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6 Drugs You Can Do.....WHILE ON PROBATION!
6 Drugs You Can Do....WHILE ON PROBATION! I go over some drugs you can safely get away with doing while you're being drug tested.
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How to Cut Cups on a Golf Course
How to cut the cups (holes in the greens) on a golf course. Enjoy!
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Verticutting greens on a Golf Course
Verticutting greens on a golf course: How to and why we do.
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Golf Course Hijinks
Shenanigans. Skip to 03:43 for some dangerous fun.
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How to cut greens on a golf course
I go through some of the basics of cutting greens on a golf course.
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Cough Pen - All in One Vaporizer - Review
Today we review the cough pen, all in one vaporizer. We shall see how it works with some honeycomb concentrate. We're talking weed here, folks.... well, weed derivatives.
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6-APB Horror Story: Psychosis!!
6-APB rolling turns into delusions... turns into.... schizophrenia? How 6-apb made someone go completely insane!
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Spreading Sand on a Golf Course (Topdressing)
Spreading sand on a golf course. This is done after aerating or verticutting. It is also known as "topdressing". The goal is to build better soil structure and a better environment for macro and microorganisms.
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Low Temp Dabs... MADE EASY!!
Let's go over some tips that make low temp dabbing super simple and foolproof.
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Look at this! Look at that!
Would ya just look at it? Shoutout to Ed Bassmaster! Look at this! Look at that! Various golf course creatures.
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How to make weed firecrackers: Simple Edibles
I show you how to make some very simple, yet effective edibles called "firecrackers". These came out very good. The most surprising part was how delicious the weed itself was. I got the recipe from here: https://forum.grasscity.com/threads/my-ultimate-marijuana-firecracker-recipe-with-pics.445852/
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Cutting fairways on a golf course.
Cutting fairways on a golf course requires cunning, skill, genius, and an open mind.
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Striping Rough on a Golf Course/ Last Stripes of the season
Some of the stripes I cut in the rough during the last days of the season.
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How Hipsters/Corporations are Ruining Weed
We examine Tahoe Cannabis magazine, obviously written by corporate hipster morons. Let's see how hilarious it is when corporate assclowns who are clueless about stoner "culture" attempt to write about it.
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Anomaly - Awakening
I am the anomaly. I wrote and published this song on my other YouTube account a long time ago. I wrote this when I was 18. I'm now 33.
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Cannabis Concentrate Review: XXX OG Honeycomb by Cannavative
I review the XXX OG honeycomb by the Cannavative company. Let's go, bitches!
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Nutri-Ninja Prank Call Time Waster
I was curious about the aforementioned product, so I decided to give them a call.
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News of the Weird - October 5, 2017
We delve into the strange news a little bit... for the week of October 5, 2017.
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Power of Positive Thinking.... Reincarnation and more
Power of positive thinking, reincarnation, vibrations, and more are discussed.
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Beats Studio Wireless Unboxing and Review
Unboxing and reviewing the Beats Studio Wireless headphones.
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Alex Jones Terror Alert Code 7!!!
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McDonalds Prank Calls
My burger was nothing but bones... big bones... like, rhino bones.
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Steam Controller Keyboard not focusing properly
Here you go. Steam controller not focusing properly.
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How to meditate... and why you should
Meditation is not some new age nonsense, nor is it hippie b.s. Stay tuned to learn some quick and easy ways to meditate.
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Charlie bit me, the musical
This song is about the struggle taking place in the middle east.
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Meet Lilly: The new Chihuahua puppy!!
Meet Lilly: The new Chihuahua Puppy!!
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How to get tech support from people in India for Free: Karma
Having problems with my router and I decided to use the LiveChat feature to talk with Sanjay about it.
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