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"Hello" cover by DC street band, The Unknowns (?)
This band was performing outside the Columbia Heights Metro station and their lead singer was just killing it! I believe they said their band was called the unknowns but I couldn't quite get the rest of what they said. At any rate these young ladies and gentlemen are extremely talented and I hope they go places!
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Rally to Restore Sanity - "Tigeroar" from Clemson University, South Carolina
I saw this on the corner of 7th and Madison while at the Rally to Restore Sanity / Keep Fear Alive... I can't make out which university they are from (spoken at the end of the video clip) but I did get that they were from a university in South Carolina. Great job guys, nice song choice too!
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My Adult ADD-ADHD Experience (Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin)
I have benefited from hearing about other people’s experiences with ADDADHD and the medications and treatments surrounding that condition, so I thought I would go ahead and share my own experience with the condition and these treatments to hopefully help add to the conversation and benefit for others. I am an adult in my young 30s with significant vision loss as well as ADD and anxiety issues. I grew up attending a school for the blind and didn’t seek medical treatment for my ADD until college and it made an almost instant improvement. But I’ve had trouble with different medications bouncing back-and-forth and the effectiveness wearing off over the years.
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Testing iPhone 4S video recording on Metro Red Line
Just teasing out the 4S video recording, supposedly 1080p, though I think the frame rate is not so good as you can see by the nearest moving objects (though the ones in the distance are fine). Doesn't seem like 30fps - can anyone verify that?
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Metro Operator Hijacks Passengers - Doesn't Respond to Emergency Call or Stop.
This is ridiculous; an epic failure of communication, safety, and operational control. I boarded a red line train to Glenmont at Dupont Circle around 5:40pm. The operator couldn't get the doors to close, even after making several very nasty announcements about it over the speaker. He then says he's offloading the train, but just before I started recording, another person (who appeared to be a Metro employee, given that he was wearing a Metro uniform) blocked the nearest door and said to stay on the train, so we did. The driver does nothing to inspect the car and make sure everyone was out, assuming that was what we were supposed to do. No announcements were made prior to this video footage and no communication was made to properly assess the situation. We had no clue what was going on. The operator pulled through 4 stations and eventually we finally got him to stop at Judiciary Square. He initially did not respond to our attempts to use the intercom to alert him to our presence. Finally, we did get off; of course no apologies, no clarification from the manager as to why this happened or what should have happened, nothing. Note: Comments have been disabled since I'm tired of stupid people who don't read the description or watch the full video making dumb ass comments showing they didn't get the point.
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Metro Debuts NEW 7000-Series Rail Cars
I woke up bright and early today (April 14th 2015) to catch the maiden voyage of the first 7000-series train, departing from Franconia-Springfield Metro Station at 7;12am. This is but one of hundreds of new trains which will replace Metro's aging fleet. This train will serve on the Blue Line while the next 7000-series will serve the Red. Eventually, all lines will benefit from the new generation of rail car!
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NCIS filming at White House
I don't actually watch NCIS myself however I was surprised to stumble across their crew filming a scene outside the White House today.
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Multi-Cultural Dance/Arts Group - Open Rehearsal before India Tour 12.16.09
Don't really know much of anything about this group other than what I've seen at this open rehearsal and one of their performances. They're going on a big trip to India for a 2-week tour, lucky them! The first song is pretty good but I didn't care as much for the second one... It takes a lot of skill to do what these men and women do, but I just don't quite get into the art of it as much...
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GMCW @ Nigh OUT at the Nationals, 2015
The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington performs the Star Spangled Banner at a National game for Night OUT at the Nats, 2015.
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LCARS on my iPad!
Okay one more video of my trekked out iPad! Woooo!
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DC's Different Drummers at Pride 2016
DC's Different Drummers performing their marching routines along 17th Street for the Capitol Pride parade. Bravo!
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Roger has "pretty bad gas"
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Winning big at the penny slots
I won $30 yay!
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Jessica Spaulding is THE OPERA DIVA from The Fifth Element
This is by far THE BEST drag number I've ever seen at Town Danceboutique in Washington DC! Jessica Spaulding (Spalding?) does a rendition of the Diva Opera scene from the movie "Fifth Element" which was marvelous and a complete wet dream for all of us queer geeks out there!
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Stout Laptop Program, TCS-103, Fall 2005
Created for an intro to Comm Tech class, was a spoof of the laptop commercials that our university has run before.
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Choir Ringtones LG G2
Apparently the LG G2 comes riddled with snippets from the Vienna Boys' Choir. Just playing some of them here.
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iPad 2 line at Pentagon City Apple Store
Just to show you how long the lines are for the iPad 2. I got in line at 1pm, had my iPad 2 and was out of the store by 6pm (including time spent syncing my iPad with my laptop in the store). This was shot shortly after 6 with this line still going strong and still lots of iPad tickets remaining (though I doubt they have any by the end of the night). Amazing that they were so well stocked!
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Racist Hate Speech Against Non-Black Peoples
Just when I thought I'd seen it all... these guys actually do a lot of these same demonstrations in DC almost every weekend. It's always the same 3 guys so I have to wonder if they are the only ones or if there is actually a church that houses these nut jobs... They sit there and advocate that the black community rise up and commit acts of violence against hispanics and most especially whites. I find it unfortunate that this type of hate speech and violent aggression is tolerated when it comes from blacks, but if some neo-nazi skinhead whites were sitting there doing this kind of stuff, the police would have cleared them out.... you're supposed to have permits for this kind of stuff, so I have a hard time understanding why the city allows this... Racist hatred is racist hatred no matter what the race of the person who's spewing it is... I think this is wrong and I wish someone would hold these people accountable to the same standards of hate speech that we hold white people accountable too...
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Fall Colors of Rock Creek Park - Washington DC
I took several hikes through Rock Creek Park and the Great Falls National Park trails on one of our last good weathered fall weekends (11/12-11/14) and thought I'd slap this together to show you some of the video clips and photos. Enjoy!
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WW2 Memorial, VE Day 70th Annv Flyover, part 2
A special flyover in Washington DC, commemorating the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe day.
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La Crosse Central High School - Robed Choir - Christmas 2002
A taped Christmas concert of local choirs on WXOW. This is La Crosse Central High School's Robed Choir. I believe this was December 2002. I am in the video, can't miss me, blonde hair (not real) and big glasses, and I fidget a lot... This was a particularly good lineup, in my opinion...
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Street Band in Columbia Heights
A neat street band at the corner of Irving & 14th St NW, at the Columbia Heights Metro station, by Target.
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Scottish Pipes at Houses of Parliament in London
Saw this gent playing his pipes on the bridge leading to Parliament and thought I'd capture a clip of it.
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DC's Different Drummers @ Baltimore Pride
Just some clips of DCDD warming up and then marching in Baltimore's pride parade. Sorry if it's a little shaky, I can't hold a damn camera steady to save my life!
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DC's Different Drummers at Pride Festival 2015
DCDD marching down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol and main stage at pride 2015.
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Rita Repulsa - I've got such a headache!
A common catch phrase from our favorite Poser Rangers villain of old...
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False Alarm at Columbia Heights Target
Someone at the snack bar burned something and set off the fire alarms.
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GMCW Tribute to Pulse Orlando Victims at Nat's Pride Night
The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC performed a very moving rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" in honor of the Orlando Pulse attack victims at the Washington Nationals pride night game. This was a very moving performance with a very large Pride flag brought out onto the field. I do apologize for the crappy video recording quality, the sun was in my face the whole time so I couldn't really see what I was pointing the camera app.
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Number one reason you should not live in The Woodner apartm
DC's Woodner apartments - managed poorly and in need of serious repair--they have kept me living in a substandard condition while they continue to delay urgent repairs to my apartment that resulted from their own negligence and lack of preventative upkeep :-/
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4th of July Fireworks on the National Mall 2010
A short clip from the end of the fireworks display on the National Mall, just at the bottom of the Washington Monument in the District of Columbia (Washington DC). A much more impressive display when you're as close to it as I was this year... last year I was closer to the Capital building and so the display wasn't nearly as impressive at such a distance.... glad to have seen it up close, and think my iPhone 4 HD video recording did a good job of capturing it for you!
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LED wall plays 007
It's like I'm watching the opening credits for a James Bond film.
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UW Stout Responds to Westboro Protest & Bigotry
4/10/08, WBC decides to Picket at Stout because we lost 3 students in a house fire last weekend--they feel the need to invade our lives and profit from our suffering...
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Jeff Couch Cuddle - American Dad
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Thunder Storm at Six Flags - boo!
Well today was Pride in the Park at Six Flags Great America... but about half way through the day this storm popped up and ruined the fun! Blah! I didn't realize it at the time but the check at the end who shouted "I'm gay!" was probably referencing my t-shirt which read "We Recruit [gay.com]" ...
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Matt the grumpy baby eats too much - 1987 Family Movie
This is a video of me as a toddler while everyone watches in amazement at how much I try to stick in my mouth and end up having to spit back out :-p I still eat like this, sort of... and I'm often just as grumpy lol
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UW Stout protest response, Westboro picketers run off!
4/10/08 The WBC hate mongers came to town and didn't last long against this crowd of pissed off Stout students.
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Fire alarm at the Veridian
Oh but the lady's voice is so nice and agreeable - ugh. Less annoying than some systems I've heard but still pretty annoying when it's happening all night and morning. This thing busted a sensor and went off 6 times between 12am and 6am--needless to say very few people in this building got any sleep!
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Virtual blackjack tables?!
The cyber dealer kept glitching and looking at people who were not there... Give me a human dealer any day!
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Annoyingly ghetto fire alarm at the Woodner
My building, the Woodner, has one of the loudest and most irritating fire alarm systems I've ever heard. Probably original from the 50s. So when it web off at 4:30am you can imagine how obnoxious the wake up was!
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Crashing the NOM party at Supreme Court 2015
The "National Organization for Marriage" bused in about 500 church-goers from all around the region to look good for their 30+ speakers. Lots of fire and brimstone and not a lot of substance. Most of the people in that crowd didn't even seem to know why they were there. Many of them were far more interested in us and our signs than the hate-spewing preachers who brought them all there. What a shameful display by NOM. Thank you to the DC Sisters for organizing this impromptu event!
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High Heel Race 2013 - Washington DC
I wasn't able to see much but here it is :-p
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Don't forget to get your tickets now! We have three performances at the Lincoln theater on March 13th and 14th! You can get your tickets at www.GMCW.org
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DC City Snow Plow Needs Assistance from the Locals during the 2009 " Blizzard "
I'm from Wisconsin so this "blizzard" of 2009 is nothing to me, but the localities out here just don't have the knowledge, experience, or equipment to deal with this--so naturally it shut down the city (and the Federal Government) for days even after the snow fell. This is in the Shaw neighborhood (NW) at 6th & Q where a DC Gov't snow plow truck got stuck and needed to be dug out. He decided he'd skip that street and go on to the next one. Hahah!
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A Middle Atlantic 15-min Storm.mov
Decided to step out of the train at Brookland to get some shots of the lightning, in a few minutes (and one stop later) it was a full fledged torrential downpour, so I stepped out again at Fort Totten to take more clips. And in about 20 minutes it had come and gone completely.
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iPhone 4S camera - sample videos 1080p HD
Testing the iPhone 4S video shooter in a very poor lighting to see how it holds up. iPhone 4S records in 1080p HD. This sample shows that even in low lighting it is quite capable - however - I do think the frame rate looks a little poor and choppy in this particular clip so I will have to do some outdoor shooting in good light to see if that's just an effect of the poor lighting...
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The flaming onions
Cool trick!
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On your vid-e-ohhhh phone!
Why I still love DC night life, always a few freaky surprises here and there! :-) (This is Jessica Spaulding Devereaux dancing at Town dance boutique.)
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Ghetto Metro Bus - Amazing Flapping Window
Okay this is totally pointless I know but I'm kinda hoping someone at Metro sees this and realizes how crappy some of the busses are. This window pane is supposed to be held in place by that red lever you see on the left side (furthest from camera) - but like many busses, the red lever is broken and no longer holds the window in place so it flaps open and closed as the bus drives. You can see one person try to close it (not knowing what to do) and I watched another person who did know the red lever was the problem who was unable to get the window closed. The driver seemed to know about the problem but didn't know what she should do about it... It seems kind of stupid to have only one small lever to keep that whole window unit closed, maybe they should have two or make them less likely to brake?!
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Aracde Games at Brighton Peer
Travis playing some silly arcade game at Brighton Peer in Brighton, southern coast of England.
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Trip to the National Zoo - Washington DC - Thanksgiving Day
A few brief clips and pictures from a recent visit to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington DC. Video and images are my own property but of course the song belongs to Disney and is from the movie Lion King--all respective copyrights for the music belong to Disney (legal blah blah)...
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