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I Am Not A Monster: Schizophrenia | Cecilia McGough | TEDxPSU

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Cecilia McGough puts a face to schizophrenia and helps empower college students through the upcoming non-profit Students With Schizophrenia. Students With Schizophrenia: http://sites.psu.edu/studentswithschizophrenia/ I Am Not A Monster: SCHIZOPHRENIA: http://sites.psu.edu/ceciliamcgough/ Cecilia McGough is an astronomer, activist, and writer as a Penn State Schreyer Honors College scholar pursuing a major in Astronomy & Astrophysics. Cecilia is the founder and current president of the Penn State Pulsar Search Collaboratory. She has been participating in pulsar research continuously since December of 2009, co-discovering pulsar J1930-1852 with the widest orbit ever observed around another neutron star, competing in the International Space Olympics held in Russia, and co-authoring her research in the Astrophysics Journal. Cecilia is a mental health activist in fighting against the negative stigma towards mental illness. She is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the soon to launch non-profit Students With Schizophrenia which is the only non-profit in the United States focused on empowering college students with schizophrenia. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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EllaDaTiger (16 часов назад)
This was an amazing speech, but i cant stop paying attention to that funny sound after she talks lol, its sorta asmr 😂 im not trying to make fun of her at all, but its just a kinda funny thing i noticed. This has nothing to do with schizophrenia - i know that - but im sure others have noticed this 😂😂
Adri Sano (1 день назад)
I’ve never listened to a whole TEDx Talk before, but she’s very captivating and brave.
Pablo Orellana (2 дня назад)
Good explanation / muy bien explicacion.
skull top (2 дня назад)
This is big i fully support you it took guts to vent to everyone
Sofia Klim (2 дня назад)
This video astonished me. I cannot imagine what it must be like, seeing these things and having to continue on like nothing is happening. Honestly, I'm realizing that I did have some stigmas around hallucinations, but I'm really glad I know more about this. It must have taken so much emotional strength to admit it, I really admire that.
Red Master (2 дня назад)
too many movies.
Talia asmr (2 дня назад)
I love so close to Penn State. This makes me extremely sad and angry that she was put into a POLICE CAR and was escorted by POLICE. That is unnecessary because she is not dangerous. She was sick. You wouldn’t put a person with cancer in that situation, would you? You wouldn’t. Mental health is just as important as being physically sick. Don’t push it into the dark.
Talia asmr (2 дня назад)
Dylan Hamel (3 дня назад)
Has this woman ever been officially diagnosed with Schizophrenia? She never seems to actually touch base on that. I'm not trying to be so rude as to discredit her experiences, but from my perspective as a current student of abnormal psychology, her story has a few gaps. I grew up in an EE household, and was exposed to Stephen King's It (ABC miniseries) myself. That being said, I've certainly experienced psychological stressors that very well could be compared to a Schizophrenic model, but nothing as severe or cheesily predictable as seeing Tim Curry following me around town. I want to believe this obviously bright young woman's story, since I relate to it on a profoundly personal level. But, fuckin' A, lady. Have some respect yourself. You want everybody to be comfortable saying "I have Schizophrenia"? Well, I want everybody to be down to say, "I doubted Dylan's vast and profoundly objective perspective on the universe, and am destined to live out the rest of my days regretting it." How about, "I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia." Have you been? I think you're just a very intelligent and creeative girl, who just so happened to have discovered a crazy exploding star, and so decided to cash in on the mental illness mode because it was just the right combination to catapult your psuedo behomian/hipster persona into the stratosphere.. There, I said it. By the way, Lithium is the most common medication perscribed to Schizophrenics. BEEP BEEP.
Tabby Morales (3 дня назад)
I wish I could take someones schizophrenia and place that burden upon me so they dont have to suffer through it anymore ;-;-;-;
Ana .Barbosa (3 дня назад)
Seriously i don't know what those parents were doing! Why didn't her mother get her help? It's her daughter for christ sake! Jesus she needed to get help herself alone! I wonder how she must have felt abandoned by her loved ones. Seriously what is family for? What was her mother thinking? Some parents shouldn't have children. Some parents are so selfish it is outrageous.
Mayia Dourne (3 дня назад)
The lecture mentions "dangerous", and I'd like to ask about that. Because recent campaigns made me feel empathy for the condition, but they didn't address my pragmatic concern: what an hallucinating person might do (even out of the best intentions). Like, I can't imagine what *I would* do if I saw a girl with a knife...what if I was driving & swerved to avoid her? What if I was babysitting & mistaken the kid for an armed intruder? I hope someone might be kind enough to answer, without considering the question offensive. I have nothing but respect for the speaker, her intelligence, courage, generosity. I'd never "judge" schizophrenia just as I'd never judge pneumonia. But if I were to hire, say, a babysitter with an illness (any illness) I'd have to ask & learn more. Asking is better than making a fake PC smile - while keeping all the assumptions/concerns bottled in.
Grace Jorey (3 дня назад)
I have schizophrenia
AllieJamBaby (3 дня назад)
OMG astronomy major. That is amazing. Amazing story.
Debbie Hutchinson (4 дня назад)
Very engaging and informative. Well Done Cecilia for being one of the many with a mental illness to speak up and educate those who are more fortunate not to to suffer with a mental illness.
Michael Van Der Schyff (4 дня назад)
Beautiful woman and what a speach! Changed my whole idea of what I thought Schizophrenia is. Movies are sometimes very bad for you. And guess what..even for people with Schizophrenia.
John Lockman (4 дня назад)
Mental illness is the next social frontier. How many years before MI will gain the ground that lgbtq has. The one thing that holds the MI back is the quite often refusal to accept one's illness often manifested by refusal to take medicine and follow treatment regimen. I commend Ms. McGough for her courage and encourage her to keep this threaded through out her message.
antoniakftn (4 дня назад)
the sound her mouth makes while she talks makes me so uncomfortable... overall a great speech
Jenny Jen1010 (4 дня назад)
It's heartbreaking that her mother did not want her to seek help.
Phy Soares (5 дней назад)
The more I hear about it, the more I think I may have this issue as well. Sometimes I see things there are not there, and also hear those (less frequently). But I kinda know they are all coming from my head. My most frequent vision is seeing things moving when they are not. It looks simple, but try to sleep while everything around you is moving, aproaching or looking at you.
Kikita soyvirgo (5 дней назад)
My husbands brother had it but took his life recently. I wish there was more we could have done for him. I miss him too even though i didnt get to know him too well. Dont be scared of people with mental illness because it could be anyone who gets it. Its not the persons fault for dealing with the illness.
peachy cupcakes (5 дней назад)
Her voice is so calming she's so beautiful,interesting and honestly so strong I respect
Louisa Martin (5 дней назад)
Wow the giant spider with creaking legs that sound like children laughing is so scary!! Stuff of horror movies... I also have schizophrenia and want to be an advocate! You are an inspiration.
jo williams (6 дней назад)
you may be interested to check out Lockdown 23and1 to know what may or may not happen to Chris Watts...ted talk?
mitchy bitchy (7 дней назад)
This was well needed I'm glad I clicked this It makes you feel less alone.
Rileigh Ostermeyer (7 дней назад)
the mind is a powerful thing
estebanm1 (7 дней назад)
should try DMT
Nessie Andrew (7 дней назад)
Shut up. Leave me alone.
N Kh (8 дней назад)
You are so lovely and strong :) Beautiful presentation. Thank you
Josh Peters (8 дней назад)
For a nut case, she sure has a good business head on her and knows how to cash in on her illness. Incredible confidence and presentation skills considering she is allegedly hallucinating 24/7....I call bollocks.
duru ender (8 дней назад)
*la başlığın yarısı türkçe yorumlarda bi türk bulamadım aq türk türkün kardeşidir gelin sarılalım*
Talitha Gaulke (7 дней назад)
Wow! What bravery she has. She is a true warrior and conqueror. I applaud her👏for her strength.
Mr. Mars (9 дней назад)
You need to kill that m*th*r f**kin clown. Just sayin
Rosemary Annetta (9 дней назад)
Thank you for your strength, your openness and your bravery. You give me hope that my loved one will recover and finish their college degree. (I am )We Are Penn State Proud.
xcalibur babe21 (9 дней назад)
how can a mother say that to a child?
? ? (9 дней назад)
Love her look, she looks like one of the female singers from Human League. You are NOT a monster!
Blah boo (10 дней назад)
I'm pretty pissed ... I was in my psychology class and we were discussing schizophrenia and the instructor made it out to look like we are monsters. He was giving the class the wrong information and he got his information from unreliable resources...
Sentrill (10 дней назад)
ooga booga
naya ramirez (10 дней назад)
Pretty intense logo on that students for schizophrenia sign... might trigger someone :s
Elizabeth Di Francesca (11 дней назад)
Chandler Lewis (11 дней назад)
I don’t think people think of schizophrenics as monsters tbh
nidhi samrat (12 дней назад)
I have schizophrenia and i live in taboo society i atempted sucide 3 times and no one understands me
gloria cox (12 дней назад)
I cant stop thinking about how amazing her hair is.
candyvodka (12 дней назад)
Hiding in the comment section bc of The Ring
Princia Vaz (13 дней назад)
wat are the symtoms of schizophrenia
Jason Arruda (13 дней назад)
she’s an amazing person. and stronger than a lot of people, living a life when your mind is fighting against you. she’s such a queen
Problem: Error 6Ø6 (13 дней назад)
How did I get here from DanTDM and Bijju Mike ... Howwwww?!?!
Bilbong Baggies (14 дней назад)
Schizophrenics dont scare me. Sociopaths scare me
elleinad x (14 дней назад)
And wow your to clever for me Cecelia lol 😂
elleinad x (14 дней назад)
What an amazing insight into what someone with this mental illness has to go through, especially about the girl who would use your insecurities against you I never realised hullicinations could be so intelligent. Thank you for educating me and others on something I don't know loads about You are the sort of role models we should have women whom in spite of the horrific things they have had to face are strong idependent women trying to help educate the world so much respect for you.
Norbert Arany (14 дней назад)
when did she tried drugs?
Grayfox Games (15 дней назад)
God damn it why is it that people like her get it and don't want it but people like me REALLY want it but don't have it.😭
Rodimus Prime (15 дней назад)
i always wondered what is going on inside the head of a person with schizophrenia
Irais Teran (16 дней назад)
Add the another you tubers i wrote a remedy there.
Trump's Dingleberries (16 дней назад)
Andries Maila (16 дней назад)
Why most or apparently all Hallucinations are horrible but not holy pe divine? I think this is the true trace that demon posses can be proved.
Diane Bohn (17 дней назад)
Wow, you are a inspirational speaker..keep..up with spreading the truth about this disease
Savage Strike (17 дней назад)
Cecilia, do you happen to be left handed too? I am, I was reading about how lefties have an increased chance of schizophrenia.
liddl bun (1 день назад)
Savage Strike give us citation
Junol23 (11 дней назад)
I have never heard of that. Are you able to provide a citation or not?
Savage Strike (11 дней назад)
Common knowledge, look it up
Junol23 (11 дней назад)
Atlantis357 (17 дней назад)
Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice anyone?
IXIIZ (17 дней назад)
Shes beautiful
Derek (17 дней назад)
Amazing woman 👏👏👏
jess jesse (17 дней назад)
3: dsm - book = giant fraud , called how they earn easily money by created new blurred terminology selling like proffesionally scam - skills ! Get awake dude ? Who get here rich & who are here put into confussion box?
jess jesse (17 дней назад)
2: people who are labeled by terminology ? 1: is this terminology the right labeled , or the psychiatrist have no clue & used oldfashion terminology ?
jess jesse (17 дней назад)
1: you think all terminology are right exppressioned or scientifically proved ? Hello get awake dude !
Ze D (18 дней назад)
This is kinda rude ignoring the topic and all, but damn I really dig her fashion sense. That, and how she pronounces Schizophrenia gets on my nerves lmao
Ed DaMonsta (18 дней назад)
I'm schizophrenic suffer a lot it's a nightmare been in and out of hospitals and institutions we all have different story's like she said but I am a monster butifuififuly one
Abigail Thomas (18 дней назад)
I love you. You are such an amazing woman. I really needed this. Thank you so much, honey you are doing so well and we gotta stand together.
gracie blooberblaga (18 дней назад)
Scott Adcock (18 дней назад)
great job Cecilia! we all need to be more open about mental health issues and fight the associated stigma. the best way to help others is to be open and honest about our own mental health issues and not hide or be ashamed of seeking help. mental health issues are way more prevalent in society than we realize and respecting our own mental health will empower others to do the same. there is so much more advancement to be had in this area.
kan 07 (18 дней назад)
Im absolutely happy to hear people like herself stand up for people with schizophrenia. Speaking out about it is definitely curtailed due to the fear of being shunned in society. It will take much longer for people in developing countries as mine to be easily capable of admitting out loud of such mental illnesses. ('_') .its sad.
Adrianna Tran (19 дней назад)
She is more brave than I’ll ever be, seeing how how she was able to speak up and talk about something so stigmatized and to be experiencing something like that on a day to day basis
Anjelia Rakic (19 дней назад)
wow. I am so proud of this accomplished young lady for openly talking about schizophrenia and educating other and making a providing support to other suffers. i have bipolar type 2 and i have been told by my doctors not to ever admit this at a job interview cos i will not get the job. And they are right. More education of the general public needs to take place so they can understand mental help.
wind10miko (19 дней назад)
How old is she in this talk? It seems like that college was a long time ago but she looks so young. We need more brave people like her to speak up. I can't imagine what would have happened if she was working for someone versus being the CEO of a company
Chet (19 дней назад)
I'm comforted in knowing the US government monitors all schizophrenics with a computer chip implanted in their brains.
Richmond Manga (19 дней назад)
Is it possible for schizophrenic to hallucinate for things that are not scary to them? Or things that they like???
Harish Janghra (20 дней назад)
You didnt have schizo.. all your life, it is the effect of your upbringing and mostly environmental learning experiences......
UP UP (15 дней назад)
how unbecoming. Educate yourself before concluding.
UP UP (15 дней назад)
How dare you invalidate when she is clinically diagnosed with one? Crazy. You smarter than doctors? huh?
Helmi Leinonen (20 дней назад)
such an intelligent and beautiful woman. i love her.
SirTurtleGaming (20 дней назад)
One of my family members has Schizophrenia. This really hit the feels button. Thank you!
Nurazianie Abdullah (20 дней назад)
I'm scared of the clown 🤡.
Priyambada Kashyap (20 дней назад)
Damn if I knew the clown would show up, I'd not have watched that part.
Hellivandra (21 день назад)
Keep being strong, Cecilia 💕 I also have a mental condition that doesn’t let me travel, or go in any open place ( park, big halls, etc ) without getting panic attacks and fainting, it’s truly a pain.... I’ve always been an introvert, and this happened to me.
Himani Vachhani (21 день назад)
shes so beautiful
OneNdOnlyK-PoP love (21 день назад)
She's so brave
Zahira Laskar (21 день назад)
Hi my name is Zahira Akhtar Laskar and I had schizophrenia
Fatmanrolls (22 дня назад)
I mean she is schizophrenic so she is a threat and I mean I'm not surprised the police would take such precautions she is still mentally ill and not able to make proper decisions without medication
kylie ann (22 дня назад)
Sunkissed Showers LPS (22 дня назад)
This is sad because I think I’m developing this disorder too. It’s creepy ;((
Presley Taylor (22 дня назад)
She was on sbsk
Starkasa (22 дня назад)
She's cute
Erin :3 (22 дня назад)
She's so pretty and so inspiring
Ali Osborne (22 дня назад)
i like her voice
Centipeeves (22 дня назад)
I just watched her on a video from a channel called SBSK
Kris Spicer (23 дня назад)
Is there any solution for someone who is schitzoprenic but refuse help or to see a doctor.I'm actually real worried about my friend because she is being pretty self destructive ?
Steven Hates (23 дня назад)
I'm normally mean for the sake of meanness but this girl is amazing. Bold and powerful. Absolutely brilliant.
Nolan Love (23 дня назад)
Derek Scott restaurant Larry's moms
Nolan Love (23 дня назад)
playing eighty's music with Tammy and uncle Jimmy
Наталья Холодкова (23 дня назад)
11:36 made me cry. I would never leave a close person alone to deal with such things
Dennzyl Vania (23 дня назад)
she changed in one year, not just by looks... at least i feel like.
Honza Marek (23 дня назад)
Did you saw that red balloon in public?
Mandy Branch (23 дня назад)
I cannot even imagine how she gets through every day seeing those horrific things. You are so brave.
Zozo Zeze (23 дня назад)
I have it 💔

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