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Duchess of Cambridge meets street cat named Bob
The Duchess of Cambridge met a A Street Cat Named Bob at the premiere of his film - and had a slightly awkward chat with his owner.
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Emotional 999 call turns 5-year-old schoolgirl into a hero
Sienna Adderley called police and directed them to her home after her Mum, Katie, fell unconscious. Police described the little girl as a 'super star' and thanks to her quick thinking, her mum is now fully recovered.
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Kinks frontman Ray Davies knighted by Prince Charles
Ray Davies, writer and lead singer of the Kinks, picked up a knighthood for services to the arts. The man behind the likes of Sunny Afternoon and Waterloo Sunset received his honour from Prince Charles and let on that his writing days are not yet over.
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Caught on camera: Blind guide dog user confronted by angry commuter
A former doctor who lost his sight five years ago, has fitted a camera to his guide dog, to capture the difficulties and discrimination he faces on a daily basis. Amit Patel relies on Kika to get around London - but while his canine friend does everything she can to help him, it turns out help from humans isn't anywhere near as forthcoming.
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Comedian Billy Connolly becomes a Sir
It's a big day for the Big Yin, one of our most popular and enduring entertainers. Today, Billy Connolly became known as a Sir. The comedian and actor picked up his knighthood at Buckingham Palace.
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How is Arthur the stray dog?
We catch up on the story of the dog who joined a team of athletes on their 430-mile adventure.
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Thai cave rescue: British diver lost rope guide for four minutes during mission - 5 News
One of the British divers involved in the extraordinary rescue of 12 boys from a cave in Thailand has been telling 5 News how it nearly went badly wrong. Chris Jewell was part of the group who swam deep into dark and treacherous tunnels to bring out the boys and their football coach last week. But he says at one point, while guiding one of the boys, he lost his grip for nearly 4 minutes - and feared they would never get out. Click here to subscribe to Channel 5 News www.youtube.com/c/5NewsUK
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Brian Blessed "cockahoop" at getting OBE
Actor Brian Blessed gives his opinion on Donald Trump, those who snub The Queen, and pretty much anything reporter Ruth Liptrot asks him.
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The Crown stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith test their royal knowledge
5 News asks the stars of 'The Crown' - Claire Foy and Matt Smith - about the second series of the lavish, multi-million pound drama. It promises to be full of royal history and scandal.
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Tim Vine reveals his favourite jokes
He reels off his favourite jokes about buses, dogs and sunbeds.
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Charles pokes fun at worst TV interview of all time
In 1977, presenter Molly Meldrum stumbled and swore his way through an introduction to Prince Charles on an Australian music show.
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Sir Van Morrison receives knighthood
You'll be more than familiar with his song, no doubt you've even belted one out on occasion. Well today Van Morrison was honoured for his services to music. And after picking up his knighthood at Buckingham Palace, Sir Van Morrison gave a very rare interview to Minnie Stephenson.
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Caroline Aherne opens up about battle with cancer
The creator of the 'Royle Family' says keeping a good sense of humour is helping her.
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Commander Chris Hadfield: David Bowie really liked how I portrayed Space Oddity
The superstar space man reveals what David Bowie said to him after he performed Space Oddity in a space station.
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William and Harry behind the scenes of Star Wars.
Princes William and Harry had a duel today - albeit one with light sabers. Visiting the set of the current Star Wars sequel in Pinewood, the Princes also hugged a Wookie and spoke droid.
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"It's like the band never broke up" - Luke Skywalker aka Mark Hamill talks to our Minnie
Mark Hamill tell Minnie Stephenson what it was like rekindling the magic with Harrison Ford.
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Meghan Markle backs Grenfell community cookbook - 5 News
Meghan Markle has been making secret visits to a Grenfell community kitchen since January – today, she’s supporting a cookbook to help raise money to keep it open all week, not just two days. In a video filmed by Kensington Palace, the Duchess of Sussex is shown cooking meals alongside members of the community.  Click here to subscribe to Channel 5 News www.youtube.com/c/5NewsUK
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Big Narstie: Lack of Brits recognition is bananas
There's been criticism of the Brit Awards shortlist, with singer Laura Mvula saying she won't attend the awards because of what she calls the diversity issue. Matt Barbet speaks to DJ and producer Tre Lowe and grime artist Big Narstie.
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Vera Lynn relases new album aged 97
Vera Lynn relases new album aged 97
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Barack Obama sheds tears as he says goodbye to White House
A tearful Barack Obama paid tribute to his "best friend" Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha in his farewell speech. "Of all that I’ve done in my life, I’m most proud to be your dad," he said.
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David Starkey: How history will judge Queen Elizabeth II
In a special report for 5 News, historian David Starkey gives us his thoughts on how history will judge Queen Elizabeth the second.
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One Love Manchester: Why children went back
It is two weeks since the bombing of the concert in Manchester that killed 22 people. Last night it's star Ariana Grande returned to the city to hold an even bigger event in their honour. While today, on the Scottish island of Barra, came the funeral of one of the youngest victims.
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Emma Thompson reveals the secret to a happy marriage
She tells Minnie Stephenson about playing a divorcee in her new film.
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Blind driver attempts new world land speed record
We spent a tense day with Mike Newman as he attempted to set a new landmark.
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Celebrities lend support to girl with agonising skin condition
Most parents want to wrap their children up in cotton wool - but for Sahana Collins it's a reality
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This is the Place - poet Tony Walsh reads out his tribute to Manchester
Tony Walsh reads out his poem 'The Place' at the vigil on Albert Square for the victims of the Manchester attack.
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Alastair Campbell reacts to death of Charles Kennedy
Politicians from all sides have united to remember former Liberal Democrat Leader Charles Kennedy, who's died suddenly at his home in Fort William.
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Sir Cliff Richard sings Faithful One at Cilla Black's funeral
Sir Cliff Richard​ has paid his own personal tribute to Cilla Black​ to lead the respects at her funeral in Liverpool​ today. Before performing his song Faithful One, Sir Cliff spoke of his close relationship with Cilla and the impact she had on all who were close to her.
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Benefits cheat jailed after travelling the world while claiming she was too ill to leave her house
Tracy Johnson told officials she was a prisoner in her own home.
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Should fathers attend the birth of their child?
We spoke to the comedian and dad of four Dominic Holland and the parenting expert and mum of three Liz Fraser.
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Four brothers from Yorkshire create history in Australian rugby league
The Burgess boys have re-written the record books by all appearing for the same team.
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David Cameron: I was the future once
David Cameron's last words as Prime Minister in the House of Commons.
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry watch Hamilton - 5 News
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend a gala performance of Hamilton. Click here to subscribe to Channel 5 News www.youtube.com/c/5NewsUK
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Grenfell Tower: The man who escaped from the 14th floor
The extraordinary tale of Oluwaseun Talabi - the man who escaped from the 14th floor with his 4-year-old daughter on his back.
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Can Hornby survive the future?
Despite competition from modern technology it seems Hornby products are as popular as ever. But in the past couple of days Hornby's shares have plummeted. So what's the problem? We went to find out.
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Daniel Radcliffe on his Harry Potter return
Daniel Radcliffe has hit the red carpet, promoting his latest films, Imperium and Swiss Army Man. The Harry Potter star was also quizzed on the return of the boy wizard.
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Meet the man who hunted terrorists
‘Tom Marcus’ is a former MI5 agent who has stalked murderers, tackled extremist groups and escaped being kidnapped, but now he’s left the service can’t find a job as his CV is full of unexplainable gaps.
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Rare photos from Charles' and Diana's wedding
The pictures of Princess Diana in her wedding dress are some of the most iconic images of the Royal family. But 34 years on, we're being given a glimpse at the more private moments of Diana and Charles's wedding day. Never-before-seen pictures have been released, and Minnie Stephenson's been taking a look
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New CCTV shows moment Kim Jong Nam assassinated
Dramatic CCTV footage has been released which appears to show the moment Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader, was poisoned by a passerby.
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John McCririck ‘devastated’ by Channel 4 ‘ruthless’ sacking
The racing pundit John McCririck has described the decision to sack him from Channel 4 as "ruthless", saying it left him devastated.
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One school bears brunt of Oklahoma tornado
Plaza Towers Elementary School was directly hit by the hurricane, as Catherine Jones reports.
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Britain's biggest gun-smuggling operation
Two men have been convicted of being part of the biggest gun-smuggling operation ever known in Britain. They were part of a group that were caught with a stash of 31 assault rifles and sub-machine guns, that they'd sailed from France to the River Medway in Kent. The weapons had been bought from the same place as those used in the Paris attacks. Warren Nettleford reports.
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Tom Walker: We lost the art of satire
Matt Barbet talks to comedian Tom Walker about his spoof news reporter Jonathan Pie.
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Grenfell Tower: Hero firefighters cry during minute's silence
The remembrance at Grenfell Tower today was emotional, both for those who knew people who died - but also for the fire crews, who battled so hard to save them. Today, some of the firefighters at the minute's silence appeared close to tears. They hugged one another - and were embraced by those grateful for their hard work and bravery.
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Model Victoire Dauxerre lifts lid on modelling industry
She was once named one of the top 20 models in the world but now Victoire Dauxerre is lifting the lid on the murkier side of fashion. She's spilling the beans in her new book which describes how the pressure to be thin led her to starve herself, develop anorexia - and that led to suicide attempts.
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David Jason: Trigger was a 'very fine actor' who'll be remembered with fondness
From his portrayal of the dimwitted but loveable Trigger, to a hugely successful stage career, Roger Lloyd-Pack was one of the country's best-loved actors.
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NHS special: Presenter Emma Crosby spends 24 hours with paramedic
We look at staff on the front line helping people get the treatment they deserve.
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Gymnast hoping to make next year's Olympics golden for Team GB
In less than a year's time, the Olympic flame will arrive in Rio and the 2016 games will begin. Across Britain athletic hopefuls are in full training, hoping for their place on Team GB. Among them is gynmnast Claudia Fragapane, a Commonwealth gold medallist. As part of a special series, Simon Vigar went to hear about her preparations for the Road to Rio.
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Prince Harry: My mother would be “incredibly proud” of our mental health campaign
Princess Diana would say “wow” about the young royals’ campaign to end stigma around mental health, Prince Harry has told 5 News.
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Pensioner takes amazing space photos after building high-tech observatory in garden
Pensioner built hi-tech space observatory in his garden so that he could look at the stars.
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