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Bipolar depression- medications, relationships, and personality disorders

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I had such an overwhelming response to my first video, I tried to make a more informative and to the point video that addresses questions I've received often by viewers. For questions, please email me at heatherbirdlady83@yahoo.com ty, everybirdy! ❤ HAL
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slick67cuda (1 год назад)
I think you're adorable. I'm sure you'll be okay 🙂
onr detailing news (1 год назад)
lets work on some cars ha ha ha ha
Brenton Gandy (1 год назад)
very informative.
HAL TheBirdLady (1 год назад)
hello, friends! I tried to include as much information as possible, without exceeding the memory on my phone. for some bizarre reason, my notifications are showing up, right now, on my s6! perhaps, an update? anyhow, I'm not going to depend on it continuing to do so, so if you do have questions I didn't answer in the comment section, it means my notifications are on the fritz, again, so do refer to the video description for my email address. also, if your question is a private one, you may email me, and rest assured, it will be confidential. I never mention names, plus, if you don't want the topic of your question being discussed in a future video, please let me know in the email. if you're okay with the question being addressed in a future video, please note I will NEVER give any identifying information about you, and will discuss that topic in a generic sense, never specific to any viewer. also, please put "viewer with questions " on the subject line, because I get so much junk mail! remember, friends, you can say whatever you like about me, as a person, because my feelings are far from delicate, but any comments that are hurtful to persons with mental illness (I've even seen trolls encourage suicide. these individuals already have issues, and they don't need a teenager telling them how worthless they. they are not worthless, and many times have very special gifts that can better this world) trolls saying terrible things to persons with mental illnesses will have comments deleted and will be reported. let's all be civil. this is a medical topic, made to help inform those who need help and don't know where to start. yes, I have a degree in this, and I'm here to help. ty, everybirdy! ❤ HAL

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