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I Am Not Afraid Of Myselves
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You are here for a purpose
Don't let no one get you down. It is important to take care of yourself. Everything is temporary
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A series of not so very fortunate events (The Genesis)
In these occasional moments of detachment in which we become aware of ourselves as individuals whom other people perceive as other, it has always bothered me to imagine the sort of moral and physical figure I must cut in front of those who see and talk to me whether daily or from time to time. We are all accustomed to think of ourselves as essentially mental realities; and of others as merely physical realities; because of the way others respond to us, we do vaguely think of ourselves as physical beings; we vaguely think of others as mental beings, but only when we find ourselves in love or conflict with another do we really take in fact that others have a soul just as we do. That's why I sometimes lose myself in the futile imaginings about the kind of person I am for those who see me, what my voice sounds like, what kind of impression I leave on the involuntary memory of others, how my gestures, my words, my outward life engrave themselves on the retina of other people's interpretations. I've never managed to see myself from outside. There is no mirror that can show us to ourselves as exteriors, because no mirror can take us outside ourselves. We would need another soul, another way of looking and thinking. If I were an actor captured on film or could record my speaking voice on disc I'm sure that I would still be a long way from knowing how I seem from outside because, whether I like it or not, record of what I will of myself, I remain stuck here inside the high-walled garden of my consciousness of me.
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that's how the doctors got in
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Me dancing at a party
Me dancing at a party. Everyone was so kind to me, they all invited me to dance! Lost a few of my belongings but that's ok because I had so much fun! And the best part is that i can go whenever i want to. Night and fog outside, but inside, everything was bright and colorful. Couldn't stop dancing throughout the whole party. Honored to be here. You should come too sometimes...
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Evening Rain
Soon it will be gone. After the rain comes the rainbow. Don't be afraid, you're not the only one watching this. No, today is not going to rain. Everything will be ok as long as you stay inside. Soon it will be all gone. Soon it will be gone.
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they are over there and I am right here
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Appliances Have Gone Berserk
I cannot keep up
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