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Benzodiazepine Xanax Withdrawal Month 10
Benzodiazepine Xanax Withdrawal Month 10
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Benzo Withdrawal 1Yr & MORE
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Clunking Neck, Occipital Pressure and "Stuff"
In short - I had progressive years of neck issues - but particularly pain, and I had for some time Orthostatic Hypotension but not very severe.
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Neck Clunking, CSF Leak or Instability IDK
Everything started with neck clunking when working out, then led to fassett joint pain at C1. After I stopped Xanax in 2017 the occipital pain and pressure started on and off.. Going to physical therapy and chiropractors made it sort of worse and better. After a spinal epidural everything Amplified and new problems arose.
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Clunking Neck
For years I've had a clunking neck when doing jumping jacks, or laying over a rolled towel. Since stopping Xanax the occipital pain has been increasing. Ever since an epidural I had May 1st of 2018 I have never been the same since. My clunking has been worse, my pain has been now prominent, and dizzy spells often. I think this is quite rare. Speaking with many doctors no one really fully understands this. nor did they send me for a proper test such as DMX or something to try and find this particular problem. But in the world of allopathic care, I don't expect anyone to help me.
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Cat Nasal Breathing Problem - What is it
Vet out her in antibiotics, it's now been 14 days. I always know this cat to breathe like this but not as bad. Vet gave 10 day course and just added more. It's not dried up snot. She has a lot of mucus and her eyes are always watering. Thanks
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Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 13
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DMX, Cervical Instabiliy and MRIs
So as my other videos described my clunking neck, I know see what's going on. Thanks to DMX (only one in New Jersey (Cherry Hill)) ... This showed how much laxity I have. I don't have real EDS, but have some flexibility from martial arts and crazy carzy forceful streching. . . Many head injuries all my life though various mechanisms. I had a video conference with Dr. Bolognese and well - i'm not exactly Good, but not exactly Terrible. Symptoms: - Head pressure - Loud Tinnitus / Buzzing Brain - Moaning/Muffled Moaning engine sound in Rt Ear - Occasional Dimming of hearing - POTS - Orthostatic like hypotension (but more in my head) - Left eye is getting worse (degen/blurry) - Right eye is fine - Left Eye Nerve pain for spans (press my nose or wink it hurts) - Dizziness feeling / loopy like esp. on movement (turn, look up) - Tight Painful Scalp - Pain (C1/C2 Facet; C6/T1; Shoulders; Thoracic Spine; Lower Lumbar) - Heart Palpitations (on bending especially) - Numbness (When Laying down esp sleeping (Arms & hands) both. - Muscle pulsations in random places (arm, leg, abdomen...) - JELLY LEGS - weird weak like sensation in legs. - Insomnia
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