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My concerns about Lamictal
Hey guys!!! I hope this video was helpful in some way. Thank you so much for watching and listening to me rant. lol. Lets be here for each other and fight for ourselves as well :) I hope all of you the best!!!!
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my experience with depression, anxiety
Hi! My name is Sydney. I hope you enjoyed my first YouTube video. I didn't have the best camera, lighting and I think the volume is to low but I uploaded anyway lol I really wanted to break out of my shell and do this. I wanted to share about what I was going through. It was very hard to do this video and put it up so everyone can watch but I need to let my insecurities go and speak out. I hope you enjoyed this and hopefully inspired you in some way. Depression and anxiety is extremely hard to go through. I believe we can get through this. I will be uploading more videos about all sorts of topics. I hope you join me on my journey. :)
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Depression, anxiety video#2
I'm so sorry this video just cuts off in the end without me saying thank you and goodbye. my camera is acting up and I honestly don't know how to merge videos together on YouTube. It's giving me a hard time but I just figured I would just put this one up for you guys as is. I recorded this video yesterday but couldn't upload till today. My appointment today went well. My therapy is tomorrow so I hope that goes well lol. Anyway thank you all for watching!!!! :)
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I’m 35 weeks pregnant!!
Thank you all for watching. I’m due on New Years Day 2019! Not 18 lol my mistake but I’m extremely blessed and excited about my new chapter in life. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.
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