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A ride to walmart 12/22/2010
a snowy ride to walmart(me taking the vid in the passenger seat.)
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Trying out Aikido Bo techniques.
Just a video of me trying out Aikido Bo suburi 1 through like 11 with a part of a broom.
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Me Singing Seek Ye 1st(in english and spanish)
me singing seek ye 1st, acapella. Enjoy.
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Killing Loneliness(rockband 3)
Me singing Killing Loneliness on rockband 3
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Private Emotion on Keyboard
a song by Ricky Martin. I kind of messed up big time at the end of the song, but I was getting so frustrated of the many attempts at doing it and messing it up around there. I figure its better then nothing. So here it is. Enjoy.
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Its Your Love(SInging And Playing With Guitar)
A Song By Tim McGraw.
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I Miss You A Litte Sung and Strummed on Guitar
a song by John Michael Montgomery. This song means a lot to me. I heard it on pandora one day after my mother passed away, and a lot of the words seem to fit. "I miss you a little. since you've been gone. a few little moments, keep hanging on....." its just a touching song. And I hope you enjoy.
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Singing And Strumming Song 500 Miles.
A much better video of me strumming and singing 500 miles. I am getting better at changing chords without stopping. Sounds horrible when your playing chords and have to stop to find the next one. You may have to turn your volume up pretty loud. Enjoy. I am deleting all my other ones with me and the guitar because I can't stand to have people even viewing those ones because they are so horrible. I'll keep this one though. Enjoy.
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Playing Green Green Grass of Home on Keyboard.
just what i said before. Playing Green Green Grass of Home on Keyboard
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Daddy's Hands (Song from Holly Dunn)
a song I learned by ear called daddies hands. I messed up a little and could have probably played it better, But it was only my second recorded attempt and it didn't come out too bad. So I figured i'd share.
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Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel on Guitar
me strumming and singing Sound of Silence on guitar. A song by Simon and Garfunkel.
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Hallelujah(Me singing the Shrek song and playing on keyboard)
3rd attempt at this song. Better than the last 2. hope you enjoy.
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playing Arms of The Angel (Sarah McLachlins song) on keyboard
not much to say. title speaks for itself. Besides the dog behind me making it a little more difficult.
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The Dance on Keyboard
a song from garth brooks
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my other digital hitz song
another cheap song I made on my playstation.
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The Best Is Yet to Come:Metal Gear on Keyboard(remake)
I hope this inspires people to post more videos of this song on piano on here. I know I didn't quite get this perfect. But i re-did it and made it better than i had before.
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Hallelujah(the one from shrek) on keyboard and singing
me playing that song from shrek and singing. A better version than the last i posted on here, but still not perfect. I did mess up pretty bad around the end.(out of the many times i tried recording this, this one came out the best.) All comments are welcome.
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A Cold Surprise
My sister decided to take this video of me while I was standing right in the middle of this cold water. She only mentioned taking a picture, so i stood there and waited for her to take the picture. Only after all this did i realize that she took a video instead of a picture.
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21 Guns Sung and Strummed on Guitar
This is a song by Green Day.
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Trying out Bo Spinning with broom piece
Aikido Bo Spinning.
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Singing and Playing Make You Feel My Love
by Adele and Garth Brooks.probably doesn't sound like their version, but I guess sometimes its good to improvise.
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A song I made
Funny story. I was whistling this while working and thought, "hey, what a nice tune" I whistled it in my phone so I wouldn't forget it. Just this evening I started playing it on my keyboard. I even put words to it a couple weeks ago. Been making it into a hymn. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.
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Frosty has fallen.
Frosty has fallen and he can't get up.
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God Bless The USA on Keyboard
Me playing God Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood on Keyboard. Enjoy.
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The Julie Song
a song I created for Julie.
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Rainbow In The Dark by Dio On Keyboard
me playing Rainbow In The Dark on Keyboard
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Singing and Playing Where Have All The Flowers Gone.
singing and playing on my keyboard the all so familiar folk song Where Have All The Flowers gone which all started by Pete Seeger. You can check out the interesting article of this on wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_Have_All_the_Flowers_Gone%3F
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Hey There Delilah on Keyboard
me playing Hey There Delilah on my keyboard, a song from Plain White T's. Enjoy!
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Colors of The Wind(song from pocahauntus)
I changed it up a little though. Theres one part in there i had trouble getting so I had to improvise. It was a little quick learning it too, so it may not have come out that good.
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Independence Day Fireworks 2018
having a great time watching fireworks.
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1st Snowman of october 30 2011
1st snow, snowman of october 30 2011
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I've Cried My Last Tear For You on Keyboard
Me playing I've cried my last tear for you by Ricky Van Shelton
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Still Alive(playing on rockband 3)
playing the song Still Alive on rockband.
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girls not grey rockband
cheap vid of me singing girls not grey.
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Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!
Playing Auld Lane Syne on my keyboard to bring in the new year.
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Part of To Zanarkland on Keyboard.(A song from Final Fantasy X)
one of my favorite songs that I figured I'd share
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Baby and Champ playing
baby and champ running around, playing.
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Picture 056.mpg
mi brothers dog and mi mothers dog playing. Please enjoy.
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Singing and Playing Whiskey Lullaby with Guitar.
Whiskey Lullaby on guitar and singing. a song sung by Brad Paisly and Allison Kraus and composed by Bill Anderson and Jon Randal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiskey_Lullaby
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Picture 333
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Mammas Don't Let Your Babies To Grow Up To Be Cowboys sung with guitar
playing this song on guitar.
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Picture 322
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King George(playing on rockband 3)
Playing King George on hard, on rockband.
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Singing and Playing Hallelujah on Guitar
me singing and playing the song Hallelujah. that all familiar song we remember from shrek. Hope you all enjoy.
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Playing 21 Guns By Green Day on Keyboard
not many errors this time.(i deleted the other 2 i had on here of this song.)
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Canon on Keyboard
Though I still made a pretty big mess-up near the end. Oh well. Its the best I can seem to get right now.
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dead on arrival rockband
me playing dead ln arrival. didn't finish because my camera died on me.
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Me Playing Lost Planet part 2 (Better Quality Video)
me playing a game of Lost Planet. I still stink, but this wasn't that bad of a match. Pretty exciting match though i thought.
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Me Playing Lost Planet
i know i'm not very good at this game. figured i'd give recording this a shot. Seems like I do worse though playing the game when i'm recording it. Well, anyway, enjoy
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Where Have All The Flowers Gone Singing And Guitar
singing and strumming where have all the flowers gone.
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