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Wild edible Salsify shoots stir fryed like asparagus, but tastier & healthier
It this video I present to you an often overlooked wild edible plant called a salsify. It is the most delicious Dandelion member plant. Its not bitter at all. It tastes like sweet and very tender asparagus. All parts of this plant are edible either raw or cooked. You simply eat the tender parts of the plants for best taste and full nutrition. You can find these growing in many open fields usually where you see many clovers and dandelion as they thrive in the same soil type. I decided to post this video as I am very interest in the field of survival and food foraging. I have never seen a video that talks about frying up the shoots of this particular plant so I figured why not add to the knowledge base of my fellow foragers, and wild edible enthusiasts. This is my first real video of any kind so I apologize if its too short. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I am here to help when I can, and learn with everyone. Take care, and happy foraging to you.
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Wild Lobster mushrooms
My wife, friends and I found a couple of Lobster mushrooms growing out of some leave mulch, and then we discovered a dozen more that were buried under more leaf mulch and wood chips. You have to dig, and feel around to uncover many of these tasty treasures that truly do taste like seafood. The mushrooms like to hide under branches, leaf foilage, moss, and wood chips so once you find one, don't give up your search as there are sure to be many more as we discovered.
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Wild hen of the woods aka. Maitake mushroom
Here are 3 young tender clumps of delicious, delectable hen of the woods mushrooms. From One of these clumps we had taken the top layer off a week earlier, and it regenerated itself complete. 5 days later, and we harvested these three clumps when they were about 6 to 8 inches deep/thick, and they were perfectly scrumptious. These mushrooms are known for having many medicinal properties such as lowering blood sugar leves, and aiding diabetics, lowering blood pressure levels, and anti-tumor properties to name a few. What could be better than an amazing gourmet mushroom that is also medicinal. Who said, "medicine has to taste like crap, to be effective" I beg differ after finding this gem after a few years of hunting.
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Wild Oyster Mushrooms motherlode
Here my wife and I found WIld Oyster mushrooms growing 30 ft up a dying sugar maple tree. We managed to bring them all down with a downed pole.
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Blewit Mushrooms
I found my very first Blewitt mushrooms last October in a huge heaping pile of leaves that were raked over to the edge of some oak woods.
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Pileated woodpecker
Amazing, majestic, Bird known as the Pileated Woodpecker. This is believed to be the largest known surviving wood pecker in north American. I only captured a few short seconds of this bird before it flew off. It looks much bigger than in this short film footage. We found this while we were foraging for various wild mushrooms.
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Lamb's quarters of the vegetable kind from garden to plate
While I was weed pulling in my garden, I decided to harvest some scrumptuous Lamb's quarters. You can find these in most gardens where there is open space. They are sweet and tender when young. They are packed with many concentrated vitamins such as A, B, C and K. They are loaded with the following minerals: folate, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and selenium. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. So for free you can extract these great health benefits. Now you will never look at weed pulling the same way again. So just don't pull the weeds but eat them too. I hope you learned something valuable here.
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Fairy Ring mushroom Identification help.
Here I found some mushrooms today on Oct 4 that I believe are Fairy Ring mushrooms, but am not sure. I found these in a grassy meadow in the middle of a grassy hill. They formed a semi-circle vice a complete ring. The caps are brownish beige, 2 to 5 cm in diameter with a well pronounced nipple in the middle of the cap, especially on the younger specimans, the gills seem to be fairly well spaced, and don't seem to be attached to the stem, the stem can be wrapped around my finger without breaking and seem to be fairly solid. Lastly, the spore print as you can see from this video is snowy white or white as white paper. Do you guys know if I have found the Fairy Ring mushroom.
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WIld Ground Beans fresh from the woods
Wild Hog Peanuts, Bush Beans, Ground Beans that we harvest out of a dense patch along the edge of a deciduous forest. These were very delicious
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Wild pea or wild bean Identification, and edibility?
Could anyone please help me identify if what I found here is a wild pea or wild bean, and if it is edible. Is it possible that this is a wild sweet Pea that goes under the latin name, Lathyrus latifolius. Thank you for any advice!
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Cordyceps identification
Does anyone know what type of fungus that I found here? They look like cordyceps. I found a bunch of these growing in bunches on the floor of a mixed pine and hemlock forest. Would love to know what I found here, and if these are one of the medicinally valuable varieties. Thank you!
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Lions Mane mushroom
Lions Mane Mushrooms found on downed mature Beech Tree
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