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Shake those bees back and forth: Smart swarm intelligence

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What happens when you shake a swarm? This bundle of buzzing bees changes shape to form a more stable structure. This clever response is the result of individual bees following simple rules - a kind of emergent intelligence. To find out how ants use similar simple rules to create complex structures, watch this film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdsHegIujMg To read the original research paper in Nature Physics click here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41567-018-0262-1 17th September 2018
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Funny Videos - Funny Out Loud (5 дней назад)
There are 3 topics in science that I would do my research in: 1. Astrophysics - What Stephen Hawking was doing 2. Consciousness - video topic 3. Aging (I do my research here, I am a PhD in Biology)
Anime_4 _Life (14 дней назад)
The bees are paid actor
spring breeze (14 дней назад)
Their perfect hexagonal nest is also innate from their ability
Johan Rodrigues (14 дней назад)
The queen is in the center of the mass . The swarm spreads under the plank so more bees can take a hold on the plank and each ''plank attatched'' bee has a shorter string of bees hanging from her , less weight to carry by each top bee . The harder you shake the wider they spread untill the swarm becomes so flat that the queen might be exposed . At that point the will fly off for sure. This has nothing to do at all with the center of mass .
Pwner 1492 (14 дней назад)
Bee pie
IgnatianMystic (14 дней назад)
...God, that music's gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon.
Nole (15 дней назад)
if Bees could speak they would take over civil engineering along with fire ants.
Bruna Maria (15 дней назад)
Jelly bees 🤣🤣🤣
Mirrored {} Chaos (15 дней назад)
collectives are OP
mhark ian (15 дней назад)
I want that chandelier😂
* Raw * (15 дней назад)
New word for today.. altruistic :)
PixelPomegranate (15 дней назад)
“I hate bees” Still clicks on this video
spirit9871 (15 дней назад)
But is it as strong as Flex Tape?
Pepa Zdepa (15 дней назад)
These bees were *SHOOK*
Are you experienced? (15 дней назад)
Altruism is the key to life.
Samantha (15 дней назад)
i love bees!! smart little bugs!
KIMCHI GODDESS (15 дней назад)
.... this was ACTUALLY pretty interesting and cool. 👏👍
4f52 (15 дней назад)
Shit narrator.
Hickerbop (15 дней назад)
get ready to wiggle the wasp nest
ChingyX (15 дней назад)
Boob physics
forestbird (16 дней назад)
Interesting but the music is extremely annoying
N14 (16 дней назад)
This can be an argument against intelligent design. If men were indeed created by an intelligent entity instead of evolving, our testicles would have been flatter in shape instead of elongated to prevent stress and extreme wobbling back and forth, side to side. If there indeed is a God who created men, then that God is responsible why our testicles are shit as fuck. Not to mention, fucking ugly to look at.
nigeypants (16 дней назад)
Bees swarm when their population gets too big for their home, or occasionally when they start to dislike their current one. They split off half or all and one half makes new queens. Then the first born queen kills the rest of them haha. Bees are crazy. And as you could see at the end, while they're swarming, they are usually totally non-aggressive
Fry D (16 дней назад)
Looks like a breast implant
CorpseTongji (16 дней назад)
Westile (16 дней назад)
How has no one commented on how disgusting that looks?
backspace 0 (16 дней назад)
That looks disgusting af.
alijaho (16 дней назад)
pesky bee!
confusedwhale (16 дней назад)
So, the only way to stop being dicks is to increase everyone's social intelligence?
AMS3977 Alejandro (16 дней назад)
Yuuki Daisuke (16 дней назад)
I whip my bees back and forth..
Nova Aush (16 дней назад)
i want to pass my hand over it and feel what is like .
Dogg O (16 дней назад)
I’m haven’t see a swarm of bees without a nest
Uncle Phil (16 дней назад)
I'm shook
Veechi E-learning (16 дней назад)
music was interrupting all the time..
Ian Bunch (16 дней назад)
Final Experiment: How does a swarm of bees react when their platform becomes a hydraulic press?
Seafoamfucker (16 дней назад)
I feel that i shouldnt be amused as much as i am by these shaking bees
ikichullo (16 дней назад)
Am i the only one who thinks the jiggling mound is incredibly cute?
Chill Frost (16 дней назад)
Try to shake bees as big as Jollibee
Chill Frost (16 дней назад)
Brian stewart
Shuaib khan (16 дней назад)
This what's call team work!!
Nintendo Mac (16 дней назад)
Why are we shaking bees?
Kyle Peng (16 дней назад)
It's like Jell-O but bees
Florian Bösch (16 дней назад)
a bee rollercoaster
T C (16 дней назад)
It’sYaBoiWolfi (17 дней назад)
NeradaBanana (17 дней назад)
bad and naughty scientists get sent to the Bee Wiggler to atone for their sins
Sansirow (16 дней назад)
Bình Bầu Channel (17 дней назад)
Bee boobs
gena138 (17 дней назад)
Ferdinand Andre (17 дней назад)
Man, i really wish you shake it faster and faster until it falls down.
Technologiesforlife (17 дней назад)
love bees.
Stevfed (17 дней назад)
That's pretty hip
Jorge C. M. (17 дней назад)
that music is annoying
FFS (17 дней назад)
Sick bees
X P (17 дней назад)
I love bees. c:
ashmanpopo (17 дней назад)
Stop beeing rude to the bees and leave em alone
Sansirow (16 дней назад)
yes like the tree at 0:01 was really rude we need to educate trees!
ashmanpopo (17 дней назад)
Don't bee rude by shaking them
Shareware Wizard (17 дней назад)
Shake bee make people more thinkerer
Nutsy (17 дней назад)
How to make butter using bees
Mikya (17 дней назад)
Communist Bee Comrades! <3
Pile Of Crap (17 дней назад)
*_eat the bee’s like they were jello. DO IT FOR SCIENNCEEE_*
Yvonne's Vlogs (17 дней назад)
colonies SHOOKT
Sukhvinder Bura (17 дней назад)
Video was nice. But music annoys...
Gut Eater (17 дней назад)
Be the bee !
xyz productions (17 дней назад)
Moral of the story: Tall skyscrapers are not safe. Errr, we already knew it.
Ryan Chua Bowen (14 дней назад)
+Carl Vanderlip* dampener
Carl Vanderlip (16 дней назад)
they are probably safer than your house, google "tuned mass damper"
Tommy Stanley (17 дней назад)
Evidence of design right there
Hamuel Agulto (17 дней назад)
Made of beef?
Aaron Rou (17 дней назад)
Soooooo bee titties?
Julia Paulino (17 дней назад)
It's like bee jello
Sum Ting Wong (17 дней назад)
Is the whistling to piss the bees off too or just me?
Stephen Faucette (17 дней назад)
Now poke them :D
TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE (17 дней назад)
Dinamiteur Dinamiteur (14 дней назад)
Your wife have strange boons
グェンジェシカ (15 дней назад)
Are you ok?
miss blocker (17 дней назад)
How. Why. For what reason you fillmed it?
vic cobb (17 дней назад)
apparently i am against the masses here and i sorta enjoyed this background music (though it could have been softer). Does anyone know what the song/music is?
vic cobb (17 дней назад)
im not alone! :)
Rafał Pokrywka (17 дней назад)
Yeah, I also think that the music is enjoyable
ShadowMancer (17 дней назад)
If they were truly intelligent they would move away from the shaky thing. Just saying.
Ricardo Gobin (17 дней назад)
Evolution and chance you say? Nah. Blatantly designed by someone with real brains, bigger than scientists brains obviously. Don't get triggered.
backspace 0 (16 дней назад)
I r8 88/888
A Faggot (17 дней назад)
Nice b8 m8
HimKioo (17 дней назад)
Kill it before it lays eggs.
BrokenSymetry (17 дней назад)
Was reading about emergence recently.. did not expect to have this concept explained to me so seamlessly
Voldermort BUTT (18 дней назад)
Don't the bees in the center get suffocated?
ReaperCheGuevara Alexander (18 дней назад)
I made it about 40 seconds into this interesting video before shutting it off and disliking it. There's over a billion YouTube videos and you're going to put some obnoxious whistling music over it. Pffft
Applejack McCrack (18 дней назад)
no thx
NightOdin (18 дней назад)
shake mah bees titties.
OofBoyeee (16 дней назад)
Hehe bee's tities
Arsenio Javi Zulfikar (18 дней назад)
12 people prefer *JAZZ*
valor36az (18 дней назад)
Hard to hear through that silly whistling
keiharris332 (18 дней назад)
They looked like jello being shaken
visualvexation (18 дней назад)
Nickolas Faz (15 дней назад)
Next as an experiment, "shake the baby!" 😂😂
Tristan Froese (18 дней назад)
A culture where the individual intentionally does the difficult thing to improve the lives of others. Imagine if us humans had that sort of culture.
Liyeta R (16 дней назад)
We have. Its called japanese
Ben Meulink (17 дней назад)
Having low crime doesn't equal "intentionally do[ing] the difficult thing to improve the lives of others". But anyway, I never said that not believing in god means you're likely to have selfish morals. I just said it's easy to convince someone to have good morals by convincing them god exists. I said "if A, then B" and you took it as "if not A, then not B" which is not what I said.
A Faggot (17 дней назад)
And yet there are plenty of atheists, and most of them still have good morals, hell there's more atheists in Australia than there are Catholics yet the crime statistics are fairly low.
Ben Meulink (17 дней назад)
But the best way to convince someone to have good morals is to convince them there is a god.
A Faggot (17 дней назад)
That's not religion, that's called having good morals. If you went back in time and somehow convinced everyone to have good morals yet make them believe that there is no god(s), then it's still going to work
CENCOLLER (18 дней назад)
When bees are smarter than you, sad life 😔
Sansirow (16 дней назад)
Actually they are indeed as dumb as a bee, it's just instincts doing its job. Kurzgesagt made a video about how dumb things can make intelligent things
Polish Filipino (18 дней назад)
The bees, are evolving
Sion (18 дней назад)
Ok, but how do they react & behave from the up/down motion? Also flatten out?
Ben Meulink (18 дней назад)
Yup, the area with the most stress will always be the bees carrying the most weight. In this case, those are the bees on the top, so any extra stress will make them flatten upwards.
Eric Manso (18 дней назад)
They going to bee like hold this shit together
Gayeb Khan (19 дней назад)
What a shit ugly background music...torturing experience.
ky sputnik (19 дней назад)
Bee Captain: Hang on boys! This is for science!
Danielle Spargo (15 дней назад)
based nerd (16 дней назад)
More like wtf is happening?! We must adapt! Yes captain!!
TítáņFáll_ Gámíņğ (16 дней назад)
+Guns and Grandes ohh, Alright now I understand
Guns and Grandes (16 дней назад)
+TítáņFáll_ Gámíņğ after being expelled b4 winter the drones congregate far from the nest. Only laying worker bees birth males.
TítáņFáll_ Gámíņğ (16 дней назад)
+Guns and Grandes I thought there were both males and females?... not just females.
*Insert stupid serial number here.* (19 дней назад)
That thing looks like a wobbly piece of jello.
micanikko (15 дней назад)
you wouldnt want that in your mouth
- Someone (16 дней назад)
*Insert stupid serial number here.* The forbidden jello
Maazin5 (16 дней назад)
I wanna take a big bite out of it
345 wer (16 дней назад)
same physics
Grise Blacolar (17 дней назад)
Stingy jello
Chris Ramsbottom Isherwood (20 дней назад)
Kropotkin’s “Mutual Aid” vs Darwin’s (sporadic?) “Natural Selection”
TheFeldhamster (15 дней назад)
Read Dawkins's "The Selfish Gene". Natural selection can and does prodce (groups of) altruistic individuals. Because the thing natural selection ultimately acts on is the gene. So if genes that make the individuals of a group altruistic have a better chance of survival, then that's what will happen. The metaphor Dawkins uses is to imagine the gene as a selfish entity in the process of evolution and when you look at it like that it becomes pretty clear why sometimes individuals will act in a way that seems counterproductive at first glance. Like, sterile workers in eusocial insects or other altruistic behavior.
William Chamberlain (18 дней назад)
Don't think so: each worker bee is just as related to the queens and drones produced at the year end as to any progeny of their own (if they weren't sterile), therefore the amount of their genes in the next generation is higher by not reproducing than by reproducing - because a bee colony is more efficient at producing progeny than a single bee. The Ant And The Peacock book explains it better than I can.
omar oyt (23 дня назад)
lol trolled them bees so hard xD
HenryManson (27 дней назад)
nice, "and what did you do with your scientific carrer?! " -"i shook bees" but in all seriousness, this "automatic stress-sharing" is VERY interesting!
Nekogami-Crystal (16 дней назад)
I am in beed shocked.
Tomás Bonet (27 дней назад)
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.
Alysa Seah (15 дней назад)
+William Chamberlain r/wooosh
Kookie (17 дней назад)
+William Chamberlain those are the opening lines of the bee movie and also a meme I guess
William Chamberlain (18 дней назад)
Untrue: lots of research since approx 1998 has been unlocking how insect-scale aviation works, including induced vortices which are unlike the momentum-change/low-pressure interactions of propellors, rotor blades, and airfoils.
Gaston Rijo (18 дней назад)
According to all knows laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. But then again, bees are not planes.
McAllister Pulswaithe (28 дней назад)
"Even though each individual bee doesn't necessarily know what's going on, by simply moving towards an area of higher stress, the colony as a whole acts intelligently." So how does each individual bee know that it should move to an area of higher stress if it doesn't "necessarily know what's going on"? Isn't this intelligent behavior in itself?
Ben Meulink (18 дней назад)
And my answer to that is: instinct. The same way you know how heavy something is just by holding it, they feel the stress just by hanging on. Bees are reacting to the forces they individually feel, not to the forces the whole swarm feels. Although they might also be observing their neighbors, but that's probably as far as it gets.
TheInevitableHulk (18 дней назад)
I believe OP is asking how each individual bee knows where the stress is highest.
Ben Meulink (18 дней назад)
It's not a sign of intelligence to follow one simple rule. "When in a cluster, move toward the stress." That's something that can be followed just by instinct. That's essentially what instinct is: reacting a certain way in a certain scenario based on rules you don't know. Intelligence is making choices. Instinct is when a choice is already made for you through natural selection.
Tony Nguyen (19 дней назад)
Scientists try to avoid anthropomorphization even to the point where they actually have some similarities to us. It's a duel edged sword. In one way it helps us to realize how different they are from us. In another way, it blinds us to how much they have in common with us.
Golol cohan (21 день назад)
McAllister Pulswaithe It can be an extremely simple mechanism. When a bee struggles to hold on maybe it just releases a substance that notifies other bees to come there.
Trevor Miranda (29 дней назад)
Absolutely amazing. Emergence yet again. Simple rules, complex outcomes.
Alex Tol, van (29 дней назад)
Not common? What about cells in the human body?
Alex Tol, van (15 дней назад)
+calforrai Tip for the future: don't mix in a discussion with made up 'facts' if you don't know what you are talking about. Thanks for trying to contribute though
calforrai (17 дней назад)
Cells are controlled by chemical receptors on the surface, ultimately controlled by the brain. That's not altruism or teamwork...
Bit (29 дней назад)
I think he was referring to organisms, but he could have been more clear. He did mention neurons at the end though.

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