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Last game at Joe Louis Arena
The final game and final minute in the 3rd as heard over the PA by the voice of non other than budd lynch. l
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Red wings shootout
New red wing gets first NHL goal and is the game winner at joe louis arena
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Last game at THE JOE
Karen Newman singing the National anthem for the last time at Joe Louis Arena P.S. All rights go to the respected places and people. Just wanted to document my last game at Joe Louis Arena. I’ve gone to every game since I was 11.
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Little Caesars Arena 4th row
At LCA in Detroit.
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4th row at Little Caesar’s Arena
Scored some great seats with my District of Detroit app. 4th row with the wings bench to My right. What a game.
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Land Ho
Fun with musically
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Daisy loves to bite
Cat loves to bite.
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Boomerang app fun
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Sitting in the penalty box at the joe watching the pre skate
I got the chance to sit in the penalty box at Joe Louis Arena to watch the pre skate thanks to my season ticket agent.
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First goal at LCA
First goal at LCA little Caesars Arena
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