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Patches, Pills or Pellets - What's the Best Method for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?
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Migraine Headaches and Hormone Imbalance
http://drkathymaupin.com/migraine-headaches-hormone-imbalance/ BioBalance Healthcast episode 33 features conversation about the type of migraine headaches that are caused by hormonal imbalance. Brett Newcomb and Dr. Kathy Maupin discuss the symptoms and treatment of this type of migraine with subcutaneous bioidentical hormone pellets. Dr. Maupin physician and reverse-aging specialist started began getting migraines at age 36 and they continued to get worse until she had my ovaries removed at age 47. She expected her headaches would go away after that surgery, but they didn't—they got worse. She finally got relief from her migraines after she went on bioidentical testosterone pellets therapy. Since then she hasn't had a migraine headache.
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Progesterone and the Cascade of Aging
In Episode 74 of the BioBalance Healthcast, Kathy and Brett continue to talk about Progesterone and it's effect on Aging. Progesterone is important to the body as it ages through menopause, without it, estrogen levels increase and can cause serious damage. Download the transcription of the podcast here - http://www.drkathymaupin.com/wp-content/uploads/transcriptions/74%20-%20Progesterone%20and%20the%20Cascade%20of%20Aging.pdf http://drkathymaupin.com/progesterone-and-the-cascade-of-aging/
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Orgasmic Headaches
It is frightening to be in the middle of a wonderful sexual experience, reach the point of orgasm, and then experience a blinding headache at the moment of release. It is rare but it can signal the presence of a neurological problem. If you suffer from headaches at the moment of orgasmic release, it is necessary to discuss it with your doctor and let them evaluate you for risks. You need to get a CT scan to assess this to rule out tumors and vascular abnormality. This conversation might just save your life or at the very least the quality of life you want to have.
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Hair Loss and Hormones
BioBalance Health Nurse Practitioner Sandi Redhage is Brett Newcomb's guest. Sandi is knowledgable about hair loss and shares the causes and treatements based on her years in practice.
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Signs of Increased DHT
Acne, increased body odor, increased perspiration are cues to excess DHT. http://drkathymaupin.com/hirsuitism-in-women/
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Testosterone Replacement Case Study — Libby's Story
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb interview Biobalance Health patient, Libby and her husband Kent about their experiences with Libby's hormone replacement therapy. For more, visit http://www.biobalancehealth.com/testosterone-replacement-case-study-libbys-story/
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Physical Signs of Thyroid Deficiency - Hypothyroidism
We continue our discussion of recognizing the physical signs of hormonal deficiencies, today we discuss the loss of thyroid hormones, or hypothyroidism. The thyroid is a very active gland that controls the rate at which we burn calories to make heat and energy. It also affects the process of making and remodeling bone, mental energy, sleep and wake cycles, water and salt balance, so there are many signs of thyroid deficiency that you can learn to look for to detect it in yourself and your family. The most obvious three physical signs that you can notice at one glance are, thin brittle hair, bare areas where the lateral eyebrows should be, and cracked and broken nails. All three of these signs can be signs of other hormone or vitamin deficiencies when found alone, but together they mean hypothyroidism.
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The PSA Test is Misunderstood and Scary
Will the majority of men really die of Prostate Cancer if something else does not kill them first? Why are men so afraid of Prostate Cancer in their lives? What should we know about how this works and what the treatments for Prostate Cancer are? These are questions we discuss as we look into the new revelations regarding PSA and testosterone replacement provided by the research of Dr. Abraham Morganthaler of Harvard University. The PSA test is a screening test, which means that the results are not very specific, and they catch every person who has prostate cancer, BUT they have the drawback of notifying a high percentage of men that their test is normal but they have NO CANCER!! In other words, 70% of men who are told their test is abnormal have no prostate cancer, in fact have no abnormality at all!
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Progesterone and PMS
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Pregnenolone — The Mother of Steroid Hormones
One of the basic building blocks that the body utilizes to make many of the hormones we need is something called Pregnenolone. This is a substance made from the Cholesterol generated when the body consumes food. It is made in the adrenal gland and when it is made, it is a universal specific ingredient for the hormones Testosterone, Progesterone, Estradiol, Estrogen, and DHEA. These hormones are made out of the pregnenolone by the various other glands and organs of the body into the specific hormone associated with those glands and organs. Sometimes it is beneficial to take a replacement or supplementary dose of pregnenolone, but most of the time it is not when the deficient amounts of the other hormones such as testosterone are being supplemented or replaced individually. Watch our healthcast to learn how this happens and to see how the complexity of the hormone system regulates your overall health.
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Women: Before You Begin Testosterone Replacement
How do doctors decide when to start testosterone treatment in women? I only diagnose women with testosterone deficiency (TDS) only when they have both symptoms and low blood levels of free (active) testosterone. Prior to the first appointment, I evaluate a new patient’s lab work and medical history before I meet with them. This process allows me to make logical medical decisions without pressure from patients who want testosterone even if it is not medically necessary for their particular problems. When I see new patients, I make sure both of us make the most of our time and their money. As with everything in medicine, I not only look for and diagnose the hormone deficiency I am looking for other illnesses that may masquerade as testosterone deficiency, and for those patients, I meet with them but give them the option to see their primary care doctor about the other diagnoses but don’t treat them with testosterone unless that is also evident.
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Low Estrogen is not the only cause of Hot Flashes
Dr. Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the causes and treatment of hot flashes in both men and women. http://www.biobalancehealth.com/low-estrogen-not-cause-hot-flashes/
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Depression -  A New Hormonal View
We have been trying to expand our ability to improve the health and happiness of every patient who comes to our BioBalance Health practice. In researching some of the challenging conditions we see, we have discovered amazing research, thanks to the work of Dr. Mark Gordon, Millennium Health Care. We find that some psychological and psychiatric disorders can be treated by normalizing hormone levels.
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Iodine and Preventing Breast and Prostate Cancer
Iodine Deficiency is one of the causes of breast and prostate cancers, and unlike many unchangeable risk factors, we can replace iodine and change our risk profile. The triggers that make cancers run wild in our breast and prostate can be blocked by iodine absorption to help us avoid the development of these deadly cancers.
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Myths of Testosterone Replacement for Women, Part 3
This week, we continue our discussion about different myths of testosterone replacement. Specifically, we address the accusation that testosterone replacement therapy makes patients gain unwanted weight. drkathymaupin.com/myths-testosterone-part-3-will-testosterone-make-fat
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Myths of Testosterone Replacement for Women, Part 2
This week, Brett Newcomb and I continue our discussion on research that is being done regarding the process of testosterone replacement. We look at the facts and the myths surrounding this type of treatment and how it effects women. www.drkathymaupin.com/myths-of-testosterone-replacement-for-women-part-2
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Treating Symptoms of Aging with Bioidentical Testosterone Pellets
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss certain physicians' reactions to the results that BioBalance Health patients experience with the use of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Read more at http://www.biobalancehealth.com/treating-symptoms-of-aging-with-bioidentical-testosterone-pellets/
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Women - The Physical Signs of Testosterone Deficiency
Did you know that 30 years of practicing Gynecology gave me the ability to immediately recognize a woman with testosterone deficiency? In fact I can usually tell if a woman is deficient in testosterone by giving her a comprehensive 10 second visual evaluation—with her clothes on! Even though it is a skill I initially learned in medical school, I further perfected my diagnostic observations by evaluating thousands of women who had symptoms of testosterone deficiency who also gave me their lab values to confirm my diagnosis of testosterone deficiency. This process further confirmed the physical signs of testosterone deficiency that accompanies aging and these physical signs are what we will discuss today. My purpose is not to teach you to be a doctor, but to help you understand yourself and your friends who are suffering because of lack of testosterone. You may have heard of the author Malcom Gladwell who proved, that becoming an expert requires 10,000 hours of practice, so this is not a shortcut to becoming a hormone expert. My goal is to wake up your mind to the visual signs of testosterone deficiency, every time you see someone you know who complains of her low testosterone symptoms.
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Characteristics of People with Blood Type B
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the health implications and exercise considerations for individuals with the blood type B. http://www.biobalancehealth.com/characteristics-of-people-with-blood-type-b
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Testosterone Pellets and the Illnesses of Aging
See all the Healthcast at https://www.biobalancehealth.com One question we regularly hear at BioBalance Health is: What diseases can be delayed or avoided if I take Testosterone Pellets? In discussing this question with our patients, we try to update their information base regarding the disagreement among physicians about the efficacy of Hormone replacement therapies. In general physicians are taught to deal with symptoms and to understand that these illnesses are just things that happen late in life. What we are now learning through the latest research results is that we can impact the occurrence of these diseases which are associated with aging can, in many cases, be avoided or defeated. One of the preeminent reasons for our ability to defeat or avoid the illnesses of aging is our ability to replace our hormone balances to levels that we had when we were young and healthy. Replacing our hormones gives us the opportunity to act in ways that avoid or prevent many of the illnesses of aging that afflict us. We still have to take reasonable life style steps to maximize the results, but the hormone replacement will put us in the range to be able to take better care of our bodies. One example of our new knowledge base is our ability to combat or prevent Type II Diabetes, a disease which is reaching epidemic proportions among our aging population. Testosterone replacement will help us defeat insulin resistance so that our bodies can process the sugars from carb intake. Testosterone improves the porousness of the cells so that insulin can get into the cells and be burned as energy rather than be blocked by the cells and turn into fat. Testosterone also helps you grow stronger muscles, without the Testosterone you cannot build strong muscles. If you have muscles, then that positions you to be better able to work out and exercise and do physical tasks like walk to the car or climb a flight of stairs whenever you wish. Other research on testosterone replacement is showing that depression and anxiety as we age is partially a result of the loss of testosterone as we age. We tend to develop higher levels of anxiety and more baseline depression as we age and as we lose some of our strength and energy. Depression and anxiety are often co-morbid. We have them at the same time, but one usually masks the other. If we just treat one, then the other surfaces and manifests and gets treated. If you take testosterone pellets to replace your lost hormone balance you can avoid or reduce the impact of depression and anxiety that naturally comes when you don’t have enough testosterone. Remember that depression is not caused by testosterone loss alone. If you have always struggled with depression testosterone replacement alone will not prevent it. You will still have to deal with what has always been a challenge. We are talking about the depression that begins when you lose testosterone. If we replace your testosterone, you can avoid that type of depression and anxiety. We often find that testosterone replacement can help you come off of statin drugs and cholesterol medications. Not in all cases, but often we can help you and your physician make the decision to treat your high LDL levels with fewer medications and different medications than they have used in the past. You and your physician can see that your BP is better, your weight is better, and your cholesterol numbers are where they need to be. Finally, we can talk about breast cancer and the risk of getting it. If you replace your lost testosterone and you are female, you will reduce your risk of getting breast cancer. The research is pretty clear, in showing that if you have not ever had breast cancer taking testosterone replacement can reduce your chances of getting cancers. The research shows pretty clearly a reduction in all-cause mortality in people who are taking testosterone replacement.
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Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance part 1
http://biobalancehealth.com In episode 34 of the BioBalance Healthcast, reverse aging specialist Dr. Kathy Maupin and individual and family counselor Brett Newcomb discuss some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance. The discussion continues in episode 35. Hormones affect so much or our health and lives, especially our sex lives. The primary hormones that change to abnormal levels include testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.
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Characteristics of People with Type O Blood
Dr. Kathy Maupin discusses the considerations and implications of type O blood. Topics include appropriate diet and exercise, as well as what diseases patients with type O are more prone to. http://www.biobalancehealth.com/characteristics-of-people-with-type-o-blood
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Postmenopausal Uterine Bleeding
Women who suffer from postmenopausal uterine bleeding need to go through a hierarchy of steps in order to deal with it. If it is not caused by uterine cancer, there is really nothing to worry about except for the hassle and the mess. In this weeks podcast, we are talking about Postmenopausal Uterine Bleeding. We discuss why is it happening and what can be done treat it. http://www.drkathymaupin.com/postmenopausal-uterine-bleeding
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Postmenopausal Bleeding
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the issue of postmenopausal bleeding: what it may indicate and what can be done to treat it. http://www.biobalancehealth.com/postmenopausal-bleeding
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Hair Loss as a side effect of Hormone Replacement
This week, Brett Newcomb and I continue our discussion on the differences between medicine that is personalized and medicine that is directed by guidelines. We focus our attention specifically on this dichotomy in regards to the side effect of hair loss. drkathymaupin.com/hair-loss-as-a-side-effect-of-hormone-replacement
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The Toxins: Fluoride, Bromine, And Chlorine Can Make You Sick!
Most of us suffer from iodine deficiency and do not know it. Our food supply does not provide it and governmental regulations require that toxins such as fluoride and bromine and chlorine be added to our food and water. These toxins manage to block cell absorption of what iodine we do manage to ingest, but these toxins can be cleansed with daily doses of Iodorol.
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Testosterone and the Prostrate
http://drkathymaupin.com/testosterone-and-the-prostate In episode 133 of the BioBalance Health we debunk the myth that treating prostrate cancer with testosterone makes it worse. This myth is based on research that is over fifty years old. More recent research done my a Harvard physician named Morgentaler has proven that this conclusion is incorrect. Here are his findings: 1.Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer. 2. Testosterone does not make prostate cancer worse. 3. Testosterone will initially increase the seize of your prostate, but once the prostate is saturated with the appropriate amount of testosterone, it stops absorbing more testosterone. It is important for men and their doctors to understand that replacing lost testosterone does not increase the risk of developing prostate cancers. It does not make existing cancers worse, and it may help slow down the growth of existing prostate cancer cells.
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Benefits of Testosterone Pellets (Part 1 of 2)
There are many benefits from testosterone pellet therapy. This week Dr. Maupin and Brett start a two part series where they discuss in detail six of the top 15 benefits. Topics include: Better Sex Life, More Energy, Mental Sharpness, Better Sleep, Muscle Mass, and Exercise Stamina.
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Frequently Asked Questions by Women
Read more at www.biobalancehealth.com This week we are taking an opportunity to discuss the most frequently asked questions from women who are considering Hormone Replacement Therapy from BioBalance Health. These questions reflect specific concerns women have about whether or not the replacement of the hormones they have lost through the aging process. We find that there is a lot of misinformation and incorrect information out in the public dialogue in today’s world. We are attempting to provide correct, up to date and accurate information for women to help them make good decisions and be well informed consumers of their own health services. Why do I Need Any Hormone Replacement? The Answer is that women need replacement if they desire to: • Delay the symptoms of Aging • Reverse depression and anxiety • Regain libido • Preserve skin and muscle tone • Look younger • Increase energy • Increase immune system’s strength • Improve physical stamina • Cure insomnia • Thicken hair • Protect against osteoporosis, dementia, diabetes and heart disease • Prevent need for long term care from loss of ability to walk • Improve general health Why are pellets better than estrogen and testosterone patches, shots and pills? They are the pure hormone and are not metabolized into byproducts that will cause side effects or inactivate the testosterone, because they are delivered directly to the blood stream. Pellets allow your body to take as much testosterone as your body needs and when you are exercising and have increased pulse and cardiac output you absorb more. Because they are bio-identical and because of their delivery system, women feel better on pellets than any other form of estrogen and testosterone replacement. What Symptoms are treated by BioBalance Health estradiol pellets? Estradiol pellets adequately treat hot flashes, a dry vagina, painful intercourse, dry skin and thinning hair. What Symptoms are treated by BioBalance Health testosterone pellets? Testosterone pellets treat the symptoms of low libido, anorgasmia, depression, fatigue, muscle mass loss, weight gain, belly fat accumulation, immune system abnormality, autoimmune diseases, dry eyes, mental decline, loss of exercise stamina, loss of motivation and many more symptoms of testosterone deficiency. See all the FAQ's at www.biobalancehealth.com
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The Signs of Thyroid Disease
Signs of thyroid disease include hair loss, swollen tongue, weight gain, exhaustion, fatigue and high cholesterol. If you notice some or all of these, talk to your physician about the possibility of thyroid disease.
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Myths of Testosterone Replacement for Women, Part 1
This week, Brett Newcomb and I discuss current research that is being done regarding the process of testosterone replacement. We look at the facts and the myths surrounding this type of treatment. http://www.drkathymaupin.com/myths-facts-testosterone-replacement
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Testosterone and Men
http://drkathymaupin.com/testosterone-and-men/ Kathy and Brett discuss Erectile Dysfunction in episode 63 of the BioBalance Healthcast. When men have low testosterone, they are at risk for cardio vascular disease. How can you prevent these health problems and avoid these problems? Download the Transcript of this Podcast here - http://drkathymaupin.com/wp-content/uploads/transcriptions/63%20testosterone%20in%20men.pdf
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The Biggest Risk of Estrogen Replacement is Uterine Bleeding
Read more at www.biobalancehealth.com Women who have gone through menopause and still have a uterus, experience the loss of estrogen. If they then decide to obtain estrogen replacement, they will begin to have bleeding again. For some women, this is enough of a reason not to seek estrogen replacement. They say that the best thing about menopause is not bleeding every month. Pellet replacement of estrogen will last four months. This estrogen does not contain progesterone. Without progesterone, they will still be at risk of bleeding. The pellets of estrogen do not come with progesterone. Dr. Maupin’s office will prescribe a nightly pill of progesterone so that the bleeding will be constrained. At that point, those women will have the benefit of estrogen in their system without the risk of bleeding. You don’t need to have a period just because you are on estrogen. You are getting what you need, but you don’t bleed. If you miss a night of taking the progesterone for some reason, you should not bleed but if you miss two or more nights of progesterone, you will bleed. Progesterone will prevent the uterus from bleeding, but it will not prevent fibroid tumors or polyps that develop. Those will both cause bleeding. If you are post-menopausal and are receiving hormone replacement of estrogen you should not bleed. If you do bleed, and you are taking progesterone and you begin to bleed, we think in terms of polyps and fibroids. Those reactions can be treated, and we know to look for them because of the bleeding. Dr. Maupin’s office no longer does the procedures to prevent bleeding post menopausally, but they do have a cooperative relationship with excellent Gynecological offices where you will be referred in order to take care of what procedures you need. A DNC may solve your problem, but sometimes you need to do more. Once you have a DNC then you increase the progesterone and estrogen, and you don’t bleed. If bleeding continues to be an issue for you it might be that your ObGyn will recommend a Mirena IUD. This will protect you for five years from bleeding. Our office maintains a list of physicians who understand and accept the treatment provided with replacement of hormones that a woman has lost through the process of aging. If your regular doctor is resistant or avoidant to this treatment and tells you that you should not replace your estrogen or other lost hormones, you should think about getting in touch with one of the physicians on the list who understands our treatment modalities and agree with them medically. The last thing we want our patients to experience is open conflict between their physicians, which will scare them and cause them mental and emotional distress. We have our research available to you and your doctors, to reassure them that our treatments are safe and preferable.
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Men: Before Initiating Testosterone Replacement
There are some men whose low testosterone symptoms are not severe enough to require replacement but instead need to have their own production of testosterone stimulated. Men in this situation with borderline blood levels like 405 Total Testosterone and 130 Free Testosterone may be symptomatic and may benefit from treatment. Young men will sometimes benefit from oral medications or supplements that can stimulate total testosterone production. Unlike the promises made in supplement advertisements, medical stimulation of testosterone production does not work for all men (in fact less so as men), and often I find that after a trial of medical stimulation or other medical treatment I still must begin replacement of testosterone with pellets..
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Depression, Anxiety and Hormones.mov
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Replacement of Testosterone Does More Than Treat Specific Symptoms
See the full Healthcast at www.biobalancehealth.com We often speak in terms of something being normal for men of our ages. Lab tests return results in terms of a comparison to “Normal”. What does this talk of normal mean? Dr. Maupin explains in this week’s Healthcast that she is comparing a man to what normal was for when he was a young healthy man. This is a symptom focused look at what a man needs. When we were younger, our general condition was healthier, our skin was more supple and smooth, we had more energy, our belly fat was less intrusive and extensive. Replacing testosterone restores many of those conditions to the levels that you experienced when you were younger and healthier. This is true for both men and women. Their conditions have been restored to what were young healthy levels. A particular example is one of bone density. When they are young, men have thicker bones than women do. As long as they keep testosterone, their bones remain strong and thick. When they begin to lose their testosterone, it is likely that their bones become more brittle and more susceptible to breaks. When women experience this, since their bones are thinner to begin with, they are more likely to suffer breaks than men. This is a particular risk for women as they age because falling is a risk of the elderly and if their bones are brittle this leads to breaks among elderly women in particular. Often, medical specialists will tell you that if you fall and break a bone above the age of 70, it can predict that you may die within the next six months. Restoration of testosterone among men can restore their hormones to young normal levels, this will benefit them in terms of emotional reactivity, fighting off depression and anxiety, and help them not be reactive to ephemeral swings of mood that are triggered by situational events. Normal levels of testosterone will help your brain manage emotional swings and allow you to cope with events in your life from a stronger and more stable position. We know this because of reportage of symptom relief, not because there is a specific measurable blood level that gives us a standard to compare against. We decided to do this Healthcast because of a recent article published by Dr. Keith Roach explaining that “normal” levels of blood tests were not the end all and be all of being able to tell whether or not testosterone replacement was helping fight off all your symptoms of aging. The point of his article was that there are general gains (not specifically identified biochemical markers, but rather quality of life and quality of capacity conditions). Men generally experience a restoration of these conditions and abilities when they replace their lost testosterone. Women, as well, will share that they feel more alert, less anxious, more capable of reaching goals and objectives when their testosterone levels are restored to young healthy levels.
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Women, Testosterone Pellets, and Good Health
See all the Healthcast at https://www.biobalancehealth.com Women are concerned when they think about testosterone pellets and whether or not these pellets will lead to weight gain for them. They think this because they have heard somewhere that testosterone will thicken their bones and make the bones weigh more. The kind if pellets that Dr. Maupin’s office uses work to improve your absorption rate for insulin and improves your reaction to carbohydrates. Some of the ways that testosterone is delivered to women make more estrone and causes belly fat and larger breasts and kind of a round shaped body. But pellets, the kind of testosterone we use does not do these things. We get our body composition back and normal breasts and waistlines back. This difference has to do with avoiding the first pass effect and the consistency of dose delivery that are available through the pellets. Oral pills because of the first pass effect get broken down into other substances which then operate on your body. Pellets do not suffer from this inconvenience. They are. Not broken down into other substances and they do not suffer from the first pass effect, thereby avoiding the problems of the other types of testosterone delivery. As women age, their bodies begin to make more estrone which makes them look and feel old. They put on weight and their bodies get more fat. Pellets do not cause this problem they do not lead to increases in estrone they replace your estradiol, which we call young ladies’ estrogen. Remember, testosterone pellets alone will not accomplish all that you seek. You must still work on exercise and diet. Pellets position you to take advantage of the opportunity, but you must still do the work of exercising and controlling your weight through diet. Your first gain may be in the redistribution of your bodies weight and your shape. You will lose dimension from your waist but may not lose weight in the beginning. Your clothes will fit better, and you will look better, but you may still weigh the same. That will change over time and you will lose weight but in the beginning your body just reshapes and rejuvenates itself with stronger muscle and bone. Muscle is thicker and denser than fat. As your fat is replaced my muscle you may still be at the same or slightly greater weight. You need to rely on a healthy diet and an exercise program. Eat fresh, fruits and vegetables, and fewer carbs. One of the advantages of coming to our office is that we use something called the InBody machine. It will be able to tell you where your fat and water concentrations in your body are. You can track your progress by using the InBody, every time you come in. You will then have a track record of your progress over time. We can use the measure of the InBody along with the list of symptoms that you presented with the first time you came in and we can chart your progress. Pellets will generally last about four months for women once the initial dose is determined. Patients will have no compliance issues they don’t have to remember to take anything or do anything. They just live their lives while the pellets work to make them healthier. If you begin the pellet journey there is no set length of time during which you can take them. You can, if you choose, take the pellets for the rest of your life. Come in and talk with Dr. Maupin or Dr. Sullivan about whether or not getting testosterone pellets would be the right move for you.
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Testosterone Deficiency Can Cause Chronic Diseases
Read more at www.biobalancehealth.com One of the major conflicts in modern medicine is the argument on whether the historical approach of fighting and treating specific symptomatology is the best approach for medicine to take, or whether or not we should move to a preventive and holistic look at the nature of the diseases from which we suffer. Most doctors practicing today were taught in schools of thought that focused on treating symptoms. As a result, many of them are uninformed or ill-informed regarding the benefits of hormone replacement as people age. Some of them simply reject the science that is supporting the growing movement to replace our lost hormones as we age. There are many research studies that support the replacement of testosterone in men as they age. This research clearly identifies that men who suffer from low testosterone also often suffer from the following list of diseases that lead to early death. Low Testosterone levels increase a man’s risk of suffering from: ο Adult Onset Diabetes ο Obesity ο High cholesterol and high triglycerides ο Atherosclerotic heart disease ο Atrial fibrillation ο Prostate cancer ο Mortality from all causes In today’s healthcast, we are focusing our discussion on the double feedback loop that has been established between obesity and insulin resistance, which leads to ADOM (adult onset diabetes type II) and the existence of low rates of total and free testosterone in aging men. This matters in and of itself because diabetes can kill you. We are experiencing an epidemic of diabetes in America today. Almost half of the aging population is either pre-diabetic or diabetic. Research clearly establishes the link between low testosterone levels and ADOM. We know that we can reduce the risk of ADOM by replacing testosterone to young healthy levels, and when we combine that treatment with diet and exercise controls, we can reduce the occurrence of ADOM and we can help people live longer and healthier lives.
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More FAQ's from women about hormone replacement
See all the Healthcast at https://www.biobalancehealth.com Our discussion this week covers some of the specific questions people ask when they begin to consider whether or not they are candidates for hormone replacement therapy. Women regularly have these questions: 1. Can I take Testosterone Pellets before I have gone through menopause? There is a ten-year window during which you have become clinically symptomatic of a hormone loss to do something about it. During this period, you can safely restore your hormones, and this will help prevent the deterioration of aging and the diseases and illnesses of aging. If you wait longer than the ten years that leads to more serious problems. 2. Hormones you need to think about replacing to young healthy normal levels are Testosterone and Estrogen. If you have a uterus you may need to take progesterone when you get your estrogen replaced, to prevent bleeding. 3. How are the dosages determined for the pellets you are given? Training and experience are the best guides for determining dosage. The testosterone pellets last about four months for the average woman. And the average dose is 150 milligrams if you are using a 100-milligram pellet. It is important that the pellets come from a reliable and consistent compounding pharmacy. This leads to predictability and reliability. The basic dose lasts around four months for women and about six months for men. 4. If you drink more as you age will that lead to your making more estrogen? Dr. Maupin discusses this issue for both men and women. She says that drinking can lead to the development of man boobs! This has to do with the development and conversion of estrogen in the body. Women will experience similar sensitivity in their breasts because their bodies have not been used to getting the dose of estrogen they obtain from the pellets. Remember dose determination is both a science and an art. It requires training and experience. Dr. Maupin’s office staff have many years of specializing in pellet hormone replacement. They have worked with literally thousands of patients to normalize their hormone balances. These skills and the training they continue to obtain make them uniquely qualified to determine the appropriate dose. Their experience and their attention to what you have to say about your symptoms guide them for the determination of the pellet dosage you receive.
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Side Effects of Estrogen Replacement Part 2
Estrogen replacement may be an unfamilar process for many. Associated with the benefits of this process, there are also some potential risks that patients should be aware of. This week we want to address the more severe side effects and the recommended treatments for Estrogen replacement.
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Why Most Doctors Get Thyroid Treatment Wrong
See all the Healthcast at https://www.biobalancehealth.com Thyroid replacement is a difficult process primarily because doctors have been trained for decades to make a decision about thyroid replacement by looking at just one lab, TSH. TSH is the thyroid-stimulating hormone that stimulates the thyroid to make T3 and T4. TSH is from the pituitary and is not a measurement of the REAL thyroid hormone, but the hormone that stimulates the thyroid, not the thyroid hormone itself! Doctors were taught this method of thyroid replacement, that a high TSH means low thyroid and a low TSH means a high thyroid activity, but that is rarely a dependable way to measure true thyroid activity. Most doctors don’t question this method and keep making the same mistake, by following the advice of their older peers. Doctors who know that thyroid testing has become more accurate and repeatable in the last 40-50 years should question why we still use an undependable method of judging the health one of the most important hormones to human endocrine activity. Doctors should therefore discard the archaic method of diagnosing thyroid hormone dysfunction and order blood levels of the actual thyroid hormones T3 and T4 in addition to the TSH. Mystifyingly the practice of Endocrinology has clung to the wrong test to measure whether a patient needs thyroid hormone replacement for decades without even questioning the outdated practice! Let me compare the way we diagnose Thyroid deficiency with Testosterone deficiency. Earlier in this book we described how doctors diagnose testosterone deficiency by measuring the hormone in question, testosterone, and the active portion of that hormone (free testosterone). By testing these two tests of the actual hormone doctors make a decision about whether a man needs testosterone replacement, based on whether the actual hormone in question is high/low, or normal compared to young healthy adults. If we were to measure a man’s need for testosterone by only measuring the stimulating hormone, LH, we would be wrong more times than we are right.
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Testosterone Production in Women
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss how testosterone is produced in women and how that process differs before and after menopause. http://www.biobalancehealth.com/testosterone-production-women
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Troubleshooting Testosterone Replacement Issues
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the 10 most common issues that arise when patients undergo hormone replacement therapy through bio-identical hormone pellets. They also discuss how treatment is customized to meet the individual patient's needs and expectations. http://www.biobalancehealth.com/troubleshooting-testosterone-replacement-issues
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Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Disease
Read more at www.biobalancehealth.com There are major disagreements over the practice of medicine and the way it is done in America. One of those arguments focuses on whether or not physicians should work to treat symptoms or whether they should work to eliminate to potential for disease and illness by what is called preventative medicine. Which of these two approaches is the better one for the patient and for our society as we attempt to reduce and regulate both the cost of illness in America and the experience of illness in America. Historically doctors have been trained to identify and attack specific symptoms. If you can eliminate one of the symptoms of a disease then the next one will rear its ugly little head and you can attack it. As you progress through the various symptoms you may stand a chance of eradicating the disease or the illness . Many doctors enjoy this quest for symptom defeat. It is a challenge for them and they see and can measure their progress. Sometimes the identification of illnesses is done through lab work and lab scores. Generally speaking when you have a panel of lab tests done at your doctor's request you get back a score sheet that identifies all the number profiles they have asked for. The doctor is looking to see if you are in the “healthy normal” range (typical, and normed over thousands or hundreds of thousands of people) They look at these scores and define a treatment for you that is aimed at getting your scores into the normal range. As they say in France, “Voila!” you are all better, your number scores are normal. The sad fact is that often, even if you have normal scores, you may still have symptoms that cause you discomfort or distress and you may still be sick. So, sadly, doctors are still facing the necessity of knowing about your symptoms and treating those symptoms to help you obtain relief.
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Breast Cancer and Bioidentical Testosterone Pellet Therapy
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The American Sugar Conspiracy That Is Killing Us
All Americans have been affected by a governmental conspiracy that has left us Diabetic, sick and obese. It is not an accident that the US has the fattest sickest adults in the world—our government's paternalistic approach has put the economic interests of an economic segment of the US above the health of private citizens. How? This month a report and disclosure about the sugar industry’s leaders to join with our lawmakers in distorting data for the purpose of selling our crops to our own people, and lying about the true realities of the negative impact of sugar in the form of corn syrup to decrease our life expectancies to make the sugar and corn producers wealthy. This is what we now know from the unveiling of the facts this year, 2016, that industry funded research cannot be trusted as it pays researchers to report what they want the public to think. We have been taught by mothers, teachers, doctors and all authority to believe the recommendations of our government because they (the government) care for us. This is simply not the case. We have been manipulated over the past 50 years of social policy planning in regard to healthy eating and we are now paying for the disastrous outcome of our honest trust! The French word for sugar is “sucre” and the American word ought to be SUCKER!
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Testosterone and Parkinson's Disease
Recent research reports reveal that the total number of individuals suffering from Parkinson’s Disease is increasing every year. Furthermore studies are showing that those who have Parkinson’s symptoms respond well to replacing testosterone lost as they age. Evidence of remission in laboratory rats and in improvement in men who receive replacement testosterone is impressive and exciting. We do not know enough to know if loss of testosterone in aging causes Parkinson’s, but we do see a corollary between data showing loss of testosterone and increase in Parkinson’s. We also see improvement when men suffering from Parkinson’s are given replacement testosterone. We think it is always advisable to speak to your doctor about replacing your testosterone lost to the aging process. There are many, many reasons for considering this the possibility of avoiding or diminishing illnesses such as Parkinson’s is just one.
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Thyroid and Heart Disease
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the function of the thyroid and it's effect on the heart. They discuss heart disease and other thyroid-related complications, along with their symptoms, and treatment options. http://drkathymaupin.com/thyroid-and-heart-disease/
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Depression and Antidepressant Medications
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss depression: its symptoms and the best way to treat it as patients age. http://www.biobalancehealth.com/depression-and-antidepressant-medication
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