeology
This gives a better idea of what real archaeology is like. We are doing a survey of a pipeline, and there were some creeks we had to cross, including this one. We were lucky in that this tree had fallen across the creek and was substantial enough to take our weight. We have been doing "Shovel Tests" for the last few days... move 30-50 meters, dig a hole of a specific size, check the dirt for artifacts, fill in the hole and record the information gathered, and then moving on to the next hole. We do around 30-40 a day per team of two... sometimes having to dig and try to screen very tough and hard clay or dirt full of rocks. We plow through blackberry brambles, climb hills, and as you can see, sometimes have to be creative to get across rivers, streams, and creeks with our gear. It's hard work, but the company I'm working for allows me to use a (portable folding) chair in the field, which enables me to do my job. This video shows our team leader balancing his way across the log.
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Agritourismo to Allume road.mp4
During our 2008 archaeology fieldschool, we stayed in an agritourismo looking over the fiumedinisi river. The quickest and safest road to town went through the next town to the south, Allume, and this is a video of that road showing what some of the Sicilian mountain roads are like (the paved roads). This one is far better than the unpaved road between Fiumedinisi and Castello Belvedere (right by our archaeology site). The van we're in was too big for the roads (especially the one to the castle) - the students eventually refused to ride in it, after nearly sliding backwards over a cliff because we couldn't get traction in the dirt and loose rocks. As you can see, there are times when the front bumper was out over the edge of the cliff in this video (the back bumper was often scraping the dirt or brush on the other side). We switched over to Fiat Puntos, which impressed me with what they could do (much easier to get to the site and navigate this road). I THOUGHT I knew how to drive, until after this fieldschool! (I learned a whole new level to driving in the Sicily mountains!)
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Black Diamond aerobatics team taking off.MPG
We were at the Top Gun model jet air show, when the Black Diamond aerobatics team took their jets up to practice for the Sun-N-Fun air show. It was pretty wild to see these jets passing so close to where we were (the model aircraft runway is due south of the main 90-270 runway at Lakeland Airport by about a quarter of a mile).
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Clinton Angler being started and running
I need to adjust the idle on the motor, but this is a short video of my old Clinton Angler 1 1/2 HP INBOARD motor being started and running. It appears to date back to the 1940s.
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Tigger and her Murr Purr
Our kitty Tigger (Tiggy-Boo or Tigger-Boo) has a funny high-pitched purr when she's really happy, which is very audible as you can tell from this clip (taken with my cell phone). Funny story - I'm an amateur radio operator, and made the mistake of leaving a VHF radio on and not locked out so it wouldn't transmit one day. One of my friends had his radio on, and said he heard a carrier on the air. He listened to see whose mike was stuck on... heard some rustling sounds, and then her distinctive purr came across the air. She'd knocked the mike off its hook and was lying on it - purring blissfully, for about 15 minutes. He instantly knew it was her... he's heard that purr plenty of times before, and it is rather distinctive.
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Shuttle night launch visible from our home in Lakeland, Florida
This video was taken from our front driveway, and shows how the Shuttle can light up the night sky. There are a couple of times where the video stops and the audio continues - that was when I tried to take pictures with the camera (Sanyo CG-6).
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Tall Trees in deep forest
We are in the middle of an archaeological field survey and I took this video of the forest we were in. I'm used to the trees in Florida, which rarely reach 70ft in height in this area (old growth was cut long ago). I found this forest to be quite comforting and beautiful, with it's trees reaching to at least 125-150 feet in height.
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Plane lost landing gear.MP4
The model jet had landing gear collapse. It was probably due to the extreme windy and turbulent conditions (several planes had collapsed landing gear, and there were a couple of crashes due to the wind).
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More Turbofan.MP4
This is a short video of a model turbofan airplane flying, including minimum controllable airspeed (plane nearly sat still in the sky due to a VERY windy day) and some aerobatics. The plane is powered by a true turbofan engine... running kerosene.
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A beautiful area along a creek we encountered
This short video kind of gives an idea of what the sort of places we encountered while doing archaeology in the field. It was a beautiful place, serene, with lots of very tall trees (to a person who lived 33 years in Florida).
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Black Diamond practice roll over 90-270 runway.MP4
Some more video of the Black Diamond aerobatics team practicing for the Sun-N-Fun air show. Taken from the model aircraft runway, about 1/4 mile south of the 90-270 runway at Lakeland Linder airport.
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Kitties 1.MP4
Three of our kitties - Sunshine (the orange Tabby, Cubby Bear (solid black kitty), and Snicker Doodles (the grey kitty) relaxing in front of our front door. It was in the wintertime here, and we'd leave the door open to let light and warmth in.
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Landing and old Vampire model
Good video of a model jet plane landing (it was VERY windy that day) and then some people pulling a model of an old Vampire jet. (Yes, these planes use real jet engines... some use electric fans but the majority burn kerosene.) I never got to see the Vampire model fly, but there were many other models of old jets flying.
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First Friday
Video of my wife playing around with a couple of people in a Chinese dog costume during First Friday, a monthly celebration held in Lakeland, Florida
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Buddy and Ruthie Muffin friends.MP4
This is our dog Buddy (RIP) and Ruthie Muffin (RIP). All of our cats loved Buddy dog, especially Ruthie who would play with him for hours, sleep with him, and so on. Sadly, Buddy died suddenly a couple of years ago in his sleep, and Ruthie followed about a year later (vet misdiagnosed and mis-treated her, and her health never recovered). All of our kitties missed Buddy terribly.
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Delta 4 Rocket launch from Cape August 7, 2013 shot from north of Lakeland
Shot from our front yard, using a Sanyo CG-6 digital video camera. The camera was set to the 'lamp' setting, which works great at night for both video and audio. It's actually much darker than it seems in this video. The rocket is approximately 93 miles or more away when first visible.
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Snicker Doodles.mpg
This a video of our Snicker Doodles. She is an unusually sweet and demonstrative kitty, and we love her dearly. She is now 4 years old and her favorite action is to gently touch you on the cheek with her paw and rub against your hand. Her brother Little Big Eyes is in this video. Unfortunately, he vanished a couple of years ago. He was also a sweet cat. We niss him.
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Nice flyby model jet
Short video of a model jet flying down the runway for model planes about 1/4 mile south of the Lakeland Linder 90-270 runway. Yes, that's a real jet engine in that plane, burning Jet A.
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Nice landing and model MIG.MP4
This is a video of a pretty good landing considering the extremely windy and turbulent conditions at the model plane runway about 1/4 mile south of the Lakeland Linder airport 90-270 runway. Towards the end there is an electric-powered MIG model that was fun to watch.
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Model aircraft
A short video I took at a model airplane fly-in. Two planes are in this clip - a B17 and a jet, and the jet especially looks like the real thing while flying.
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Black Diamond aerobatics team practicing.MPG
The Black Diamond aerobatics practicing maneuvers for the Sun-N-Fun air show. Taken from the model aircraft runway south of the main runway.
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High speed back taxiing.MP4
Video of a model jet (yes, a real kerosene-burning jet engine) that had just landed and was back-taxiing the model planes runway (about a quarter mile south of the Lakeland Linder runway 90-270).
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Model Jet taking off.
Short clip of a model jet taking off. These models are so realistic that sometimes you cannot tell the difference.
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Kitties 2.MP4
Our kitties Sunshine (the orange tabby), Cubby Bear (the solid black kitty), and Snicker Doodles (gray) wrestling by our front door. You also get a glimpse of Little Big Eyes, who vanished a couple of months after this was taken. Video taken in 2007.
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Sue on Chalice Circles August 7 2011.MP4
Sue talking about her experience with the UU small groups - Chalice Circles. The audio is a bit weak right now, but I am going to try to enhance it later.
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Sicilian Mountain Road.MP4
This is a short video taken of the road going from Fiumedinisi to Castello Belvedere above the town (we had an archaeology dig site just below the castle). This road is the worst I've ever driven - so bad that the local Sicilians (used to Sicilian mountain roads) consider it especially bad. The road is so rough that it was impossible to keep the camera steady. There are sections in excess of 15-20 degree slopes, and one point where we nearly slid backward off a cliff because the van we were using couldn't get traction.
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Turbofan with jet
This video is of a model aircraft driven by a model turbofan engine - a real turbofan that runs on Jet A (kerosene). You can hear the high-pitched sound of the turbofan. There is also a tiny bit of a model jet (also powered by a model jet engine).
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Black Diamond 3 planes in formation doing loop.MPG
While at the Top Gun model jets air show, the Black Diamond aerobatics team took off and practiced some of their moves for the Sun-N-Fun air show. It was pretty neat seeing the full size planes doing aerobatics.
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Sample Turntable for Stellarnet optical spectrometer
This is a video demonstrating a sampling turntable I designed and built for my Stellarnet EPP-2000 UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer, that can position 12 different samples for UV fluorescence testing. NOTE: the video and audio isn't the greatest - long story, but if I tried to film it with my tablet, it would be too shaky - and the noisy audio is due to the AC in the background - if we don't run it all the time, everything gets moldy and too humid to function (central Florida weather). The camera I have has 640x480 video at its best. Its audio is very sensitive, and the AC is rather noisy. The software being used is an Excel spreadsheet created by Stellarnet, and modified for my use. I removed a whole lot of functions that I won't use, and added a sheet for output (copy-and-paste, will add saving the output spreadsheet later). I also added a sheet for inputting sample numbers - which then controls the turntable by simple commands over the USB port. I plan to modify that part of the device later to add more flexibility (scan multiple spots on the sample). Parts - mostly scrounged. Arduino Uno look-alike control board, stepper motor controller and motor, plus a worm drive gear reduction to move the turntable. The USB port powers the control, I have a separate power supply for the stepper. The switch for manual control is going to be replaced by two pushbuttons on the front panel - the switch sometimes gets in the way when loading samples. The entire turntable was designed with the idea that it would be used in the UV hood - leading to the choices I made in making it.
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Westland Wyvern model clip
Short video clip of Westland Wyvern model plane. The plane has a very unusual sound as it has twin counter-rotating propellers. You can kind of make out this unusual sound if you listen.
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