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The ischemic cascade in stroke | Circulatory System and Disease | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

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Khamis Zananiri (1 год назад)
amazing presentationSir. thanks from Greece
Cathy Mulinge (1 год назад)
sodium is naturally concentrated in the extracellular compartment.if the sodium potassium pump stops working, neither sodium nor potassium shall move in the fourth phase of action potential. my question is, how come you didn't mention the effects of potassium in the extracellular space both to the neurons and myocyte?
Cute Nana (1 год назад)
Niamh O'Hara (1 год назад)
Amazing 😎😎
Carly Charles (2 года назад)
awesome thanks for this vid :)
Djordje Borjanovic (2 года назад)
good video, but Na is not solely important for edema, influx of Na is matched with eflux of K, Cl ions are most important ion that makes H20 to enter cell
CakeSmsh (2 года назад)
You nailed it and saved my report bro thanks!
Peter-ann Copeland (3 года назад)
Hannah FY (3 года назад)
thankyou for this!!

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