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How to learn any language in six months | Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity

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Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB Chris Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company established to catalyse breakthrough performance for individuals and senior teams. In addition, he has also developed a unique and integrated approach to learning that gives people the means to acquire language or complex technical knowledge in short periods of time. Jan-21-2014 Update. The video transcripts are now available via the following links: English Only: http://www.the-third-ear.com/files/TEDx-ChrisLonsdale-LearnAnyLanguage6Months.pdf English + Chinese Translation: http://www.kungfuenglish.com/files/TEDx-ChrisLonsdale-LearnAnyLanguage6Months-ENG-CHS.pdf In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Текстовые комментарии (16115)
Anmol Singh (1 час назад)
I am willing to learn spanish and trying through youtube platform but struggling a lot....can anyone give me some ideas ..plzzz
TECDESIGNS (7 часов назад)
well, forgive me if i be wrong, but i don't beliebe in it! since 2016 that i study every single day. Now that i feel better and a litle bit confiant! i practice my listening so much, my speak and my write. My level of comprehention is better too now! But was hard to arrive here! and i keep on working hard!!
rvpl06 (13 часов назад)
All those people speaking for hours to say... nothing.
Teaching English in Asia (1 день назад)
Yes, that’s true. I spent in China 3 years and learned basics for about 6 month. You have to remember most common verbs as “can, like, want, need, go/went, give/take, etc”; opposites: big/small, this/that, etc. and some phrases about yourself: my name is... I’m....y.o. In daily life you will combine them: I want this, I can that, I go there. So, less knowledge and more combinations is a key ;)
彭泽楷 (1 день назад)
Well,I learn the English for about 10 months,and now I can understand what spokensman said
Le Sarah (1 день назад)
What i should do after this video: _start learning a language_ What i actually do after this video: _"Ok google, do flying cars really exist in 2018?"_
Le Sarah (1 день назад)
Ciccio Pasticcio (1 день назад)
First step: learn what just said in the video and mostly forgotten 2 minutes after... Joking, great vid!
Tomás Ramírez Gómez (1 день назад)
Even native children take 15 to 30 years to learn any language.
John Burrows (1 день назад)
How to learn language by Graham Gooch. Very informative......thanks Goochie !
I'm Learning French (1 день назад)
One of the most useful videos that I have ever seen
Hieu Ta Minh (2 дня назад)
I am not sure where your fact comes from about Vietnamese language, but claiming 60% of its language is Chinese is wrong.
chanelname969 (2 дня назад)
If he sounds so fierce speaking english I can't even imagine how badass he sounds speaking chinese or japanese!
Ömer faruk B (2 дня назад)
I don't need six months. One year is enough for me. :)
geraldo vieira (2 дня назад)
PARABENS , o senhor é um excelente professor . Muito obrigado . Este método é incrível ,vou praticar .
Leandro Cuellar (2 дня назад)
Las 7 acciones para aprender aparecen en: 12:20 The seven actions to learn starts in: 12:20
Islamic Bayan (3 дня назад)
Can I speak English language fluently?
Guter Preuße (3 дня назад)
10:36 I still have a hard time understanding American
Team APA (3 дня назад)
Honestly the way I learn best is through music and songs. It always helped me to remember new information and español better. This is definitely motivating me more to learn Serbian (my fiance's language).
Krissi 2212 (3 дня назад)
I have to choose school subjects at the end of this school year, which really sucks bc i cant. I want to keep all subjects, all but sports, music, RE and arts. But no, i HAVE to keep RE and Sports but i also HAVE to choos between chemistry, biology and physics, between english and french, between economics and history and more. I just want to learn all of them and not just some. Its so unfair. School is not educating me the way i want but its mainly stopping me from being educated more. But what am i supposed o do? Chose the easiest subjects which are not my favourite ones in order to have a good graduation grade. Duh.
Nazmi Yeni (3 дня назад)
Who wants learn Turkish? I want learn English language. Help please :-)
Nakatoh (3 дня назад)
This speech is "really really" good ! Thank you
كدوري هارون (4 дня назад)
I learn English and everyday I listening to TED
Jurij Vukelic (4 дня назад)
BS. I would like to hear him talk Chinese. He didn't reveal anything. How can you be relaxed if you must be under pressure to learn new language. You have to be without safety net in new country not to have people who speak your language then you will learn the fastest. Easy as that.
Nam Nguyễn (4 дня назад)
He has a Arab face and beard but live in USA and speak Chinese fluently I can’t believe in myself anymore
mik mik (4 дня назад)
Hmm okay. How/where can I find my language parent ?😂
Gemini Roofing Ltd (4 дня назад)
I speak German and Spanish, learn one key word a day and use it in your everyday life , you will pick it up very quickly
Lea ndro (4 дня назад)
Odio el ingles. No hablo pero le entendí el 90%.
Anas El Hassouani (4 дня назад)
please guys i need someone to practice with me in english on whatsapp .. this is my number phone +212 34675113 and especially native speakers plss
Viviana Feliziani (4 дня назад)
Muchas gracias!
JStephs1950 (5 дней назад)
Explains why on-line language programs do such a terrible job teaching language.
Alu card (5 дней назад)
字幕編集が素晴らしい。 勉強しつつ啓蒙させられるなんてこれは最高の動画。
Mutsu Mmm (5 дней назад)
You are so smart. I was inspired by your presentation. I will do my best to learn English from tomorrow. Thank you
Silver Arrow (5 дней назад)
mmm he says not immersion per se but he got a kick start through immersion ... he was in china and having to understand
Bernard (6 дней назад)
I want French parents
Brian Marshall (6 дней назад)
Immersion, in my opinion - is living in a small village or town - where 5% or LESS can speak your native language - thereby forcing you to learn the local language or starve to death, die of thirst or having to wash your shorts/pants out at least once a day... Another tip - learn all the cuss words FIRST! That can save you a great deal of embarrassment, if there are words, which pronounced incorrectly sound similar to the cuss words...
justin rof (6 дней назад)
justin rof (6 дней назад)
How do you dare to deceive people making them believe that they can learn a language in 6 months ? I have been teaching languages and I and other professors totally agree that to learn WELL a language like english a person needs at least 4 years with about 2o hours per week. DON´T DECEIVE PEOPLE !!!!!
Is learning the alphabet and about 20(probably more than 20 I didn’t count) words in two months bad Also during those two months I stopped learning for about two weeks
Hyo Yool Yoo (6 дней назад)
Wow this lecture is soooo helpful thank you
seven marun (6 дней назад)
You make me want you Let's start today.
섭. (6 дней назад)
where can I get a script of this video.
Martin (4 дня назад)
섭. It’s in the description
b0zina (7 дней назад)
Pozdrav, Merhaba Ben de Türkçe öğrenmek istiyorum . Help me 😁
Nature & Smile (7 дней назад)
Very good advise thank-you so much
ゆら (7 дней назад)
政宗 (8 дней назад)
Trần Thị Trúc Thư (8 дней назад)
this speech is really helpful. thank u much
田中一郎 (8 дней назад)
周りですでにできている人の環境、うまく言ってる状況を観察し原理を突き止める モデリング 注意力、意味、関連性、記憶 自分に関わることは強く記憶する(自分の関わる所に集中する第二原則にも通じる) 価値を生み出す為道具を使った(道具として言語を実際に使う) 伝達内容を理解していれば言語は無意識に身につく(実践的な理解が習得の鍵) 外国語は知識の蓄積とは違う、肉体的なトレーニングに近い まずはたくさん英語を聞く 理解できるかは別として聞ける環境に身を置くこと 幼児のコミュニケーションでもいい、アウトプットする つぎに接続後 単語を母国語で変換するのは非効率、イメージで変換しろ、万国共通
Dewald Esterhuysen (9 дней назад)
This guy is contradicting himself... Talks about a drowning man and then go on with the story of the 48hour 'crisis' 😒
Michal Hrasko (9 дней назад)
A bit angry professor...
捨て 捨て (9 дней назад)
URHO TM (9 дней назад)
I think I'm the only one who takes down every single word of this Ted talk. I've been pause-playing this for over an hour plus taking notes---- word per word. (not really) My pen and paper makes me more intelligent than a downloaded content. I need to learn and level up to advanced English.
Knight aliraqi (9 дней назад)
On April 2019 I will be fluent in Turkish 💃✌️🤘
Sam Gamgee (10 дней назад)
Naw, I have taught language and learning languages for years and years. People learn at different speeds, and talent IS a factor. I simply do not believe he learned Chinese so well in six months. And if that is not true, what else is he conning us about? What he is saying is not very far from the man who will tell you that to play the flute all you have to do is blow into the instrument and move your fingers up and down over the holes. IT IS JUST NOT THAT SIMPLE.
POLLOTROM (10 дней назад)
Some people don't learned math because they feel afraid of seeing so many numbers. Some people feel intimidating of speaking a new language, so they will not learned fast.
gotukola74 (10 дней назад)
"If you are a Chinese speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin and you go to Vietnam, you'll understand 60% of what they say to you in daily conversation because Vietnamese = 30% Mandarin + 30% Cantonese". Oh boy, this guy surely needs more scientific findings to back up his assertions rather than preaches about his anecdotal evidence as a gospel truth.
James C. Bridges (10 дней назад)
*Says immersing one's self in the country without knowing the language won't work because a drowning man cannot learn how to swim*, *Goes on to describe how he picked up Chinese easily by doing the same thing he just says doesn't work*
haro haro (11 дней назад)
There's no way you can technically speak any language in six month unless you live in a country where people speak language that you wanna learn.
Laura Andrés (11 дней назад)
I speak spanish, english and catalan. I teach english as a second language. In my opinion this person hasn,t said a single valuable thing in this talk so congratulations, of many ted talks I have listened to this is the sencond most absurd apart from a woman speaking about seduction in Cuba... or something like that. Learn a language in six months... really?? I would speak 10 languages if that was true not just 3.
Aydin Valiyev (11 дней назад)
lecture for kindergarten children
Timbulimbu (11 дней назад)
Why is he so offended and angry)))?
Ilario Bertolotto (12 дней назад)
Can I learn two languages russian and german simultaneament
ロキ. (12 дней назад)
感動した。鳥肌たった。多言語学習をしてる身として、うまくいかなかったり、ちょっとしたスランプになることもあるけど、この人の言ってることはどれも心に刺さるし、的を得てるし…本当にすごい。心に刻んで頑張ります。 こんなにいいこと言ってるのに、スマホ見ながら聞いてる人何なのって感じ
NYPD (13 дней назад)
Why do I hear a Little bit of a Yorkshire accent or something in his voice
sea yellow (14 дней назад)
I'm an English learner from China. I'm trying to find some good methods to study, and this video helps a lot.
Brayan Pimenta (14 дней назад)
I learnt English in 4 months
Kamil Mamedov (14 дней назад)
That’s really helpful. I wanna learn Spanish . I started today. Wish me good luck . See you in 6 mounth
Kamil Mamedov (13 дней назад)
C Thank you for the good advice
C (14 дней назад)
Kamil Mamedov I highly recommend you to get a PIMSLEUR Spanish course. It's absolutely best way to learn a new language - Spanish in your case.
Jose Manuel SAIZ ALVAREZ (15 дней назад)
I speak and write Spanish (mother tongue), English, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Now I am learning German and Russian. The key is to learn your second foreign language. If you master three languages (your mother tongue plus two foreign languages), it is increasingly easier afterward
トラベリ (15 дней назад)
個人的には、当人がどれほど外国語習得を欲しているかが1番の鍵だと思う。 子供の例を上げてたけど、子供が直ぐに言語を覚えるのはいち早く自分の感情を伝えることで自分のしたい事を分かってもらうためという、必要に迫られているから。 1番語学を学ぶ時に考えなくてはならないのは、自分がなぜ学びたいのか、どう使いたいのかをよく考えて、明確にすることが必要だと思う。 その答えが自発的であればあるほど、効率は上がるし楽しくなる。 実際にはそうでなくとも、こじつけてでも自発的に学ぶ気持ちに持って行ければ、効率は上がるはず。
Carlos Cardenas (16 дней назад)
Live Russian (16 дней назад)
My own experience of learning French is that putting yourself in conditions when you're forced to listen actively because then you'll have to react to what was said is the best way to improve!!! If you don't have an opportunity of complete immersion into your target language environment (visiting a country), then you should create those conditions artificially by talking to natives daily, having productive dialogues that will motivate you to continue learning because you'll see your own progress and apply your new knowledge. Nowadays, when there are so many opportunities for talking to people from all over her world, it's quite possible
william humphreys (16 дней назад)
"If yor face is hurting you're doing it right" uhhhh...... nuttERRR! Shame on you ted X.
Alex Hage (17 дней назад)
if thats your definition of "learning to draw in 5 days".... please stop insulting artists who do this for a living by saying "you learned to draw in 5 days" ....... smh
Miu (17 дней назад)
11.50 uff
Selver Rustempasic (17 дней назад)
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about best way to learn japanese online try Jadonite Simple Japanese Buddy ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.
abd elrhman (17 дней назад)
i learned english from 1 year but i felling borring beacouse every thing i had learn i forgeten
Silly Violet (17 дней назад)
17:03 he was out of breath, lol
Ta Na (18 дней назад)
Yes, you can learn a language in 6 months, but that doesn't mean you can be proficient in the target language soon, especially it doesn't work generally for ordinary people. Even native speakers, who speak your target language, cannot control their language perfectly, why language learners in foreign countries can do it in 6 months? I don't mean some people can't improve their skills of languages. Actually we all can reach some levels someday with learning properly, at least I believe so. However such a tone talk that we can learn a language with ease if you simply do this seems to be a kind of fraud to me. I'm a Japanese contributing to learn English over 6 months, but I never feel my skills satisfied proficiency.
The One Above All (18 дней назад)
1st step is actually, the will to learn.
スタン (18 дней назад)
I am Japanese. I am studying English now. This speach is very awesome!
Nichl (5 дней назад)
*This language is awesome! Language = Japanese, English, Russian... and also the words we use Speech = the way you say/pronounce words
Fyre (18 дней назад)
Is it just me or when I learn a new language I think about how I wrote my native language when I was five? I'm also going to leave a small tip to help with fluency in any language~ INTONATION, What does the sentence make people feel like? How is the sentence said? Is it like THIS or LIKE this? Intonation is like putting stress onto a specific part of a sentence to change a meaning, for ex Chinese is a tonal language so it's much more important because you can say two different words with a different intonation. But this can be done with any language even English Ex) Did *_you_* eat the cake? vs Did you *_eat_* the cake? intonation -> emphasis putting emphasis on different words in a sentence or conversation
Danny Dadog (19 дней назад)
I'm fluent in english, spanish, russian, latvian and french. I'd need more practice in latter one , also arabic, gallic, polish and portugese. Who's interested in any of those combinations? I believe the communication with native speakers is above all the rest of the needed practices✌
Anas El Hassouani (4 дня назад)
please guys i need someone to practice with me on english whatsapp .. this is my number phone +212 34675113 and especially native speakers BTW i can teach u arabic .. its my native language
Manu-Camus (19 дней назад)
I speak 4 languages and to me this guy is just Ok!
Manu-Camus (19 дней назад)
If you live 6 months in immersion you still may not be fluent, this guy is crazy!
Andrey Anderson (19 дней назад)
6мес ) это весьма длительно, смотрите известные вам мультики на изучаемом языке, покамест не начнете осознавать. и вы изучите стиль для осознания за 6 недель!
Aarav Nigam (19 дней назад)
in india there is a language school where a number of languages are taught in 2 months
Jason Yang (20 дней назад)
Rodrigo Henrique (20 дней назад)
When your face hurts. You are doing it RIGHT.
BlackArrow (20 дней назад)
Nonsense, fake.
anak labil (20 дней назад)
Umm, programming languages?
Oscar Romero (21 день назад)
Around 10 minute this man got furious LOL
john wadsworth (21 день назад)
BS it takes time lots of it and complete commitment !
Tina O. Alli (21 день назад)
Hey Guys!/ Bon jour tous le monde! Je suis Tina and je veux practique le francais.. Ok..this is as far as I could get right now. I am a Native English speaker from Canada and I was wondering if any Native French speakers would want to chat with me on a regular basis to work on learning a new language. I can help you with English Grammar/Spelling and sentence structure and hopefully vice versa, lol. Send me your skype if you are interested!
Kezia Oktavianie (21 день назад)
uh well im so motivated now!!! see yall in 6 , or 7,8,9,10, months IDEK but i hope i can speak korean fluentlyyy😂😂😂😂
putu dewi (21 день назад)
thank you sir, i really like your advice. its really inspiring me
marcela salas marquez (22 дня назад)
Joel Silvera (23 дня назад)
Principios: -Concentrate en contenido que te sea relevante.
Kenneth Vidal (23 дня назад)
Thats how i learned filipino by input
Sebastian Pacheco (24 дня назад)
Such an amazing analisis
Mari A.O. (24 дня назад)
The very best way I’ve learned a language is through music. Find something you enjoy to listen to in the language you want to learn. Sing, enjoy, and repeat! 😄

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