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It's you Bones
I'm very happy about this vid cuz it's my first one with clips so i hope u enjoy! plz comment!! clips: beyond-bickering.net I own nothing song: Michelle branch "it's you"
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This is Karin and Kenta!
This is my very first anime video & I'm proud of it. The song is "This is Me" sung by Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas. the Characters are Karin and Kenta and they're awesomely cute! I hope u Enjoy my little work!
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Rinne and Sakura -- My Girl
Hello! It's been forever since i last uploaded a video, mostly because my laptop stopped working so i had to save up then life decided to make me super busy. But lately i've been having a creative itch and so I decided to try to do videos again. Since it has been so long it took me a while to try different editing programs since i used to use Windows Movie maker, I miss it so much :( So this is not my best work but it's a start. Anyways the Anime is Kyoukai no Rinne. I recently started to watch it and LOVE IT! brings back memories of Inuyasha lol I own nothing in this video! all credit goes to Rumiko Takahashi, Viz Media, Sentai Filmworks, tv tokyo. This video was made for fun and entertainment. Credit for song: My Girl - The Main Level (nightcore version) Opening song: Tangled Up In Me -- Skye Sweetnam
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it's you bones
Plz comment i had to edit out some clips that were better but youtube wouldn't let me put them in so enjoy
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Brennan + Bones (Take me Away)
It starts out with booth upset about brennan and sully together so he needs to be leave before he punches sully. Brennan got tired of waiting for booth to be with her so she got with sully. I've always wanted to do a bones vid so here it is. Hope u like. Plz comment and rate!!!! Then booth wants Brennan to be with him so he wants her to take him away and in a way she wants him to take him away too. Disclaimer: i own nothing these i found these pics on google
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Snugglys 2
Me and my friend loved these things. They are soo soft!
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Snugglys 3
filmed in Japan!....no really in Japan!
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Snugglys 4
This is the last one and so ends the fun in Japan.
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Me and my friend made this while in Japan. We were in a mall and we thought hey why not.
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Crazy birthday
Singing b-day song in english
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