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Mike & Chester takes over KROQ pt. 2!
"... and when he shakes his butt-" o_O
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"Little Boxes" Linkin Park/Chester B. version (w/pics.)
well, I just couldn't help it ! xD Just a random video with some pics of LP caught in some sweet/childish moments, that I thought suited the song xD For those who don't know this song is originally performed by Malvina Reynold as the theme song of the show "Weeds".. It has been performed by several artists, and now by LP.. enjoy! (Stupid comments will be removed!)
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Mike & Chester takes over KROQ pt. 1
as the title says, Chester Bennington & Mike Shinoda takes full control over the radio station KROQ.. well.. almost! ;)
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LPU Meet'n'Greet @ Skive Beach Party June 5
!!WARNING!! Crazy fan girl! It doesn't even sound like me, and I behaved like a little idiot, but Oh... My.. GOD it was awesome! And so surreal! :O (sorry for the bad filming and my squeeky voice but I was sooo nervous!) And the security guard dragged me away before I could even meet Mike properly! :'O STUPID, STUPID guards!! xP I just froze when I saw him and I just kept filming Brad, lol.. x'D
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Mike Shinoda tribute
A little tribute I made for my idol, the talented musician Mike Shinoda... [song: "There They Go" by Fort Minor]
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Brad & Joe on Boogie TV
After an actually pretty serious interview Brad & Joe decide to ask the danish reporter some questions... =P
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Goodbye Heath Ledger
READ!: I made this vid for all Heath-fans and I know that there's a lot of these vids right now.. Personally I didn't know a lot about him, but I know that I loved his way of acting. I would like to dedicate it to all of you who also liked that as well. No matter how he died, it is still tragic that we've lost such a promising actor at such a young age. Suicide or not...
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Mike Shinoda rapping "Bloc Party" [P.O.A. intro] @ Skive Beach Party
I almost went nuts when I heard he was rapping this..! I was like "OMG IT'S BLOC PARTY!!" and my sister just laughed.. hehe :D (Sorry for disturbance in the video)
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Joe Hahn's "The Seed" Trailer
This is the trailer for Joe Hahn's directorial debut of his first independent short film, "The Seed." The short film will be availeble on iTunes on March 25th!
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Linkin Park - Reading My Eyes @ SBP, Denmark!!!
I didn't expect this, but OMG I love this song! I couldn't believe it! xD (Credits to my sister who filmed it)
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Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda (No Roads Left)
ok I know his birthday was yesterday, but I had some uploading trouble.. but anyways: HAPPY DELAYED BIRTHDAY MIKE!!! :D
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Linkin Park @ The Grammy Nominations 2009
Gotta love those guys! :D
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Linkin Park - Valentine's Day w/lyrics
A video for Linkin Parks beautiful song Valentine's Day.. I love the lyrics, so I decided to make a video which focused on that. Let me know what you think! ;)
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Linkin Park - Bleed It Out + Drum Solo @ Skive, Denmark
Bourdie rockin' out!! :D \m/
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Chester singing Breaking the Habit @ Skive Beach Party
Chester sang with us! :D
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